Hey guys! Another new story! This story takes place in the first part of the series... Man, are most of my stories take place in the first part? I guess I didn't write any second part. Anyway, this story is about Naruto getting a slap from Sakura, causing him to lose his happiness. He decided to leave the village, going nowhere. Because of this, Sakura misses him and she wants to bring him back. But not alone she won't, but with her friends and her sensei. And also, a mysterious new genin... That's right, an OC. But I'll make that OC a little less important in later chapters after his appearance. The title and summary sounds dramatic to you guys, but the reason why I put the genre humor in it is because I'll add some humor contents (Though, I don't think I have the ability to write humor in it, but I'll try.). I got this idea from the story "Forgetting what Happiness is", written by KawaiiMisha-san. However, she hadn't update the story for 4 years. She lost inspiration in it and tried to bring it back. It's been so long, but she hadn't update it. So I decided to make the story similar to hers. Well, enough chitchat. It's time for the story to come up!

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"Inner/Demon speaking"

'Inner/Demon thought'

Chapter 1:

The Start of the Lost Happiness

Konohagakure no Sato... The hidden village of the five great nations in this world. Konoha is one of the most powerful village and has many great ninjas in it. Living in Konoha is like living in heaven itself... Except if you're a pervert, you can see many wonderful women, even young ones. But don't rape them, or else, I'll find you and kill you all in hell!

Anyway, it all started on a bridge, where the copy ninja's students are waiting for him, meaning, five hours they have been waiting. While the genins of Team 7 waited for their sensei, the cherry blossom, Haruno Sakura, tries to make her crush, Uchiha Sasuke, to go out with her. But, as always, Sasuke is just brooding. The blond container of the Jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Naruto, the son of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, and the future Hokage, tries to make Sakura to go out with him. However, as always, Sakura rejects his request. Naruto doesn't give up, so he continues to make her going out with him.

"Come on, Sakura-chan! Just one date, please?" pleaded Naruto.

"No way! I'm not going out with you and that's final!" yelled Sakura.

"But Sakura-chan, you never gave me one chance to go out with you! Please go out with me!"

"Naruto, I told you, I'm NOT going out with you!"

'One moment and already, those two are driving me crazy.' thought the brooding Uchiha, getting annoyed by his two teammates.

"Sakura-chan, come on! Just this once! One date and I'll stop asking you!"

"NO! For the last time, I'm not going out with you!"

"Come on!" Naruto grabbed Sakura's arm and pulled her to him. "It's just for one night!"

However, she seems to be resisting the pull. "NO! Let go of my arm!"

"Sakura-chan, please!" Naruto keep on pulling Sakura's arm.

"LET GO!!!" That took Sakura too far. She raised her hand and flung it at Naruto, slapping his cheek. "Don't you EVER pull my arm! Do you hear me?!"

It gave Naruto a shocking feeling. He was slapped by the one he loves the most. He slowly touched his red cheek, feeling the pain in his body. "She... slapped me...?" He whispered to himself.

After yelling at Naruto, she turrned back to her crush. "So Sasuke-kun, what did you do yesterday? I know it's something awesome." she said sweetly.

Sasuke, like Naruto, got a shock feeling. After a while, he got back in his brooding form and glared at Sakura. "You shouldn't have done that."

"Hm? What are you talking about?" she asked, with a confusing look. What did Sasuke mean about "done that"?

"You shouldn't have slapped Naruto. Just look at him. See what you did to him?" he said, pointing at Naruto.

Sakura looked at Naruto and see that he was in pain. His usual goofy smile disappears from his face. All he got is a sad face. That slap really got him down. Unfortunately, Sakura doesn't care about that. "Hmph! Who cares about him anyway? It's his fault for trying to get a date from me!"

'Sakura... She really is a bitch. More of a bitch than Ino.' Sasuke thought.

To Naruto, he is still shocked about what Sakura did. It was then he realized. 'Sakura-chan... hates me... She hates me... for real...' That slap... had changed Naruto... The Naruto we all know... disappeared from himself.

A few minutes later, Hatake Kakashi, the copy ninja, has finally arrived, for five hours. "Hello, everyone. I'm here." he said.

"YOU'RE LATE, KAKASHI-SENSEI!!!" yelled one of his students. That's right, one. Not two, but one. Just... one.

"Sorry about that. You see, I was once again in the path of life and I tried my best to..." That's when Kakashi realized something. He heard only Sakura yelling at him, but not Naruto. He looked at the container and see that Naruto has a sad face. "... Naruto, is there something wrong?" he asked him.

"..." Naruto doesn't say anything.

This confuses Kakashi really. Then, he decided to go back where he was. "Anyway, today, we will have a mission."

"Another D-rank mission?" asked Sasuke, sure to himself that they will have a D-rank mission again.

"No. This time, we'll have... A C-RANK MISSION!!!" Kakashi shouted happily to his students.

"Alright! A C-rank!" cheered Sakura.

'Finally. A mission worth my time.' thought Sasuke.

"..." Naruto still doesn't say anything.

This, again, confuses Kakashi. 'What the...? Usually, Naruto could have complained something about having finally a mission that puts him in danger. But why doesn't he reacted?' he thought to himself.

