Title: Sakuras Are Softer Than Strawberries

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Summary: Ichigo left Renji for the dark side and he didn't know until it was too late. Can Byakuya give him the same love and comfort he once thought he had or will a certain incident push his heart off the edge. Love/Yaoi/Death/Rape/Light Language

Pairing: IchiRen/IchiGrimm/GrimmRen/ByakuRen

Series: Bleach

Rating: M for Mature Content & Themes

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"Why Ichigo, why would you do this to me?" was all I could think as I stood there staring at him. It was Wednesday night and he was completely naked under his sheets but I didn't find any pleasure in seeing his naked body. In fact it was pissing me off more than anything in this world. The reason for that was sitting right next to him, grinning, as his pale blue eyes stared daringly into my eyes. That look gave me such a horrible, disgusting feeling but it would be twice as painful and disgusting if I looked into the big hazel ones that were eyeing me right now.

Why, Ichigo, why? ...

The Betrayal

I had always enjoyed my time around the substitute shinigami. It was nice to have a friend among the living because it gave me a reason to get out of my stuffy home otherwise known as Soul Society. Me and Ichigo had started off pretty well as friends with our constant arguments and fights that had no real point but were fun to do anyway. The truth is every since the Rukia incident in Soul Society, I've always had a sort of liking for him. The way he styled his carrot colored hair, his deep hazel-brown eyes and most of all, his name. I mean honestly, what is the chance of me ever running into another boy named Ichigo.

It had been about a year since I confessed my love for him. He admitted that he had the same feelings for me and we just sorta hit it off but it was different that week. He had changed.

It was Monday morning and he told me that he had to go to school. Him and that school junk. I wish he would just drop out I mean how far can you get in school when you spend half the school day fighting hollows and the nights having hot sex with your lover? I don't mean to brag but I am pretty good in bed or at least he thinks so by the way I have him moaning and crying out at night. But anyways, I was use to it and he would just nag at me if tried to make him stay so after he left I decided to excavate his room for anything interesting like porn although judging by his character that was highly unlikely.

I searched his closet and found nothing but magazines of naked or half naked girls. (Figures. He probably keeps these for his dad to see if he ever tried to clean Ichigo's room without permission.) It pissed me of a little to see those magazines because that means that he still didn't have the balls to tell his dad about his sexuality. Guess I'll try the drawers. I rummaged through the underwear drawer and wound up with nothing but a bunch of boxers and one pair of black briefs. I went to the pants drawer and found a nice pair of jeans that I wanted to try on. Then a note fell out of one of the pockets.

It read "Dear, Ichigo. Meet me at the Kagemuzi Bar on Wednesday night and come alone. There are some things I'd like to discuss with you. I'm risking my life here so you better come. Love, G.

Wtf! What the hell is going on here?! Is Ichigo doing drugs or something? No. maybe he is apart of a gang. Oh, man! How the fuck could I miss that?! Wait a minute. The guy signed it with Love. There is no way a drug dealer or a gang member would sign a letter with Love. Holy Shit! Is Ichigo cheating on me?


Its Tuesday night and have decided not to confront Ichigo about it. If he was he would just deny it and make up a stupid lie. If he wasn't then I could totally screw up our relationship. Instead I would go about the day like I never even saw the letter. Knock, Knock. Ichigo opened the door to his room and told me to come in. I stayed calm. Tonight I was going to remind Ichigo just how good our relationship was. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and wait for someone to steal him away from me.

We went to a nice restaurant in a beautiful hotel at the far side of town. We talked, we laughed, and we enjoyed ourselves. If we weren't were definitely acting like it. When we finished, we headed to the room that we had bought for the night. All preparations were ready. Tonight I'm going to fight for my lover.

We entered the hotel suite and the lights were nice and dim. Strawberry and lavender scented candles were lit all the way to the bedroom. Ichigo's eyes were fixed on the suite, gazing in aw at the marvelous set up I had prepared him. When we finally reached the bedroom I put on a little romantic music to set the mood. Then I turned to Ichigo who was blushing from the sudden attention.

"What are you up to Renji?" he asked. I laughed and smirked.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Ichigo." I replied slyly. I loved playing games with him but I was going to have tone it down tonight.

He opened his mouth to reply back but I caught it with my own. His lips were so warm. I definitely wasn't ready to let him go. I broke the kiss to see his reaction from the sudden attack on his face. His eyes were slightly dazed as he leaned in for another kiss. Our lips were locked passionately as I forced my tongue into his sweet, heated mouth. His met mine and we began to battle for dominance. The taste, the feeling, it was all so wonderful but I was ready for more.

