Harry's birthday, the summer after fifth year had turned out to be pretty much torturous; on top of his godfather's death he now had to deal with the betrayal of some 'friends'. Harry's friend goblin Ragnok had sent him a letter earlier in the week; he read it once more before grabbing some clothing and his wand, and floo-ing from Mrs. Figg's place to Gringotts.

Dear Mr. Potter,
As the last Potter in your line, and upon turning sixteen you come into control of ALL of your finances, property's and familial abilities. A meeting will be set up with me on the evening of the thirty-first to talk through your finances and properties. Another meeting will be set up with our Goblin Healer Nanook to find out and hone your familial abilities, potions will be used, please bring the following: wand, robes, comfortable clothing, cloak, a pet or familiar if you have one. You will be asked to spend a week with the goblin nation, as the head of the Potter house you will come into your powers a year early including unlimited magic's and aparation licenses. Please report to Gringotts Wizarding bank at five p.m. on the evening of the thirty-first.

May your gold always grow,


"How may we help you?" asked the nearest goblin as Harry flooed in.

"I have a meeting with Ragnok and Nanook this evening," Harry whispered to the goblin, she bowed lowly.

"A pleasure Mr. Potter," she whispered, "follow me." Harry followed the she-goblin through a series of doors with intricate locks, he watched with interest as the goblin greeted thousands of others in a language Harry couldn't understand. "Ragnok, Mr. Potter has arrived," she said quietly, Harry heard the two whisper a quick transaction in Gobbledygook and she pushed Harry lightly through the door.

"Welcome Mr. Potter," said Ragnok.

"Oh please call me Harry," Harry said with a smile.

"Welcome, then Harry," the goblin said with a smile he had never been treated more humanely by a wizard before, "you may call me Ragnok."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ragnok," Harry said with a kind smile, the goblin was very pleased with the young wizard. "What exactly am I here for?" Harry asked curiously.

"Well the first order of business is your finances," said Ragnok pulling up a stack of papers from thin air with a swish of his hand, Harry was amazed at the stack of papers. "Now the first thing is, as you are now of age in the wizarding world according to familial standards that is, you become the head of your house, and as the last Potter you become Lord Potter," Ragnok said.

"Lord Potter?" Harry asked with the raise of his eyebrow and a stifled laugh.

"Yes, Lord Potter," Ragnok said handing Harry a paper which he quickly scanned, his eyes widening,

"I didn't make those transactions sir," Harry whispered to all of the withdrawals that were over a hundred galleons.

"That's what we feared, it turns out Lord Dumbledore has interfered with our system again, as your legal guardian he was allowed to take out however much money you needed to be raised on…" Ragnok trailed off as Harry began to laugh. "What is funny Lord Potter?" asked Ragnok.

"Dumbledore…my guardian?" Harry laughed harder, "I was raised by my muggle relatives, who hate my guts…amusing right, I bet Dumbledore paid them to raise me." Ragnok was confused, it wasn't really funny, it was against the law, and after Harry had calmed down he looked at the goblin. "Please continue Ragnok."

"The second," said Ragnok handing Harry a small stack of papers, Harry read them through a couple of times before coughing.

"I own that much?" Harry asked in disbelief the numbers were high enough that he wasn't sure he could say them.

"Lord P…" Harry looked at Ragnok with his eyebrows raised, "Harry, this is what you haven't spent from your trust vault, the rest is in family vaults guarded by dragons, most of what is down in the family vaults are, books, jewelry, portraits, trunks, Harry you are the richest wizard, in the world." Ragnok said watching the reaction of the young boy. Harry could only stare at the goblin. "Then we come about your properties," Ragnok said becoming uncomfortable.

"I have more?" Harry asked with a slight sigh.

"Of course Harry, here," Ragnok handed Harry another paper yet.

Properties of the Potter Estate

1. Godric's Hallow – 4 Square KM

2. Marauder Manor- 15 Square KM

3. Number's Three, Four, Seven, Eleven, and Fourteen Privet Drive- ½ Square KM

4. Broken Ridge Isle's- 75 Square KM

5. Canada- 9,984,670 Square KM

6. Potter Ridge Quidditch Fields- 400 Square KM

7. Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry and grounds- 1,500 Square KM

Harry looked at the goblin with wide eyes, "I own Canada?" he asked in disbelief, the goblin smiled lightly and nodded. "Please say that's all," Harry whispered to the goblin. Ragnok laughed.

