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The sun's rays were warm and bright. Their color was a soft, inviting yellow, not harsh like normal light. Zuko blinked his eyes a few times before his eyes adjusted to the light. He stretched and felt the silk around him move with him. He stopped. The silk felt good against his skin. He sighed contently as he looked around. He was in his quarters at the Fire Nation palace. The sun was softly breaking through his heavy curtains through a slight break where the curtains had been opened. Zuko lazily sat up on his bed, his Fire Nation sleeping robes flowing around him. He smiled at the feeling of comfort that invaded his world. He slid from the bed and stretched again. A nice relaxing bath would make his morning perfect. Zuko moved from his bed to the curtains, throwing them open and let the sun light flood in. It caressed his skin carefully. He liked that feeling.

The bathing quarters were already set up, just like he liked. He smiled contently and slid his clothing from his body. He slowly made his way into the warm bubbles. He sat down in the warm, scented water and sighed contently letting his eyes close. He rested his arms on the side of the bath, the cold tile giving a great contrast to the warmth of the water. This was wonderful. The door to the room opened quickly then closed. He furrowed his brow wondering who it could be when he heard their footsteps coming to the bath. He leaned his head back and saw Katara in her own silky Fire Nation robes smiling at him. "Morning Zuzu," For some reason when she said the name he didn't mind it, it actually made him smile.

"Morning beautiful." He watched as she made her way to the steps of the large bath and untied her robe. Her skin was delicately tanned and breath taking as ever. She had a night gown on underneath that fell to her mid-thigh and had thin straps holding it upon her shoulders. She curled her fingers around the bottom of the night wear and pulled it up over her head. Zuko's eyes devoured ever inch of her body.

Katara slid into the water with him and gingerly made her way over to him. He had a goofy grin on his face as she came over and sat down on his lap. He could feel his heart beating wildly. She lightly feathered a kiss on his forehead. She nuzzled her head into his neck and inhaled, drawing the cold air onto that spot. Zuko shivered as she began placing feather light kisses upon his neck, "I love-" Her words were muffled by her lips placing more kisses upon his skin. Zuko moaned at her actions and he felt her smile against his skin. She knew how to make him feel good. She moved her body against his as her lips moved up towards his face. He moaned again and let his hands grip her hip, moving her against him again. She moaned too. Her lips met his and the heat was intense. Katara moved her hand down his stomach to his manhood, which was quickly becoming aroused, and began moving her hand along his shaft. Zuko broke the kiss as a deep moan ripped from his throat. Katara's breath was heavy as she leaned in to kiss him again. The kiss was open mouthed, as both were struggling for air. Zuko let his tongue slide into her mouth and their tongues began to elegantly dance with one another. Zuko let one of his hands creep from her waist to her riches. He could feel the heat rolling off of her as his fingers began working her. He was gentle with her clit, but soon began manipulating the movement of the water to his advantage. He smiled as she leaned her head back in a loud, pleasured moan. He slipped his fingers inside her to feel her warmth.

Katara moved her hands to rest on his shoulders as he continued pleasing her. She leaned her head forward locking eyes with him. He could see the hunger in her eyes and felt a hunger to feel her around his manhood rise within him. Zuko quickly moved his hand to her hip again and Katara positioned herself over him. Her eyes never left his as she slowly slid herself onto him. He felt himself shudder at the warmth and movements of her body. For one long moment they sat there looking at each other, Zuko filling Katara. They were one in that moment. Then Katara moved. Oh how she moved! Her body was poetic as it moved up, the water falling gracefully from her. Zuko stared for a long moment as Katara set a rhythm. He soon found himself slowly joining the movement. The water. Their bodies. It was a wonderful moment of need and want between two lovers sharing a private moment of passion. Their bodies moved as one, their lips locking, their tongues mirroring the motions of their bodies. They would break apart, letting their voices express the feelings of being physically entranced by the other. Magic. That was the only way to describe the feeling of the entire scene. The climax of both was in perfect rhythm. She moaned so seductively that it set off a violent wave of bliss in him. Their voices blended together as they called to one another, a secret song of their pure desire. Even after the moment of bliss their bodies moved in the rhythm set, trying to get every last wave possible. The moment was gone then and the two lovers looked into each other's eyes and engaged each other in a long kiss of joy.

Their moment was further interrupted by the bedroom door opening. A female voice cried out, "Empress, little Zao has woken and I'm afraid if he doesn't eat soon he'll wake Ursa."

Zuko watched Katara's face as she sighed. A look of disappointment but also happiness filled her features. She smiled to Zuko, "Okay Tara, I'll be there in a moment." Zuko heard the door close and felt Katara leave him. He groaned. She laughed softly as she stepped out of the water, the beads rolled temptingly down her tanned body. Oh what a temptress! She smiled again, "Be right back love," She quickly toweled off and put her robe on, leaving Zuko to finish his bath. He quickly washed and stepped out of the bath right as the door opened to his room. He came out of the bathing room and saw Katara move to the bed. Her back was to him. She had her head leaned forward and he could hear her making cooing noises. She turned, sitting gingerly on the bed. There in her arms was a baby. He sucked gently on his mother, getting his breakfast. Zuko watched with fascination as his lover and his child sat in his room at his home in his nation. Joy filled him and he quickly crossed the distance to sit down beside his Katara and look at his baby boy, Zao.

Zuko reached out a hand and gently ran his finger down the baby's arm. The baby reacted by withdrawing from his mother's breast and looking at Zuko. The baby had his golden eyes. Zuko smiled, "Hey there my baby boy. It's your daddy…" The baby burped right as Zuko said daddy, causing both parents to laugh. Zao gurgled and made cooing noises to his apparently happy parents. Katara pulled her robes over herself and lifted her baby up to burp him. The door opened and a four year old with long black hair and blue eyes walked in rubbing her eyes. She looked to Zuko and he knew instantly this was Ursa, his oldest child. He smiled widely as he held his arms open to the little girl. She smiled widely and ran into the room, jumping into his arms. He laughed, "And how did you sleep my darling Ursa?"

Katara placed a hand on Zuko's shoulder, drawing his attention from his precious daughter. Her face was slightly flushed and her eyes were wide with innocence. Zuko became concerned with what was giving his love these feelings. She smiled at him, "Zuzu, I wanted to tell you earlier…I'm pregnant."

Zuko sat there stunned for a moment. Another one? We're going to have THREE kids? When it sank in Zuko jumped up off the bed holding his daughter high in the air and danced around saying, "We're having another baby! We're having another baby!" Ursa giggled and Katara smiled. Zao began making loud noises, wanting to be part of the celebration.

THUD THUD THUD Someone was banging on the door loudly causing Zuko to jolt out of his wonderful dream. He looked around disoriented for a moment until it sank in that it was a dream. He sighed and tried to pull his covers off but found they were wrapped tightly around his legs and waist. He stop struggling, "Come in."

The door to Zuko's room opened and Iroh walked in with a knowing look. He looked around the room then back to Zuko, "My nephew, what was all your moaning about?"

Zuko blushed with embarrassment, "Nothing Uncle…just a dream."

Iroh smiled, "Was it good?"

"Yes Uncle…very good."