More Pleasure, No Pain

As if reading my mind, Byakuya placed his hand on the base of member and began to pump. His mouth was locked around the head of my erection, sucking and licking, practically begging me to come inside of it. My body began to writhe with pleasure as my vision turned white. A few seconds later I reached a rough climax, with a moan that I wasn't the least bit ashamed of. I opened my eyes ion time to watch the beautiful black-haired man swallow the product of my release.

Moments after, we were on the bed, enjoying the feel of skin on skin and lips crashing against lips. I was sporting a new arousal just as hard as the last. Then I felt Byakuya's breath against my ear as he whispered a request.

"Renji, I know you're not use to it but…will you let me take you tonight?"

At this point I didn't care what position I was in. I wanted this just as bad as he did and that's all that mattered. I simply nodded in reply and watched as he removed the hair band from hair and gave me a gentle kiss on the neck. Then he let loose his own velvet, raven locks and reached for his dresser to get a small tube of lube. He spread some between his index finger and his ring finger. Then he gently spread my legs.

I shivered lightly as he placed a finger at my entrance. He slowly thrust into my body. It was uncomfortable of course but I knew it would get better soon. He entered another finger and began to stretch my tight entrance. The last finger was placed inside. By then I was moaning in pleasure, begging him to find that wonderful spot inside of me. I gasped and writhed as his fingers found that marvelous bundle of nerves. A few more thrust later, he removed his fingers and began coating his own cock in lube.

He gave me another light kiss on the lips and steadied himself in front of my entrance. I flinched as he pressed against the tight opening and thrust himself in slowly. I shut my eyes and gripped the sheets tightly, waiting for the pain to relax. Then I bucked my hips, telling him to move. He released a husky groan as he thrust his entire cock into my warm opening. Then he proceeded to thrusting himself in and out of my body and a nice gentle pace. Pleasure continued to flood through me as he continued his motions over and over again.

One hand gripped his hair while the other clawed his back. His hands straddled my legs back as his smooth, warm cock continued to penetrate my burning walls. We were locked in a heated kiss of dominance. I gladly gave it to him as I got lost in the pleasure of hearing him moan and groan against my mouth. The sounds of our skin slapping against one another was just as intoxicating. Minutes later, his pace started to quicken and I could feel the heat rising deep inside of me. Our moans became wild and loud proving that he too was reaching his own climax.

Our lips stayed connected as he took one of his hands and gripped my member, pumping it to the rhythm of our love making. He had found that sweet spot and was hitting it more ferociously than before. It was all so wonderful. My vision went blank as I harshly climaxed between our chest and over his hand. I cried out his name in pure ecstasy as he thrashed into my ass one last time and released his warm, sticky seed into my body. He called out my name one more time as he rode out the last of his climax.

My body shook slightly as he removed himself from opening. He layed next to me and covered our sweat ridden bodies with his sheets. Then he wrapped his arms around me and pressed me to his chest. I was tired and being held like this put me to sleep even faster. I felt him place a light kiss on my forehead as he whispered the words "I love you." into my hair. I wanted to repeat those same words to him but sleep had already taken me away.

Back in Karakura Town:

I gotta keep running. This is bad, really bad. I can't believe I got tricked into this. I have to get away before he finds me. I have to get help but whose gonna help me at this time of night. If I call the cops, everything will be gone before they get there and there will be no way of tracking him down.

I can't go to may Dad after that argument we had. He wasn't upset about me being gay but the guy I chose to date at the present moment. Why didn't I listen when he said I was too young and naïve to realize the real motive of man like him?! How could I have confused pure lust and greed for love? How could I be so stupid?

Wait. Come on Ichigo! Now is not the time! If I don't move faster I'll get caught. If I get caught I'll become the bitch of every man willing to pay him for some male ass. The cops won't help because I have no idea where the operation is run. All I know is that Grimmjow is trying to add me to the list of pure sex toys he has hidden around the town. I'm nobodies bitch!

I know. I'll call Renji and ask him for help. He may hate my guts but even he won't stand by and let me become a sex slave whether by choice or force. Come on Renji, please pick up!