This is NOT a light, fluffy story like Obsession. This is just a little trial to see if I can write hard, cold, angsty stuff...


Chapter 1

"Sir...Commander Jameson has requested I inform you that all prisoners have been detained."

The general didn't even lift his head as this information was given, his quill pen still scratching at the parchment in front of him. The messenger stood his ground, dithering over the remaining data he had to impart, nervous of the silence that dominated the room.

Eventually, the silver head raised slightly, green eyes staring through hooded lids at the uneasy young man in front of him.

"You have more to tell me?"

The tone of voice used was casual, quizzical. But the air around the men bristled, and the messenger felt his brow begin to perspire. He licked at dry lips.

"One of the prisoner's sir...He resisted more than any of the others. We had to..." He paused, uncertain of how to continue as the expression of the general's eyes turned to one of annoyance. "We had to...subdue him."

The pen was placed carefully upon the wooden desk, the letter to the Shin-Ra leader forgotten for a moment.

"You...subdued a prisoner?"

The messenger shuffled uneasily on his feet, understanding now why he had been the one chosen to deliver this message. Sometimes, it didn't pay to be the new boy hoping to gain favour with the higher officers.

"And this prisoner subdued?"

"I believe he was beaten Sir, like the others, but...He showed great restraint Sir. I was told to inform you that the Arbettor 9.90 was used."

The general's attention was now fully held. The Arbettor had had to be used? He couldn't remember the last time the paralyzing beam of that particular weapon had been needed. It was only ever used as a last resort, taken with the more extreme, zealous, single minded enemies. This captured soldier had to be worthy of inspection.

"Where is he being kept?"

The messenger seemed to ease up, sensing that the interview was almost at a close.

"He's in solitary, Sir. East Wing. We've had to chain him to the wall, he's so feral"

Silver brows quirked. The Arbettor used...and still this man was fighting? An interesting subject indeed.

"Inform Commander Jameson that I will be there in five minutes. You may go."

The door closed quietly behind the young cadet's back as he thankfully made his exit from the room. Taking in a deep gulping breath, he hurried down the empty corridors and headed towards the lower depths of the building to forewarn his commander of the impending visit from the general.

"Here? He's coming here? You're sure?"

The youth nodded vigorously.

"I knew this prisoner would catch his attention," Commander Jameson gloated, staring through the small open barred window of the tightly enforced heavy steel door. "You think you're so tough!" he spat through the gap at the single occupant. "Pah! The general will show you who's tough!"

A weak voice came back through to the two men.


The young cadet almost snickered at the prisoner's audacity, until he heard his commander bark out a command.

"Fetch me the cane again. Looks like this boy could do with some more softening up before Sephiroth gets here..."