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Ron watches them from his end of the Gryffindor table and he can't help but get irritated.

The two people, who got on him the most, about being thick headed with Hermione, are now being thick headed themselves.

He watches Harry sitting there picking at his food, not meeting her eyes.

And Ron knows why.

Harry blames his self for Fred's Death.

Ron shakes his head.

Sometimes his friend could be infuriating.

Ron knows he hasn't said a word to Ginny since he came down from the common room and Ron knows its because of guilt.

And then there's Ginny herself.

Ron knows she sits there not saying a word because she wants to give Harry time.

Time He thinks

One would think they had enough of that.

Ron watches them for a few minutes longer.

He sees the sadness in their eyes.

He sees them stealing glances at the other, when the others head is turned away.

But mostly he sees the longing they have for the other.

Ron finally decides he's had enough of their thick headedness.

So he intervenes.

He gets up and walks to their end of the table.

"OI! You two!" he shouts.

They turn to look at him, along with the rest of the tables occupants.

"Stop being thick headed and get on with it." He tells them.

His brothers stare at him, but he knows it's because they don't know about their sister and his best friend.

The couple doesn't make a move.

So Ron improvises.

"Percy, Charlie move. " he tells the brothers sitting between the couple.

They do as he asks and Ron grabs Ginny, pushing her in the seat next to Harry.

"Now neither one of you are to move until you have this worked out. I might be daft, but I do happen to have an emotional range bigger than a teaspoon. And I can see this is killing the both of you."

Harry smiles at him.

And Ron nodes back.

Ron returns to his seat next to Hermione.

She takes his hand and Ron gives it a squeeze.

He looks back at his best friend and sister.

He sees Harry holding her hand and pushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

It's about time he thinks.

And a few minutes later when he sees the couple leaving, hand and hand, he can't help but smile.

Yep, my emotional range is definitely bigger than a teaspoon.

I wanted to take a serious moment and cut it down to 500 words or less and in this POV. So this is what I got.