Marise was walking home late at night since she just came from a friend's house. She came home to find out that her house was empty.
'That's strange' she thought. She went to her kitchen and took out a bag of chips from the cupboard and a soda from the fridge. Suddenly Marise felt goose bumps cover her flesh. Marise was abruptly filled with a small of paranoia, but then she shook it off. She went up to her room and put her stuff on her bed. She then felt somebody grab her and push her into the wall. The soda and chips fell to the floor. 'Damn!' Marise suddenly thought desperately, she was hungry. She tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth.
"Don't scream" a voice said soft and sexy. "It's useless"
Marise's heart was pounding, scared for her life. She was whirled around and faced about the sexiest guy she had ever seen. He was tall with black hair and green eyes and very built. The guy grabbed her hair and pulled back, baring her neck. Marise knew what he was going to do and started struggling. The guy just looked into her eyes and said Stop moving. She felt that she couldn't move, AT ALL. The guy started kissing her neck, each kiss sending shiver and shocks of pleasure throughout her whole body. He started to go lower unto her breastbone. He ripped her shirt apart as though it was just a piece of paper. He pulled her bra strap down to reveal half of her breast. He stared at it hungrily. He let his lips brush it lightly. Marise shuddered. He suddenly her bra down and put her breast in his mouth and began to suck. Marise felt chills when she felt his tongue play her nipple. His hands slid under her skirt and pulled down her underwear... Marise gasped. He was still sucking on her breast. She felt his fingers so close...too close...'STOP!!!!' she thought frantically. The guy just looked up at her and grinned. He then pulled her hair back started to kiss her neck, and sucking very loud. His fingers went even closer to her private spot, just a centimeter apart. He then carried her to her bed and laid her down. All Marise could do was watch helplessly as he took off his shirt. He lay on top of her, massaging her hair and kissing her stomach.

Her body gave a twitch as his finger went inside her. She moaned. He grinned and Marise could see with horror that he had two fangs. He slid his finger in and out in a steady motion. Without warning he plunged his teeth into her breast. Marise let out a cry of pain then felt pleasure that she had never felt in her life. His finger kept going while he sucked her blood and massaged her hair. Marise felt she was about to explode when she felt, with shame, herself cum on his finger. Her back arched pressing her back even more into His mouth. 'Santos' she heard in her head. 'My name is Santos. He let go of her breast and bit his finger and let his blood wash over the bite. Santos licked his lips. He looked at Marise's half naked body. 'THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!' Marise thought. She started to twitch, trying to move. Santos looked at her curiously. He snapped his fingers and suddenly she was dressed in a white nightgown. He picked her up and carried her bridal style. 'Where are we going?' Marise asked her arm twitching as she tried to hold on to his neck.

'Don't worry, somewhere safe' he told her as they were engulfed in darkness...