Chapter 7: Stupid For You

Arisu was shaken awake from her sleep. She only recalled falling asleep at around three in the morning when some of the girls decided it would be fun to watch stand-up comedies for two hours. Her head was still hurting from the lack of sleep when she turned around to find the time since it was still dark out.

She reached out to grab her cell phone, but her hand was covered and she was forced to get out of her bed.

"Renge?" she asked. The shadow made a quiet gesture that told her not to make too much noise and when the two stepped out into the hallway, she was suddenly snapped awake with the mess of dark brown-red hair she had come to recognize from a mile away. "Hi," she blinked with the look of someone about to be murdered.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up," he smiled weakly.

"What time is it?" Arisu looked around.

"Don't worry about that. Hikaru and I got into a fight," Kaoru admitted. Arisu crossed her arms shifting idly with her feet. "I had to tell him that we're going to hang out and that he couldn't be with us. I had to, he's my brother..." seeing how distressed he was, Arisu could only hold onto herself even more. What was she suppose to do? Was she suppose to give him a pat on the back and send him back to his room so she could sleep some more?

After a few moments, Kaoru went through long sentences of expletives between every other word and then apologized.

"It's good for the both of us, I think. He needs to have time for him and the girl he wants. If he's with me all the time, he's not going to know how to choose. That was the mistake I made," realizing what he said, he suddenly covered his mouth. "I'm sorry." Arisu shook her head pretending that it didn't bother her as much as she knew it did.

But she had to ask this question: "Am I just a distraction then?" She wondered if she would've asked this bold of a question if she was fully awake.

But what was she kidding. She was fully awake for sure around this boy.

"I don't know yet," he whispered. The two stood there in silence for a few more moments until she asked him:

"Do you want to go for a walk?" It seemed to relieve the tension since he nodded immediately. The two walked out of the villa without saying a word and without thinking, she followed Kaoru down the steps to the sandy dunes leading up to the ocean.

"Have you ever been to the beach at night?" he asked.

"Yeah, for a photo shoot," Arisu replied. "I'm not much of a beach person. It's too dirty."

"How about a swimming pool?"

"Only my own swimming pool. I don't know what's in other people's swimming pools. And I'm sure people have pissed in the school's swimming pools."

Kaoru began to laugh and Arisu smiled seeing that she was able to make him happy at least for a few moments. "Are you serious?" She nodded. "Let's go over there to those rocks. It won't be that long until the sun starts to rise." Arisu shook her head.

"My dress is going to get wet," she looked at the water depth. "It's not meant for the water." Kaoru rolled his eyes and without warning took off his shirt, which made her heart skip a beat. She couldn't see that much of him so she felt it wasn't that bad to see what he would do next. "I'm kidding, I can go into the water." She changed her mind.

"No, that wouldn't be a good idea," Kaoru laughed. She remembered that was the laugh that captured her heart when she first met him and she couldn't help but smile cheerfully despite the fact she may possibly be nothing more than a distraction for him. "Hold this?" he handed her his shirt, and without thinking she took it, having quick thoughts of possibly framing it on her bedroom wall. However, she thought that might be a bit creepy. "Get on my back."


"Do you like me or what?" he grinned. If it were any male model, she'd frown wondering if he was taking advantage of her. She wanted to look into his eyes but it was still a bit too dark to tell. .His voice was all that she had. "Get on." Arisu quickly jumped on his back as he caught her and headed into the water.

To her embarrassment and surprise, the water wasn't deep at all. It only went to Kaoru's ankles as she began to feel bad for making Kaoru do this. She could have just lifted her dress and there would have been no problem.

"I didn't know it was that shallow. You can put me down if you want," Arisu apologized. Kaoru's body language showed no sign of putting her down as he continued to walk toward the rocks. "Or not." She felt him laugh and before he got on the rocks, he put her down. "You didn't have to do that. You could have said the water wasn't deep."

"I could have..." he said wistfully and climbed onto the rocks ahead of her. "Do you need help?"

"No, I could do this in high heels," she shook her head and followed after. When they made it to the top, she could finally see the outlines of his facial features and the skies became a little more blue. It only took them several steps to make it to the top of the rocks when the surface became smoother. Arisu wasn't sure how far to sit away from him since she wasn't sure if they were just friends or possibly something else. But as Renge said, she could only live once and Renge never lived by the basis of 'what ifs'. So, she sat as close to him as a lover would do, but felt as nervous as when she started her first day of elementary school.

"You do realize, if we do go out, I can't work in the Host Club anymore," Kaoru began.

"Your mom wouldn't want me as a model anymore," Arisu added.

"No, my mom would never fire you. She cares about you more as a model than as a person."


