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"Talking in flashback"

"Talking in present"

The quiet of the dark winter's night was broken by the sound of strangled sobs. Sprinting through the depths of Inuyasha's Forest was a young girl garbed in the attire of a simple shrine priestess. Her long mid-back length ebony hair was pulled back in a low ponytail that threatened to come undone at any second. Her blue eyes were widened with fear and wet from crying. Her normally pretty face was marred by the constant stream of tears pouring from her eyes.

The girl ran with all the strength she had left. Her priestess robes were ripped and torn all over, blood pouring from many of the numerous rips in the cloth. Clutching the tattered remains of what once was her backpack, Kagome Higurashi forced herself to keep moving forward and not glance back at the burning remains of the village she had just taken flight from.

She moved as if she was in a dream- no, make that a nightmare. The calmness of the late November night seemed to be mocking the girl who felt like her world had suddenly been plunged into hell. It had all started only a few hours ago………

Kagome sighed and wiped the sweat from her brow. The remnants of the day's heat was only just starting to vanish. It had been unusually warm for this time of year, which Kagome reflected upon as she picked some of the last herbs of the autumn harvest

Placing the last few sprigs in her hand-woven basket, she brushed the dirt from her hands and the knees of her pants before rising and carrying back the herbs to the hut of the village's elderly head priestess, Kaede. As she pushed back the hanging on the door, a small boy with an enormous, oversized fluffy tail bounded up to her.

"Kagome!" he squealed," Kaede told me to let you know all she needs you to do is draw some water from the spring and you're done for the night."

The young girl smiled down at the fox-demon child with shining green eyes and auburn hair at her feet.

"Thanks Shippo," she said.

"Did Kaede mention where she wanted me to put these herbs?"

Shippo nodded his head.

"Mm-hm. Over there," he said while pointing next to the elderly priestess's sleeping mat.

"Thanks again Shippo!" she called to the vanishing demon, whoscampered outside to play with the village children.

Placing the basket down in the corner of the small shack, Kagome gripped the edge of the small wooden bucket near the cooking fire in the center of the room. Pausing once to poke around the embers of the fire, she made her way back outside.

Once she stepped out of the hut, a loud "mew!" brought her gaze down to her feet where a small creature with ruby red eyes blinked up at her.

"Oh, hello Kirara!" she greeted as she rubbed her creamy yellow fur.

The small feline purred with delight as Kagome scratched her black triangular ears. Kagome smiled at the cat. Though she belonged to her friend Sango, she had begun following Kagome around constantly. Giving the cat's black diamond-shaped mark on its forehead one last scratch, she straightened back up and started her trek to the stream.

Looking into one of the village's numerous fields of flowers, she spotted the undead priestess, Kikyo, surrounded by a crowd of village children. Kagome smiled and waved to her, and received only a smile back as both of Kikyo's arms had at least three children grasping them.

Continuing on down the road, she was delighted to see the forms of her close friends Sango the demon-slayer and Miroku the monk.

"Hey guys!" she called to them as she hurried over.

"Hello Kagome!" they both greeted her.

"Where are you guys headed?" she asked curiously.

"Just up the hill- Miroku's set up a picnic there for us to watch the sunset," Sango said happily as she leaned her head against the monk's shoulder.

"Wow that sounds so romantic!" Kagome sighed.

"And where are you headed Kagome?" Miroku asked.

Kagome lifted up the bucket in her hand.

"Just to the spring to fetch some water," she told them.

"Well, I hope you two have fun tonight!" she said as she started off again for the stream

"Thanks again Kagome! By the way, have you seen Kohaku by chance?" Sango called to her.

"Yeah, I think he was with Kikyo," she called back.

"Okay, thanks!" the demon-slayer said as she and the monk started off for their picnic

Waving good-bye to them, Kagome smiled to herself. She was so glad Sango had finally gotten her happy ending. With the defeat of Naraku and the completion of the jewel, she was able to save both her younger brother and Miroku. The two warriors had finally gotten married only a month ago and Kagome was sure she was seeing a tell-tale bump from Sango's stomach.

