Chapter 6

I saw the cops and turned to look at Draco. I mouthed "Just go home!" to him and he nodded. When we pulled into the driveway, he just kept going instead of pulling in with us. We parked the car, got out and locked the door. I walked up to the front door and went inside, Ron right behind me. When I walked into the living room, there was a policeman talking to Hermione.

"Listen, I told you I didn't see anything. I went home early. I wasn't feeling good." Hermione told the policeman, exasperated.

"Hermione? What's going on?"

The policeman turned around and looked at me. "Are you Harry Potter?"

"Uh... Yeah, I am." I answered, wondering what it was that the police wanted with me. "Can I help you?"

"We have some reports of indecent behavior on your part." The policeman said, looking annoyed.

"Um... When?" I asked.

"Last night, at a party at a house a few blocks away." My heart skipped a beat when he said that.

My heart sank. "What kind of indecent behavior?" My voice came out higher that I had intended.

"An elderly woman said that she saw you and a," he looked down at the paper, "Mr. Draco Malfoy engaging in sexual intercourse in the woods near the house where the party was being held."

My heart beat faster than it ever had before. The feeling in my gut when he said that was worse than any feeling I ever got living with the Dursleys. I made sure to keep my eyes away from Ron's.

"Yeah... I was there..."

"Did this woman mistake what she saw?"

I looked down, my throat dry. "No." I cleared my throat. "No, they didn't." I looked at the floor. I couldn't bear to see Ron or Hermione's faces.

"Well," the officer began slowly, "since this is your first offense, I'm gonna let you and Mr. Malfoy off with a warning." He walked to the door. As he opened it, he nodded at me. "Have a good day." Then he left me to whatever punishment I would get from Ron and Hermione.

I looked over at Ron. He had tears in his eyes, despite the anger on his face. I sat down in the chair right next to where I had been standing and went back to looking at the floor. Ron went and sat on the couch next to Hermione.

"So, when you saw Malfoy at that rave, you did more than sleep at his house." It was more of a statement than a question and Ron talked quietly, something that he always did when he was upset.

I nodded. "Yeah."

Hermione glared at me. "I can't believe you, Harry! Why do you think I wanted you to come home with me?"

"I knew why you wanted me to come home, but I wanted to talk to Malfoy. It's not like I planned to sleep with him." I said, trying to stop the tears from falling out of my eyes.

"That doesn't make it any better." Ron said.

"I know, but I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong. I was drunk." I said. It came out louder than I had meant it to.

"That's no excuse! You always say you love me, but obviously you don't!" Ron yelled at me.

"I do love you!" I said back.

"Well, I don't love you." Ron walked out of the house. I waited for him to come back in. But when he didn't after five minutes, I knew it was over.