"Well, sensei? What's the mission?" asked Sakura, getting tired of waiting.

"Well... The C-rank mission is going to be awesome! It puts your life on the line!"

"So what is it? Tell us, Kakashi-sensei!"

"The C-rank mission..."

"The C-rank mission..."

"... is a super..."


"... Duper..."


"... awesome C-rank mission in history..."

"Awesome in history...?"

"The Super Duper C-rank mission is..."

"Spit it out already!"

"The most awesome, amazing, suprime C-rank mission of the entire world is..."

"HURRY UP ALREADY, YOU STINKING PERVERTED SENSEI!!!" yelled the furious Sasuke, getting all OOC. The others looked at him with surprise. Sasuke realized what he has done and quickly got back in his brooding form. "Hmph..."

"Ok... The C-rank mission is..."

"What? What? What?" said Sakura.


Two of his students were shocked and angry at the same time. "WHAT?!?!?!?! THAT'S ALL?!?!?!?!" they yelled at their sensei.

"... That's all? Make some ramen? This is just a waste of time." Naruto said, completely got out of character of himself.

Everyone was shocked at Naruto's reaction. This isn't Naruto at all. 'What did Sakura has done...?' thought Sasuke.

'... Naruto...?' thought Sakura.

"... Oh boy..." Kakashi said as he placed his hand on his eyes.

After the mission, Team 7 walked down on the sidewalk of the village street. The mission is rather... weird, as you say. During the mission, Kakashi accidently spilled the entire ramen on Sasuke, which proceeded on Sasuke trying to kill Kakashi. Since Sasuke's clothes are a mess, he was forced to wear Ayame's young, girly clothes. Sasuke was insulted by Kakashi and the people that were eating at the bar. But that's not all. Naruto is still the Naruto who has nothing but a sad look on his face. It really got into him. And Sakura... is still the Sakura from the beginning.

While they're walking, Kakashi then got an idea. "Hey guys, how about we eat at some restaurant?"

"Hm? Kakashi-sensei, what do you say?" asked Sakura.

"How about we eat at a restaurant, to celebrate our mission success?"

"That's a great idea! So what restaurant are we going to eat?"

"How about... KFC!"

His students looked at him with confusion. "What?" Sasuke said.

"You know, KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the most famous place to eat chicken?"

"What are you talking about, sensei? There's no place that calls KFC." said Sakura, making sure that there's no place that is named KFC.

"What do you mean? Of course there's..." That's when Kakashi realized. "Uh oh... I think I broke the fourth wall..."

"How about the Korean BBQ? It's been a while since we haven't eat in this place." asked Sasuke.

"Oh Sasuke-kun! You're always the smart one!" said Sakura sweetly.

'I wish she stopped admiring Sasuke. It's getting pretty old.' thought Kakashi, getting tired of Sakura's obsession to Sasuke.

Sakura turned to Kakashi. "And you're going to pay for us! You're our sensei and all."

"Hm? Me? Pay for the food?"

"Yes! You're always late for our training and you let us do all the dirty work, while you slacked off! Now it's our turn to pay the favor!"

"Alright... But one thing..." Kakashi smiled. "... I don't have any money."


"Sorry, but I forgot to go to the bank yesterday. I used up all my money on something."

"You mean the perverted book you always love." said Sasuke.

"Well, don't worry. I found the way to get more money."

"Like what?" asked Sakura.

In the Konoha bank...

"ALRIGHT! PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG! PUT IT IN!!!" yelled Kakashi, disguised himself as a robber, to the cashier.

"Uh... Sir? I'm right behind you." said the cashier, who is just behind Kakashi.

"Oh... Right." He turned around to the cashier. "I forgot to cut holes for my eyes. I was in a hurry that I forgot to cut it. Well, anyway..." He proceed with the robbing thing. "ALRIGHT!!! GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!"

"Will this be in your savings account or your checking account?"

"Uh... Savings."

"May you give me your license?"

"Sure." Kakashi took out his license out of his pocket. "Here you go." He gave it to the cashier. As the cashier register the license, Kakashi gave a thumb up to his students, who were a little far from him and were sweatdropped. Raiding the bank? Is this guy really a jounin?

"Sir, I should tell you that you have zero dollars and zero cent in both of your accounts."



Outside of the bank...

"Well, I think it went well." said Kakashi while smiling.

"It went well? What the hell are you talking about?! Raiding the bank is terrible for us ninjas to do! Why the hell are you doing this?!" yelled Sakura to her sensei.

"Well, I thought it might be fun."

Sasuke sighed. "Looks like I have no choice but to spend all my money on the food."

"Oh Sasuke-kun! You're sooooo generous!" said Sakura, once again, sweetly.

'... She gotta stop doing that...' thought Kakashi.

"I'm not going..." said Naruto finally. The others looked at him. "I'm not going to this stupid restaurant. I'm going home." He left the team headed home.

This really, really, REALLY confuses Kakashi... Really. 'This is strange... I wonder what happened while I was visiting Obito's grave... What happened to Naruto? Why is he acted like this?' Then, it hit him. Kakashi looked at Sakura with a rather angry look. "Sakura... What did you do to Naruto?"

End of chapter

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