"C'mon Junior, make us a portal home"

"C'mon Junior, make us a portal home"

Grim gave Junior an encouraging clap on the shoulder blade.

"But… I have never made a portal before, what shall I do?"

"Just focus on the destination, hold the scythe with both arms, and strike as hard as you can" Said Grim as this was everyday business. (It was for him tho)

Junior raised his shiny scythe and suddenly felt so powerful. It was great!

"Watch out were you strike with dat thing, I don't know how many I have chopped in half that way, trying to open a portal"

Mandy sent Grim an interested look and Grim felt a little warmer on the inside of his robes. He watched his son carefully as he lifted the heavy scythe. Junior was fully focused on their destination and stroke hard with every bit of strength he possessed.

As the scythe cut trough thin air, a dark glowing portal appeared just where the blade had sliced air molecules in half moments before.

"Well done Junior" Mandy exclaimed. It was the first time Junior had noticed somewhat pride in her voice.

"Really?" Asked Junior, admiring his newly created portal.

"Yes, it's impressive how fast you learn Junior" Grim patted his son on the back.

"Now lets see if you have made a portal home or one that leads to the plain of eternal stupidity" Mandy Said.

"We can visit Billy another time Mandy, shall we?" Grim offered Mandy his left arm and she took it.

"Who is Billy?" Asked Junior, he was curious of this "Billy" they talked about.

"Oh you will meet him soon enough, wonder if he has grown up by now?" Grim looked curiously at Mandy.

"I wouldn't count on it" Said Mandy impatiently and dragged the two reapers with her into the portal.

"Goodbye dear Reapers!" Mr. F yelled after them with his head into the portal.

Junior would never get used to travel that way.

It was when the portal had closed Mr. F noticed his beard was stuck.

"Oh, darn"


Junior's feet touched solid ground, he had managed to bring them home. When the portal had closed behind them Junior felt something tickling his left chin. What he saw was a bunch of grey hair hanging in the middle of thin air.

"Dad, what is…" Junior started, but Grim was laughing so hard his bones rattled.

"Mwahahaha, guess F left something behind!" Junior couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Mandy get the razor, we need to shave the air, mwahahaha" Mandy sent Grim a bored look, it was fun the first twenty seconds…

Mandy punched Grim hard in the side and pointed towards Uncle Jack, who was hurrying towards them with a huge grin on his face.

Grim was still giggling, recovering from a major cause of bad humour.

"Great news, our beloved Minnie has returned!" Jack's smile was as shiny as the sky on New Year's Eve (or 4. of July).

Grim stopped giggling all of a sudden.

"Wha, where!?" Junior shouted, scanning the room for any sign of his long lost sister.

"She is upstairs, asleep. Id appreciate if you didn't wake her as she was so exhausted when she arrived" Said Uncle Jack in a calm, quiet voice.

"Is it true, has my daughter finally returned?" Asked Mandy, staring intensely at Uncle Jack making him nervous.

"Yes, she arrived here not long before you did", said Aunt Sally who had appeared from behind without a sound.

Junior didn't want to wait one more moment and stormed up the stairs to his sister's bedroom, tightly followed by Grim and Mandy. When he reached the doorway, his heart stopped for a moment. In the white sheets of the large bed in the corner, laid a familiar figure. Her blond hair was all over the pillow, and her face was so beautiful and peaceful in her quiet sleep.

Junior walked to her side slowly, he couldn't get his mind off how beautiful she was. She was wearing the dress of light white fabric, the same she had left them in, and there was no sign that she had been ripped limb from limb not many days before. Junior sat down on a chair by the bed and watched her, careful to not wake her up. He did not believe what he saw, she was finally here with him. Grim and Mandy also watched carefully over their daughter.

He wanted to lift her high into his arms and tell her how much he had missed her, but he wouldn't wake her when she was lying so peacefully asleep right in front of him.

"It didn't take more than a trip to heaven for those two to get along" Grim whispered to Mandy and to his surprise, she took hold of his left arm with both hers. Her face didn't show any expression of emotion, but Grim knew that even she had feelings.


It was 5.00 AM. Junior had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. You could hear the sound of footsteps in the stairway, but Junior was too tired to notice. But then he heard a squeak, and felt something heavy jump on the top of him.


Junior opened his eye sockets and spotted her. Minnie wrapped her arms hard around him, he could barely breathe. She pressed her face against his chest, crying in happiness.

"Minnie its okay, you're choking me"

Minnie raised her head and smiled at him, tears running down her cheeks. She eased her grip, but didn't let go of him.

"I'm sorry I left you". She leaned forward and for the second time did he feel her carefully pressing her lips against his. This came as a shock to him, but he pulled her closer. He would never lose her again. It seemed like an eternity and he felt entirely lost in her. There was this strange feeling. He had always wanted this, he just didn't know it before. Slowly, they broke apart. Minnie rested her head on his shoulder and sighted happily.

"Never leave me like that again, will you?" Junior asked her while gently moving his hand trough her hair.

"Never", Minnie whispered.

Everything she wanted to tell him could wait for tomorrow. Right now she was the happiest girl in the underworld, right there in his arms.

"Minnie, you know, I never meant all that I used to say, about you being a show off?"

Minnie raised her head and Junior gazed into her beautiful grey eyes.

"The fact is that I'm in ll…love… with you"

There, he said it. He had practically spilled his feelings for her. Minnie smiled and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"My heart will forever belong to thee, young Reaper"

There was an empty expression on Junior's face.

"I have no idea what you just said"

Minnie kissed him again.

"Understand now?"

"You're so weird, Umm… I understand that you are into kissing, but I hope its only with me because I can't bear to think about you kissing another guy and I think…"

Minnie placed one finger on his mouth to stop his ranting.

"You think too much"

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