Chapter 23 - Betrayal

"The last one" Peter said guiding the last of the Quetzalcoatlus to the island. Micah landed the helicopter and the three hunters where pushed out, Peter watched as Sylar gave his commands to them "pull the leaver" he told one, Peter got in to the plane and said "come on let's go", "what about Sylar" Micah asked, "move " Peter told him, Micah was pulled out of the way by Mohinder.

Pter put his hand on the helicopter and the blades started to rotate.

Sylar didn't think anything of it, he just thought they were getting it ready. He still though Pete was behind him.

The helicopter rose in to the air just as the hunter pulled the leaver, Sylar said "I hope you enjoy your time here at Hove Island", he turned round but the helicopter was gone. He looked up and saw it in the air, "you bloody...", "what did he say" Claire asked looking down, "I dunno, it's too loud" Maya replied, suddenly she flew out of the helicopter.

She started to fall, everyone shouted but it was too late she had entered the force feild. The helicopter flew away in to the distance. Sylar stopped Maya falling in mid-air though she did not stop screaming, Sylar pulled her over to him and said "you had this planned all along didn't you bitch", "no" Maya choked, "put the lady down" one of the hunters said. "Not by a long shot" Sylar said and pushed him down to the floor with his telekinesis.

"No one betrays me" Sylar told them. He dropped Maya and went over to the hunter guy, "what mysterious power do you have then" Sylar asked, he pointed his finger at the guys head and he stared to scream and it was slit open. The two other hunters just stood there, after they saw what he did to get the power, they just made a run for it.

Sylar turned to Maya and said "this time you will die", Maya stepped back and started to cry, but it did not work on Sylar. Sylar held her up by the neck and said "see you in another life", Maya's neck snapped and she fell to the ground with a thump. "I'll take your power later" Sylar said and turned round.

He could hear shouting and screaming going on in the tree's up ahead. Sylar followed it and saw a spinosaurus chasing the two hunters, one was trying to throw energy at it but his power soon faded. You could see the way the other one was concentrating that he was trying to teleport but it wasn't working.

Sylar turned round and someone hit him, he looked up to see Maya but had he not killed her earlier. "What" Sylar asked, "something the company gave me" Maya told him.

Sylar pushed her away and sighed, so what if she could regenerate like Claire or Adam. He would have to say on this island probably for the rest of his days and now he had a little toy that would never die.


Peter guided the helicopter back to New York, Micah sat in the back seat and said nothing. "He's the bad guy" Nikki said, "yeah, but he did help us, he didn't deserve to be stuck on that island" Micah replied with small tears in his eyes, "if it weren't for Sylar, I would be dead".

"It's done now" Peter shrugged, "but you should never betray anyone" Micah shouted at him.

Peter suddenly felt a pang of guilt.


A week past, Micah hadn't forgive anyone yet but also blamed him self as he had never told Sylar about what they were going to do.

Sylar on the other hand was trying to figure out if this new power he had gained could help him in any way. He tried to ask the other two hunters who had a spinosaurus on their tail but they were too busy, Maya was somewhere in the jungle.

Sylar hadn't used any of his powers to save up for when he found out how to use this new one. He looked at the ground and thought "so I can't make fire, I can't fly, maybe I can dig" he joked to himself. He went and sat on one of the chairs in the old abandoned lab.

He had read all the files now and there wasn't much else to do.

He did find a copy of activating evolution though, he sat and read it. He looked at the list of ability's that could be around which he could of gain. The digging one was on there, where someone had to step on to soil and think about where they wanted to go.

Sylar tried it out.

He opened his eyes and said "that was one of the easiest thing's ever", now he was back in New York, and Peter would be getting a little visit of an old friend.

The End


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