"Gods no, this is only the beginning young Harry," said Ragnok, "now you go meet with Nanook and I will straighten out this mess with Dumbledore and your money." The goblin smiled at Harry and ushered him into a room that reminded Harry much of the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts.

"My name is Healer Nanook," said a short, young, female goblin to Harry.

"I am Harry," Harry said with a smile.

"Great, now let's begin," she said asking for his wand and clothing, Harry passed the goblin his duffle bag of items and allowed himself to be seated in a bed and examined after being dressed in hospital apparel. "Seven blocks," the goblin said with a whistle.

"Blocks?" Harry asked confused.

"Magic blocks," said Nanook, blocks placed on your magic so you're not…as powerful, or to prevent accidental magic. Many wizards put accidental magic blocks on their children when they are five. "Please be aware the removal of these blocks will take much time…and will probably be quite painful," Nanook said looking to the wizard for consent. She handed Harry a list of blocks that were put on him, by who and when they were put on him.


1. Metamorphagi Block – age 2 months, James and Lily Potter, Reason: muggles watch as his hair changes rapidly through colors depending on moods.

2. Accidental Magic Block – age 7 months, James and Lily Potter Reason: Blew up the stove three days before.

3. Healing Block – age 3 years, Albus DumbledoreReason: Heals at incredibly rate, not healthy

4. Transformation and Speed Block – age 5 years, Albus Dumbledore Reason: Suspicious Muggles

5. Mental Protection Block – age 9 years, Albus Dumbledore Reason: Unlisted

6. Language Block – age 13 years, Albus Dumbledore Reason: Unlisted

7. Core Block – age 15 years, Albus Dumbledore. Reason: Power is dangerous for body core.

"Please begin," Harry whispered bracing himself, according to Nanook they would remove the magic blocks in reverse order, and the last being put on just a few days ago. A block on his core power, his power resting at about thirty-one percent was not to its full potential.

"The rest time for removal of blocks is up to two months," Nanook said.

"Two Months?" Harry asked, "can't we shorten it...the order will be searching for me after today," Harry said with slight confusion, and a bit of anger towards the order.

"Well as Goblins we're quite adept to time spells, if you have enough money we can hire a team of goblins to keep up a time spell…and you can stay here for healing and other purposes for six months…but with the time spells it would really be like…six hours," Nanook explained, Harry nodded telling her that he defiantly had enough money. Within minutes nearly twelve goblins entered the room thanking Harry and Nanook. Three goblins and Nanook surrounded Harry and removed the first block, which was relatively painless, as it had been put up just a few days before.

"I thought this was supposed to hurt?" Harry said with confusion as he stood up and stretched waiting for them to begin the next block. Nanook chuckled at the young boy and handed his wand.

"Try it," she whispered, Harry whispered Lumos and the entire room lit with bright light.

"That…is bright," Harry said blinking his eyes. Nanook laughed again and instructed Harry to lie down and set his wand down again. Within seven hours all the blocks were removed, Harry was passed out on the hospital like bed, his hair and eyes changing rapidly through colors as if his metamorphosis abilities were excited to be freed.

Harry woke just one week later in the goblin time room, a mere fifteen minutes to the mortal world, turns out his healing block had blocked all of his natural healing abilities and his body recuperated very quickly. "Nanook," Harry said sitting up with a yawn.

"Harry you have woken quite quickly, just one week of solid sleep," she said impressed, marking it down on the charts.

"What can I do…I have five and three quarters months left," Harry said rolling his eyes lightly.

"Well…you did express your want to learn Gobbledygook and Latin did you not?" asked the goblin, Harry nodded enthusiastically. "First things first, we need a training schedule, to hone your new skills to perfection, as well as learning some new languages now that your blocks are off and your nutrition is up you should be able to gain muscle mass rather quickly." Harry nodded and listened as a schedule was made.

5:30 am-6:10 am: Breakfast

6:15 am-7:15 am: Work out, massive tone building.

7:20 am-9:20 am: familial ability training

9:25 am-10:25 am: languages and healing

10:30 am -11:30 am: sword training

11:35 am-12:15 pm: Lunch/break

12:20 pm-1:20 pm: Mental abilities

1:25 pm-2:25 pm: Metamorphagi training

2:30 pm-3:30 pm: Wand building

3:35 pm – 4:45 pm: Magical Design and fine arts

4:50 pm- 5:40 pm: Magical abilities

5:45 pm-6:30 pm: Dinner

6:35 pm-10:00 pm: Advanced readings

10:05 pm- 5:00 am: Sleep

5:05 am-5:25 am: Shower

Harry handed Nanook his schedule with a sigh, "It's a lot…but I only have five and three quarters months…what can I do in that amount of time?"

