Hello, People of the Interwebs! Master Oblivion here, and here is my first fan fiction! fanfare begins Try to go easy on me, dont flame me with hate messages and death threats. Oh, the stories yes. Just a drabble of short things, just to get me warmed up to writing these. This one follows a secret admirere, lamenting on a love he missed out on. Read, Review, and Enjoy.

I know you don't love me

You might have a long time ago in the past, but not now

Now, it's all about you and him

Robin and Starfire

Ever give a thought to poor old Beast Boy?

I know you think I'm fine

I'm powerful, handsome, and have legions of frothing fans

But they all mean nothing

It's your love I want

Not the love of whoever wants me for my looks or fame

I want you because you're the only one who can save me from this hell

Just the constant repetition of battle and rest

I want love in between Star

And you're the only one who can give it to me

I know I'm on a downfall

You've probably seen what I do at night, and why I go downtown all the time

The drugs are just another one of my escapes

Because when I have them, I feel like I have you for just a moment.

But, though I may be on a Downfall, I'm still ready to dream

To Dream of You

And of how you can save me

From Myself


I just dont know how to say it anymore

I'll look in the mirror and just try to say those words

"I Love You"

But everytime, I just think of you

And your gorgeous eyes

Your beautiful Body

the scent you carry that makes me want you even more

And I beleive that I just have a clouded mind

Those wonderful drugs that destroy my judgment

Those crappy hormones that make me want everyone

I don't know if I love you

Or just want to have my way with you