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The Bees and Butterflies

Kaoru Hitachiin sat three rows and four seats to the left from the exit of the classroom. That also meant that he sat two rows and two seats away from where she sat. To Kaoru's left was the smartest boy in the entire first-year class, Haruhi Fujioka. Sitting in front Haruhi was Kaoru's older twin brother, Hikaru Hitachiin. All three of them had the envious combination of brains and beauty that only boys and girls could sit back and scratch their heads over Mother Nature's unfairness.

Kaoru didn't seem to have that many friends. But of course, when your friends are the smartest, most handsome boys in the entire school, there's not much more that one would need. However, he didn't seem to be good friends with any of the girls here. Some people said he and Hikaru were probably still trapped in the phase where boys were only friends with other boys and girls could only play house.

It made her itch with anxiety of how no girl was able to break into that circle of friends—the popular Ouran High School Host Club in which countless girls invested their time and money to being charmed by boys they imagined one day to be their faithful husbands.

Granted, she never stepped foot into that dreadful after-school activity but there was no other way she could approach Kaoru on her own.

To obtain a clearer picture of this situation, it's best to understand who the admirer was, admiring and wishing she would one day be Kaoru's girlfriend. Of course, every single girl in the first-year class hoped to one day be Hikaru or Kaoru's significant other, but she insisted to herself that she was different.

Arisu Sasaki, in Kaoru's eyes, was just like all the other girls in the class. Arisu wasn't quite sure when she began to like Kaoru. She was convinced it was love at first sight. Ever since she and Kaoru first met—she was pretty sure that was Kaoru—every word she had ever heard him say (mostly it was to someone else other than her) she remembered it and treasured it with all of her heart.

Confessing was not an option though. Her best friend confessed to Hikaru. Her enemies confessed to him—or was it Hikaru? At least half of her friends tried to break into their circle. All of them failed. Every failure made her wish fall further and further away. Every failure made her wish that Kaoru never existed so she wouldn't feel so tormented like this.

"Arisu, don't fall asleep," Tanaka-sensei snapped. She saw Hikaru and Kaoru and half of the class that was in front of her turn their heads and smirk, snicker, or whatever crude humiliating laugh they could come up with. Arisu stared down at her paper, her face turning red. Her notes on the left side of the page turned into lines as they got closer to the right.

"Sorry," she said quickly. Renge, who sat to her left, saw her reaction and quickly scribbled a paragraph onto a sheet of paper. She tossed it to her when Tanaka-sensei finally resumed to writing on the board. Arisu read the note.

Did something happen? Is it perhaps that the life of glitz and glamour has finally taken its toll upon a young aspiring girl? Is it that this girl wants more? That life extends beyond the latest fashion, the hottest boys, and the highest grades? COULD IT BE THAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR LOVE?

Arisu glanced at Renge before writing her response. She never understood Renge's obsession for Kyoya.

What the hell is this?

Renge responded with another paragraph.

It's love, dear. It's the dream of every young girl. The day that Prince Charming comes to save us from the shallow life of popularity and facial beauty! Is that it? Is that what you are waiting for? Why didn't I see this before??? How romantic!!! Who is it? WHO IS IT?

Arisu almost laughed aloud but covered her mouth, which translated to her body trembling like she was on the edge of having a seizure. Some of the people sitting around her looked at her strangely.

It's nothing.

Renge obviously refused to take that for an answer. She flicked her perfectly straightened brown hair behind her, the way an actress would, and wrote like an angry banker.

OMG. It's someone in the host club isn't it? How do I know? I know everything!! Go with me after school to the host club!!! You've never gone before, right? You have fantasies too, right? These boys are IT, Ari!! Please go with me?? You've never gone before!

Arisu's heart sank. Was she that predictable?

OK, just once. If I don't like it, I'm leaving.

Renge giggled aloud, which finally attracted the attention of the entire classroom. Tanaka-sempai frowned at Renge who in return stared back at him.

"Can't a girl laugh? That means I'm enjoying this class, Tanaka-sempai. I'm laughing because I love this class," Renge's eyes filled with tears on cue. For the rest of the period, Tanaka-sempai and the students argued back and forth on why students should and shouldn't laugh during class while Arisu was replaying conversations in her mind of what it would be like if she and Kaoru were to go out on a date.

Then, the bell rang, and before she could even think about escaping, Renge grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the room with an evil glint in her eyes.

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