"A Scotchwoman's Breakfast"

Mrs. Hudson worried about Mr. Holmes after Dr. Watson married and left Baker Street. Without the doctor's influence, the detective looked after his health even less. His meals became even more erratic, even more untouched.

Determined, she experimented with recipes. One for sticky toffee pudding seemed to go over exceptionally well. Soon it was understood the only dessert to be served to Mr. Holmes was that particular pudding. Eventually, it was understood that the pudding was to be served once a day. Once in a long while, sticky toffee pudding found its way to his table twice a day.

As the months went on, Mrs. Hudson was taken aback by the success of her experiment but she couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't a case of too much of a good thing. The man who had twitted his best friend for gaining half a stone after marriage had put on three times that.

"At least he's eating something," she sighed as she let out the seams of his trousers yet again.