Watching the happy couple disappear as she rounded a bend in the road, she focused on the task at hand: fetching the water. Upon finally reaching the stream, Kagome dipped the bucket into the cool, clear water.

As the young priestess bent down for a drink, she was startled by the sudden cold wind that blew through. Wiping her mouth dry with the back of her sleeve, she picked the now full bucket up once more and straightened back up. Looking off into the distance, she was alarmed to see the sky was a hazy, deep red color.

Something's not right, she thought worriedly.

Then, a distant scream reached her ears. The bucket clattered to the ground, forgotten, as she raced back to the village. She stifled a cry of alarm when she saw portions of the village in flames. As she raced down the main road, she was greeted by a mob of screaming, frightened villagers escaping the village.

Pushing her way through the crowd, Kagome tried to discover what was happening. She spotted Sango's little brother, Kohaku, a little ways ahead of her and ran up to him.

"Kohaku!" she called.

He turned his head at the call of his name.

"Lady Kagome!" he gasped, his dark brown eyes filled with fright.

"Do you know what's happening?" she yelled to him over the sounds of more villagers approaching.

"No!" he yelled back.

"Will you come back with me to Kaede's hut?" she asked him.

Though his freckled face was still filled with fear, he nodded his head. Grabbing each other's hand, they ran to the elderly priestess's home.

As they passed more screaming villagers, Kagome was revolted to see splatters of blood littering the ground. She felt Kohaku's grip on her handtighten as they continued up to Kaede's. Kagome tore open the hanging on the door as she peered into the shack.

"Kaede!" she yelled, looking around for a response.

Then, she stopped dead at what she saw. A dark red figure in the corner crouched down on the floor, its long silver hair streaming over its back and pointed triangular shaped ears sitting on the top of its head.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered.

The silver dog ears twitched at the sound of his name. Straightening up, he turned to face her. Kagome gasped when she saw blood red eyes with green pupils and purple demon markings across his face.

What's happened to him?! Why has he transformed?! She thought with horror.

Her gaze went to the half-demon's side and she was astonished to see the Tetsusaiga sheathed there.

What?! If he didn't lose the sword, then how is he like this?! She thought weakly, as the half-demon growled at her.

That's when she noticed the new addition around his neck.

"The jewel?!" she gasped.

The small jewel emitted a sickly dark purple color, a sharp contrast to its normal warm, light pink.

It's tainted? But how…….? She asked herself before it finally clicked.

He used the jewel.

When Naraku was defeated, she had given Inuyasha the jewel to make a wish upon it for himself. He had chosen not to at the time, but held onto it none the less. Now, he had used it to become full demon.

But something had gone wrong. He was acting exactly he did when he transformed. The half-demon growled again and took a step forward. Kagome suddenly was able to make out a crumpled form on the ground behind the Inuyasha. Long, gray sprawled around it, its clothes so drenched with blood, you could hardly tell they were priestess robes.

"Ka- kaede… no…," she whispered, trying to stop the nausea that threatened to overtake her.

Inuyasha snarled menacingly at her once more, before lunging at her. She screamed as his claws grazed her side. Stumbling backwards, Kagome was tripped by a small body on the ground.

Grinding her teeth together to stop from crying out, she peered at what she had tripped on. Her stomach churned violently as she recognized a large fluffy, but bloody, tail.

"No….. oh god, Shippo! No!" she cried out.

She reached out a shaking hand to touch his limp form. Placing a hand on his chest, she began crying when she didn't feel a heartbeat, not even a faint one.

She was brought back to her senses when Kohaku screamed. Seeing Inuyasha advancing upon the boy cowering on the ground, Kagome flew over and threw herself on top of Kohaku.