Kaoru laughed again, and Arisu was sure her heart would become nothing more than a muscle of goo by the time the sun rose. She couldn't put into words how happy she was that she was this close to Kaoru by the beach. It was the perfect romantic moment, but it felt restrained by so many things. But the fact that it was so fragile, that anything could spoil the moment was what made it so emotionally exhausting for her.

"What else is there?" Arisu asked.

"Umm, Hikaru would probably not talk to me at all for a few days."

"A few?"

"I could say a few months, but Hikaru won't last that long not talking to me. We're twins, that's just how it is," he sighed but in a more lightly, upbeat tone. "He doesn't like you that much, you know, but that's not your fault."

"Would it be important to you if he did?"

"He will. I'm not worried about that." Kaoru then wrapped his knees with his arms. "Are you still up for the date?"

"Date," she repeated almost stupidly as she realized that this dream could actually become a reality. "Yeah," she smiled feeling the sky begin to burn a brighter blue. "Today, you mean?"

"The whole day. I'm doing this for my brother too, so he also has a chance," Kaoru said seriously.

"She's in our class, isn't she?"


There was no one that Arisu could possibly believe that Kaoru and Hikaru had a crush on. She wanted Kaoru to want to tell her but the last twenty-four hours was an emotional overkill. It would be too much for her to ask him who it could be and she certainly didn't want to turn into the typical high school busybody. After all, she did tell herself many times that she liked Kaoru more than other girls did, right?

"I. Am. So-o. Jealous," Arisu grinned trying to play off the extreme emotions. She then noticed that Kaoru was staring at her with a curious subtle smile to his face. Before she could have any secret hopes if he was going to try to kiss her or not, he looked away at the sun that was beginning to rise.

"I think I could like you too," he muttered quickly like he didn't want anyone else to hear them.

Arisu didn't know what to say. It must have been an hour later, but it probably was only a few minutes, she began to relax and Kaoru leaned back with his arms against the rocks. The two didn't say a word as the sun finally came up, and the gulls began to circle in the air. They stayed there until they heard the first human voices calling for them to come back to shore where everyone else was waiting, having fun as high school children would, and wanting to find out what had happened while they were asleep.

-The End-

YAY I did it D! I finished my first OC fanfiction ever. I hope you guys liked it, seriously. This was so much fun at the same time so hard to write. Please tell me what you guys think about this as a whole. It'd be nice to hear all sorts of feedback since it took me forever to complete this. Thanks for bearing with me D! You can read the next part, but if you don't want to, then please a review and let me know your thoughts on this. (Stupid For You is sung by Marie Digby. Listen to it if you get the chance to!)

So, I want to talk a bit (if that's OK) on how I came up with this. I read several of the OC fanfiction in the Ouran section and seeing how much fun it looked like, I wanted to write one too.

A lot of people said that Arisu was really different from a lot of the other OCs and I felt that this was because Arisu didn't nearly have half as much pre-story development as other OCs had. Arisu doesn't have a complicated past and her family isn't involved. The first factor was that she was already a student at Ouran so there's no story of her being a transfer student and running into the host club. She was already aware of the host club from the beginning like every girl was but didn't want much part of it because of her job commitments and that she didn't want Kaoru to find out she had a crush on her. Of course, the moment she did visit, Kyoya automatically knew she liked Kaoru.

A second and major factor is that she was kept in the dark the entire time about Haruhi's gender. I just felt it wasn't important for her to find out that Haruhi was a girl. The story was about her falling in love with Kaoru so Haruhi was more of a plot device.

The third factor I thought contributed to her 'uniqueness' or whatever was that she couldn't tell the twins apart at the beginning. I thought the biggest turnoff every time I read an OC was that she could tell the twins apart immediately. I thought that that trait should solely belong to Haruhi since she was the first to ever do that. I thought as the story progresses, if Arisu is thrown into more situations with the two, she will be able to distinguish them more easily even if she's still not confident about it. That's why that even in the cave scene, she needed Kaoru to talk for a while before she could figure out which twin she was talking to AND needed a hint to get it right.

So basically, I wanted to keep it simple. She's a rich kid growing up as a model working under Yuzuha's fashion line. This gives her the opportunity to meet Hikaru and Kaoru. I wanted her goal of getting to Kaoru be as frustrating as possible. Since she's a model, she knows she's prettier than most of the girls in her school but that doesn't stop the twins from seeing her as another girl.

And why she prefers Kaoru over Hikaru should be obvious by now. Kaoru's personality is definitely more mellow than Hikaru's. Hikaru would not give her any chances but Kaoru would. And after what you've read of her, there's no way she could handle Hikaru's personality. So yeah, I hope you enjoyed this and thanks again for reading!