Well…saying it's been a long time would be an understatement…

I started my writing for this website back over 8 years ago and only started publishing my works about 7 or so years ago. Life has a way of throwing you a curve ball and I'm only just now scrambling to get back on track. (Nothing too extreme – I wasn't addicted to drugs, or dropped out of school, or anything like that! Just plenty of heartache, heartbreak, and sorrow…)

Anyway, the point being, I happened to be cleaning my room and found some of the old, tattered notebooks I scribbled my drabbles and thoughts in for my fanfics and that drew me back to this website to find my old stuff.

And it all sucked.

I'm actually a bit mortified at how bad my writing was/is. Not saying I'm a Fitzgerald or Hemingway now in the future but my past stuff looks bad, hahaha. I get so excited about putting my thoughts down that they get rushed when I don't want a story to go so fast and they sometimes don't even make sense at some points…

The point being, I see now where I've failed as a writer and I want to fix it. My two stories, given the time and effort, will undergo major revisions and tweaking. Nothing plot wise should change, but I'll go back and make things flow more smoothly.


I'm moving The Priestess and the Jinchuuriki to another account.

I wrote a storyboard for it ages ago and always compiled onto it (now if only I could find said compilations, but a lot of my stuff got thrown out over the years…) I also wanted to see how the Naruto storyline went so I could see where I wanted to take my story and hung back to watch and see where the series progressed. I'm thinking of halting that thought process and going my own route - it will end up being mainly an alternate ending to both series, ya know? Since there are only four chapters, I feel it's more reasonable to take them down, revise and rewrite some, and then post them on my new account and keep going from there.

I lost connection with the email linked to this account so I apologize profusely if you ever sent a PM or a message in a review that I never responding to. That's another major reason for moving this story – to keep in constant contact with the site and anyone trying to reach out to me.

I don't know if anyone even tried to keep up with this story – it's been so long, I know, and, again, a thousand apologies! But I'm someone who hates leaving things unfinished and I want to be able to give this story life once more!

Your loving and humble author

P.S. – I will post again to alert as to where the new fic will be and what my new penname is. If there are ever any questions, feel free to throw them my way!