Expecting to feel claws score across her back, she was surprised to instead feel a rush of air over her. Opening her eyes, she saw a large saber-toothed cat demon with swishing twin tails facing off with Inuyasha.

"Kirara?!" Kagome yelled.

Kirara snarled at the slowly advancing Inuyasha. The dog demon glared at the giant cat before launching himself into her, scoring his claws into her sides. Kirara roared and snapped at Inuyasha, who leapt off her and lunged at Kagome, only to ump back in surprise when a sacred arrow just barely missed him. Kagome watched in awe as Kikyo detached herself from the shadows, her bow notched with an arrow, pointed right at Inuyasha.

"Get going Kagome. Run for it," Kikyo demanded.

"Kikyo….." Kagome started.

"Go!!" Kikyo yelled.

"Right…." Kagome relented.

Pulling Kohaku up off the ground and grabbing her backpack, the two locked hands again and raced away, leaving Kikyo and Kirara to deal with the threat that was Inuyasha.

Running back to where they had started, they joined the remaining villagers running for their lives. Not far up ahead, Kagome's heart swelled when she recognized a person in dark blue and purple monk robes approaching.

"Miroku!" she yelled.

"Kagome! What's going on?!" he asked.

"It's Inuyasha! Where's Sango?!" Kagome demanded.

"She's coming; what's wrong with Inuyasha?!" he questioned.

Before she could respond, she saw a girl with long, dark brown hair racing up, her pink kimono and green skirt reflecting the flames of the fire ominously.

"Kagome?! What's going on?! Have you seen Kohaku?!" she demanded.

"He's right here" she said and handed him off to Sango.

"It's Inuyasha!"

"What's wrong with Inuyasha?!" Sango and Miroku asked together.

"He used the jewel and now he's transformed! Kikyo's back there fighting him with Kirara, and Kaede and Shippo are both dead! You've got to get going!" she cried.

"But what about you?" her friends asked worriedly.

"I'm going to try and get to the well. You need to leave now!" she ordered.

"Okay," Miroku consented, grabbing Sango's hand.

"Be careful Kagome!" Sango yelled to her as she grabbed Kohaku's hand and all three of them disappeared into the distance.

As Kagome turned to run into the forest, a pure white light soul flew through the air and entered Kagome's body. She felt the tears streaming down her face, for she knew the rest of Kikyo's soul had finally returned to her body. The priestess had been killed at the hands of her former lover, letting Kagome escape.

She started at the sound of snarling behind her, and turned just in time to see Inuyasha's 'Blades of Blood' slicing through the air towards her. Shielding her face with her arms, the blades ripped through the skin on her arms and legs. Turning on the spot, she pelted into the forest, hoping to evade the blood-lusting demon behind her……

And here she was now: running for her life through the forest. Holding her tattered backpack close to her chest, she tried to remember if she was headed in the right direction. A small bit of hope flared in her chest as she thought she knew where she was.

That hope quickly died away as she heard something approaching from behind. Expecting to find Inuyasha slashing at her, she was surprised to see a small, cream-colored cat mew to her.

"Kirara!" she cried, scooping the demon up into her arms.

She let out another weak mew as Kagome rubbed her hand across her blood streaked coat. A loud snarl echoed throughout the forest, causing Kagome to cradle her bag and Kirara before running away as fast as her legs would take her.

Her heart jumped when she finally spotted the Bone Eater's Well, the link between the Feudal Era and her home in the future. Running even faster, she approached the well, just as Inuyasha flew out of the trees.

No!!! she thought, horror filling her head with the notion she might not make it to the well in time.

10 feet……… 5 feet…… 3 feet…….. almost there! The silent air was broken once more by Inuyasha's claws ripping through her shoulder. Her mouth opened in a silent cry of pain as blood splashed out of the new wound, splattering across her face.

Her back against the well, she panted heavily, her shoulder burning white-hot with pain. She watched semi-consciously as Inuyasha swooped in for another attack. Using what was left of her strength, she pushed herself backwards into the well.