I broke the kiss once again and pulled Ichigo to the bed. I gently pushed him back onto the soft, firm mattress. He was surprised to feel rose petals under his body but soon forget them as I climbed over him to remove his clothes. I slowly removed his shirt, doing my best to rub my fingers against his body. Then I removed my own shirt and dove in for another heated kiss. This time he went for my hair as we locked toungues again. I smoothly moved my hands to his chest.

I moved my fingers to his nipples. He gasped at the sudden presence of cold finger tips. I took that chance to move to his neck. I picked an area and began to suck and nibble on the skin. He whined in pleasure as I continued with my nipple massaging and neck caressing. I moved my mouth down to the area where my fingers once sat and began to lick at the hardened nipple in front of me. The warm wetness of my tongue made him shiver. The twirled around it, flicked, and sucked on it hard. His moans filled the room with ecstasy.

When his nipples were nice and red I placed my hands on his hips and began to pull on his pants. I stopped to grind my bulging member against his own. He pulled on my hair as if to tell me to stop playing games and give him more pleasure. I obeyed his whim. I completely pulled of his pants, underwear and all. I was now facing his hardening erection. I couldn't help but tease the boy and decided to blow against the slit on the tip of his head. A sharp gasp came out of his mouth.

"Come on Renji, don't tease me like this." he whined. He's so impatient.

"Fine, fine, ya big baby. I'll stop."

Much to my dismay, I took the head of his erection into my mouth and gently poked the slit with the tip of my tongue. I went down some more, trying to take in as much of his erection as I possibly could.

"Ahh, Renji!"

Music to my ears. I went down more and more taking his cock deeper and deeper into mouth. I slid up and down on his hard erection, licking every part of the base. His moans got deeper as I continued to give him the pleasure he craved for so strongly.

"Mmmph, R-Renji, I-I'm gonna, ahhah, finish!"

I continued my movements and started to suck on the boy's erection. A few more sucks later and he came into my mouth. I licked him clean and stood to remove my pants. When I was done, my full erection was pointing to Ichigo's entrance. The atmosphere in the room made me want to fuck him raw and hard but if I wanted him to stay with me, I had to be gentle. I took two of my fingers and forced open his mouth. I told him to wet my fingers and went down to kiss him lightly on the neck.

My fingers were nice and wet now so I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. I glided my fingers down to his entrance and rub the area around the opening. I felt him shiver from the touch. Then I gently slide my fingers into the entrance. I could feel the walls of his tight ass wrap around my fingers. I knew exactly where his spot was and he knew that I did but I was going to make him beg for that. I started to pump my fingers in and out of his tight entrance.

He moaned in my ear sending shivers down my own back. His moans were so beautiful and I wanted him now more than ever. I slid my fingers back out and angled myself in front of his entrance. He clenched one hand in my hair and wrapped another around my back. His legs were wrapped tightly around my waist, preparing him for the sudden pain he would feel. I wet my cock and thrust deeply into his ass. He screamed out in pain. I could see little tear ducts forming in the corners of his eyes.

I wiped away those tear ducts and thrust into him again. He moaned in pain again so I grabbed his member and stroked it in time with my thrust. This time he moaned in pleasure. Now I'm going to make him beg.

I angled myself so that I would slightly brush past his special spot. He growled in displeasure.

"Damn it Renji. You're playing games again."

"I know. Tell you what, lets make a deal. If you answer this question right, I will hit that spot more times than you could ever imagine. Then you'll get all the pleasure you want and more."

"Ahh, shit! Okay. You win now ask the stupid question?"

"Have you ever had sex or been in a relationship with anyone else but me?"

"….no, I haven't." he replied hesitantly.

"Have you ever wanted to?"

"That's more than one question Renji." he snapped defensively.

"Right, sorry, okay, get ready."

I was a little shocked that he didn't answer my second question but the deal was one question so I had to hold my end of deal. I realigned myself and began my barrage of intense thrusting into his pleasure spot. He moaned more intensely now. Still, not even his moans could get my mind off of what I was thinking. Why hadn't he answered the question and why was he so defensive. Thank goodness his eyes were closed otherwise he would have seen the frown on my face. Then I could feel myself on edge. Judging by the way his cock was throbbing so was he.

The speed of my thrust and my stroking increased. I was prepared to orgasm inside of my might-still-be lover. But I was not prepared for what happened next……

"Ahh, uh, mmmph, ahh! YES, GRIMMJOW!!"


What? I couldn't believe it. I pulled out immediately. I didn't care if I was still hard; I just wanted to get the hell out of there. That bastard lied to me. How could he? I put all my clothes on and walked out of the building pissed.

I was pissed at him for lying to me and cheating on me but most of all I was pissed at myself. Worst of all, he didn't even bother to come after me. I decided to return to Soul Society. I thought that if I took some time to cool off we could talk about it tomorrow night. But still, why...

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