Nanook grinned, "Harry you have natural abilities in most of these things already, you will have no problem with languages, metamorphosis, magic, healing, family abilities, the only one I see you having trouble with is eating," she said poking Harry in the side hitting a rib. "We start at 5:05, set your alarm." Nanook whispered. Harry nodded and laid his head down falling into a deep slumber.

At approximately five a.m. Harry's wand woke him from his sleep, he looked at his schedule and jumped into the shower, putting on gym clothing that Nanook had laid out for him the night before. Today being his first day of training the goblin in charge of his muscle toning had him run for the first fifteen minutes at a sprint. At first he laughed at such a feat but within the first ten minutes he found himself quite out of breath and gasping for air, he did however complete the last five minutes and grabbed a drink of water. For the second fifteen minutes the goblin had him do crunches, and push-ups in quick repetition giving him only enough time to breathe. Harry was sore after his hour of hard workout, running, push-ups, crunches, weight lifting for the last half.

"Familial training?" Harry asked in disbelief.

"Yes," Nanook said with a smirk knowing Harry would soon eliminate this from his list, his main family ability was natural healing and wandless magic, after taking off the block just a week before he would be able to maintain many things without a wand. Harry was equally surprised at how easily the healing and wandless magic had come to him. Nanook smirked at Harry and he calmly asked her what she was smirking about.

"What?" Harry asked as she continued to stare at her.

"I'm speaking in gobbledygook," Nanook said.

"You are?" Harry asked.

"Yes, as are you," Nanook said with a grin, languages could be crossed off of his list, as well as familial abilities.

Six months went very quickly for Harry, as a Potter he was fluent in every language, good with wandless magic, his Metamorphagi skills at their peak, he had built himself a wand look-a-like one that looked identical to his old wand but was in fact much more powerful. His studying was up to NEWT level, he was fairly good with a sword, and his body was much more finely tuned than before. His body was gorgeous his finely tuned muscles looked good on his medium body frame, his skin took on a tan glow as his Metamorphagi skills protected his body from the sun, his hair stayed black but had picked up a reddish tint in the sunlight. His eyes changed color rapidly depending on his mood unless he did something about it, usually minimal concentration to keep his appearance. Ragnok and Nanook had taught him the fine art of broom modeling, and sculpting, as well as drawing and wood carving. In his own time Harry had taught himself the basics of guitar and piano playing as well.

Tonks watched as Harry Potter walked out of Gringotts the same scrawny boy he had been five hours before, not much had changed…she did notice his eyes seemed a bit lighter of a shade of green. Harry worked hard on his appearance to make it as alike to six months before as possible. "Wotcher Harry," Tonks said punching him lightly on the arm.

"Tonks," Harry said with a light laugh, "you frightened me."

"Sorry then," she whispered.

"Are you on Order duty?" Harry managed to ask, Tonks shook her head negatively and saw Moody a few yards back.

"No…but Moody is," she whispered, "he's by the Leaky Cauldron entrance." Harry's eyes flickered and he saw the man hidden underneath his invisibility cloak.

"Shop with me?" Harry asked pulling out a list of things the goblins told him to buy.

"Of course Lord Potter-Black," Tonks said noticing the change in his aura, Harry nearly choked on his saliva.

"How?" he managed to spit out.

"I'm a Black…the last remaining on the light side…I can see aura's…the Potter one is Gold…the Black one is Green only Lord's and Lady's pick up the color aura's." Tonks explained quietly, Harry nodded and drug Tonks to a shop to pick out a new trunk.

"Of course it will have to be custom made," the trunk maker explained after Harry handed him a basic layout drawing. Harry nodded.

"Whatever it takes," Harry said with a nod, Tonks was amazed at the young boy's courage towards the older. Harry's new trunk was to have seventeen bedrooms in one compartment, a library in the next, a kitchen with MRE capacity, a bathroom, and three basic storage compartments.

"Quite the trunk eh Harry?" Tonks asked lightly, Harry nodded.

"It took me a long time to design," he said with a grin, Tonks finally realized why his eyes looked different.

"Harry where are your glasses?" she asked in sudden realization.

"Oh becoming Lord Potter-Black gave me my familial abilities one being healing…my eyes healed themselves," Harry said with a slight smirk, "and it took you long enough," he said chuckling. Tonks chuckled lightly and the two continued with their shopping. Everything that Harry bought went into his new trunk that the trunk maker had made him, a multitude of potions ingredients, and what Tonks considered the best part of their trip…clothing.