As she fell, she was relieved to see a familiar blue light envelop her. Through her half-lidded eyes, she was sure she saw Inuyasha's form falling after her.

No……., she thought bleakly.

Please … send me where Inuyasha can't follow ever again, she prayed in her head.

Suddenly the inside of the well seemed to flash white. It lasted only a few seconds before returning to its normal blue color. Clutching Kirara and her bag, Kagome closed her eyes as she fell into nothingness………


The transformed Inuyasha had all his thoughts on annihilating the young priestess in front of him. After she had fallen through the well, he had leapt in after her without hesitation. Without warning, the well flashed white before he violently crashed into the hard ground.

Looking back up, the feudal era sky still remained dark and ominous. Sniffing the air, Inuyasha leapt back out of the well and raced into the forest. His thoughts quickly returned to spilling more blood. The priestess was soon forgotten to him as he melted into the quiet night……..

"Ah! What a perfect day!" a blonde- haired boy with sapphire blue eyes yelled out to no one in particular.

The young ninja clad in black and orange had eaten his fill of ramen, gotten in some training, and had an entire afternoon to do absolutely nothing. Walking through a section of the endless forest surrounding the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the boy named Naruto Uzumaki let out a long, drawn-out sigh.

Yes, an afternoon free to do anything would have been glorious if there was actually something to do. Sakura was helping Shizune file some paperwork for Tsunade, Kakashi was off reading his book somewhere, and everyone else either already had plans or was out on missions.

Sighing bitterly again, Naruto looked up to see a grassy clearing with an ancient well in the center.

What's it called again? He asked himself.

The Bone Eater's Well………

He remembered as a child hearing the other children's parents warning them not to play near there. He had originally been scared of it, but after a while, he realized he was just overreacting. After all, what could a dried up old well do? Send out an evil ghost or something?

As soon as this thought crossed his mind, a ghostly pale hand rose from inside the well. Freezing in his tracks, he watched with wide eyes as someone dragged themselves out of it and dropped what looked like a yellow shredded sack.

Recovering from his initial shock, Naruto watched carefully as the figure stumbled towards him.

"Uh………… hello? Hey, are you alright?" he called out cautiously.

The person lifted their head, and he saw a girl's face with half-open eyes, before she crumpled to the ground. Sprinting over, Naruto rolled her over onto her back. Her long black hair was barely kept in place by a white hair tie and what looked like blood smeared across her face.

She was dressed in the weirdest clothes he had ever seen (and that was something coming from him!). He nearly leapt out of his skin as a loud "mew!" resonated in his ears. Turning his head, he saw a small cream-colored cat with black ears, a black diamond in the of it's forehead, and startlingly vivid red eyes staring at him.

Making her way over to him on her dainty black paws, she nosed his hand and then nosed the fallen girl on the ground. She stared back up at him and mewed again. Guessing it wanted him to help the collapsed girl, he focused back on her. Tentatively, he reached out a hand and shook her shoulder.

"Hey! Can you hear me? Are you okay?" he asked, worry seeping into his voice when he got no response.

He drew back his hand in surprise to find it covered in warm, red blood. He moved her hair out of the way to find her shoulder saturated with blood. Reacting quickly, he gathered her in his arms and dashed towards the center of the village, the small cat racing at his heels………

Kagome drifted back into consciousness briefly. She felt like she was floating in a fog and heard someone calling out desperately for help.

"Help! I've got an injured girl here! She needs help! Someone get Granny Tsunade!!!" the person carrying her yelled.

Forcing her eyes open a little bit, she looked at her rescuer. Her vision was blurry, but she could make out blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes she'd ever seen.

Thank-you……… whoever you are, she thought with gratitude towards her savior, whom she thought resembled an angel.

Her eyes sagging shut, she let herself fall back in darkness again……..

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