This was something I wrote 2 years ago for a Literature project in the 5th grade, as a continuation piece to Bridge to Terabithia, which makes this fanfic book!verse. I'm rather proud of what I wrote, and I tried to make the writing style as Katherine Paterson-esque as I could make it... so... here's my story. I hope you like it:)


Jess hammered the wood planks across the creek. Somehow, he felt guilty – having to replace Leslie with another Queen of Terabithia.

"But it's for the sake of Terabithia, right? Terabithia must have its Queen, and replacing the late Queen is just the kingly thing to do," he muttered to a particularly chubby Terabithian – but to the non-magical eye, it'd seem as if he were a lunatic, because he appeared to be talking to no one.

Jess could already imagine Leslie standing up in front of him, a huge frown on her usually smiling face.

"Jesse Oliver, I cannot believe you replaced me with someone else!" she'd say.

He'd look terrified – Leslie was very scary when angry. "Lord, Leslie, I thought you were dead!", and both of them would laugh together, big smiles on their faces.

Of course, Jess knew that was never going to happen. Leslie was dead, and no one can do anything about it.

A tear threatened to fall down Jess's eye, but he held it back. Boys don't cry. Leslie doesn't cry. Besides, Leslie would be upset if he cried because of her. Leslie was, Lord, much braver than he was. It's what killed Leslie, anyway, her bravery to swing even when the water was high.

It was too much for him. The tear fell down anyway. He wiped it using his sleeve, and attributed that damned liquid to an inexistent piece of dust that was in his eye, and not because of melancholy thoughts about Leslie, and the fact that one of his best – no, his only best friend was dead.

Jess shook his pale head and tried to think of something else – the new Queen of Terabithia.

He thought of Miss Edmunds as the Queen, and a soft blush crept up his face. He imagined Miss Edmunds with him on days other than Fridays, doing less-than-innocent things together. And then he shook his head again. A King must be comfortable with the Queen – and that was the problem. With the lovely teacher, Jess felt all squishy, lost and uncomfortable. He'd be a really bad king if she was his Queen.

Jess looked behind him due to the sound of footsteps. May Belle, he thought to himself, she followed me again. And almost suddenly, the idea of his younger sister as queen came to him. All the problems about him being uncomfortable with his Queen suddenly vanished. And when May Belle finally reached Jess, he had made up his mind.

"What'cha doing, Jess?"

He put an aura of mystery around him. "It's a secret, May Belle."

Their conversation continued until he finally finished with the magnificent bridge to Terabithia, with May Belle demanding the secret from Jess, and him heavily hinting on May Belle's being the next Queen of Terabithia.

Jess led May Belle across Terabithia's newly-built bridge. As he crossed the bridge with his right hand entwined with May Belle's left, he not only went across his bridge, but he was across the denial, the anger and the pain he felt when he received the news of Leslie's death.

He must have been hallucinating, but he saw Leslie among the Terabithians that were looking forward to the arrival of the new Queen. She gave him a thumbs-up, and mouthed "Good for you, Jesse Aarons," and "You picked the right queen."

And before she disappeared, he murmured, "Thanks for everything, Leslie."

Jess looked up at the heavens and smiled as May Belle finally let go of his hand. Leslie really gave him a lot, and he'd only realized it when she died. Tears fell down his eyes, but this time, it was because he was happy.

Screw the quote "Boys don't cry." He doesn't understand it, and it doesn't make sense. Of course they do.


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