"Oh come on Harry," she pouted when he refused to model his clothing, he crumbled quickly under her begging and went to the changing room coming out with each different muggle outfit Tonks had picked, as well as a few of the wizarding robes.

"Are we done?" Harry asked looking at the forty bags of clothing by his feet.

"I'd say its safe to assume that," she said with a chuckle, Tonks waved her wand and the bags appeared in one of the storage compartments of Harry's trunk which was then shrunk and returned to his pocket.

"Tonks…" Harry said trailing off lightly, she looked at him curiously she had only known him for a little under a year now, what could he possibly want.

"Yea Harry?" she asked.

"What're you doing tomorrow?" Harry asked a light blush forming on his cheeks, but disguised quickly with his Metamorphagi, Tonks smiled at Harry keeping her skin color exact hiding her blush as well.

"Well I'm watching you…Order Duty," she said with a laugh.

"Well if you're watching me…want to hang out?" he asked, Tonks nodded and aparated Harry to his front door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Harry," she said kissing his cheek and apparating away. Harry felt his heart flutter for a moment before he leaped into the air and whooped happily and opened the door entering the home. First order of business…taking care of the Dursleys.

"POTTER," Vernon yelled as Harry entered the room.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked as pleasantly as possible.

"Where were you when dinner came around, Dudley has gotten nothing to eat," the boy who was mentioned rolled his eyes at his father and walked up the stairs.

"Ignore him Harry," Dudley yelled down the stairs before going into his cousins' room and sitting on Harry's bed. Harry looked at his uncle before speaking lowly and withdrawing his wand from its holster and placing it against the man's neck.

"I am of age in the wizarding world…I will not hesitate from using magic against you, I will not continue to do any of the chores you assign me, and if you question my authority check your resources…I own this home," Harry said turning and walking up the stairs calmly. He opened his door to find his cousin sitting on his bed cross legged.

"So what're we doing tonight?" Dudley asked.

"Well for dinner we have, Spinach salads with grilled chicken," Harry said unshrinking his trunk and setting it up at the foot of his bed. Harry and Dudley both ate their dinner and Dudley headed back o his own bedroom thanking Harry.

"Wotcher Harry," Tonks whispered outside his open window, Harry jumped she had managed to frighten him again. He was wearing the outfit Tonks had deemed her favorite the day before, loose fit black jeans and a green button up silky shirt. "Nice choice," Tonks said, and much to her pleasure Harry allowed the blush to show on his face.

"Come on in," he said grabbing her arm and pulling her through the window. Tonks laughed and plopped down on Harry's bed.

"What's on the agenda?" Tonks asked Harry as he sat on his old trunk.

"Well we could chill out here or go to the park and hang out, there's a new movie playing in the cinema," Harry listed quite a few things and Tonks smiled.

"A movie sounds nice," Tonks said, "I haven't seen one in a few years, not since dad…well you know," she said quietly looking at her shoes, her father had died in the last death eater raid. "Oh wait...before we go," Tonks concentrated a simple moment and her hair got longer turning less bright, and more of a natural light brown.

"Two can play at that game," Harry said with a grin as his hair got longer turning bright green for laughs. Tonks' eyes widened.

"You're a Metamorphagi?" she asked, "since when?" Tonks said ruffling his now shorter blue hair.

"Since I visited the goblins and they removed my blocks on magic," Harry admitted, Tonks looked shocked.

"I thought the removal of blocks required rest," she challenged.

"They did…six months of it," he said with a sigh.

"I take it it's a long story," Tonks smiled, Harry nodded, "Don't worry Harry, I wont make you tell it, just…show me your real self," she asked.

"Only if you turn to your real self," Harry said.

"On three then," Tonks whispered as they turned back to back. "One, Two, Three," for a few moments the two let go of all concentration and Tonks whispered, "are you done?"

"Yea, you?" Harry asked.

"Yea…ready to turn around?" Tonks wondered.

"On three then," he joked and counted to three, Harry was amazed at the beauty of Tonks her eyes were the clearest color of blue, her hair was not blond, but not brown somehow a shade in between, her hair wasn't short, but barely grazing her shoulders. Her features were sharper than he remembered her cheek bones higher up, her lips perfect and pink. Harry noticed he wasn't the only one staring. "To the movies then?" he asked offering Tonks his arm. Tonks laughed but took Harry's arm and aparated them to the cinema down the street.