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Power levels:Goku: 330Goku (Without Weights): 410

Raditz: 1,200Raditz Oozaru: 12,000Gohan (Angry): 1,300

Gohan (Max.): 1,700Piccolo: 320Piccolo (Without Weights): 400

Saibamen: 1,000

"Daddy Help!" Gohan struggled to break free of the space pod he was currently trapped in. "I don't wanna die." He saw his father standing outside the crater the ship was in.

"Leave Gohan alone! Your fight is with me." Gohan faced down his older brother Raditz.

"Kakarot. How dare you defy your brother." Raditz crossed his arms and smirked. "And you." He turned to Piccolo. "Did you really think that teaming up would give you a better chance for survival? I'm going to show you the true power of the saiyan race."

"So this guy's your brother Goku? I don't see much of a resemblance."

"It's true. He was never there for me, and when he came he kidnapped my son and kicked me."

Raditz started to laugh. "It's true I've never been much of a brother for you. I'll make it up to you by teaching a lesson in pain."

"But first to even the playing field I think I'll shed a few pounds." Piccolo took of his turban and his cape.

Raditz gasped. His power level rose to 400.

Goku also looked surprised. "Piccolo, I had no idea you used training weights." He then smiled. "You're not the only one." Goku took off his boots, his armbands, and his blue undershirt.

Raditz started to laugh again. "Do you really think that shedding a few pounds will give the two of you a better chance?"

Goku smirked. "I'm twice as fast now."

"Then come and get me. Little brother." Raditz motioned for them to come forward. They both charged without thinking.

Raditz dodged Piccolo first strike and kneed Goku in the gut. Goku fell back on the ground and struggled to get back up. Raditz then grabbed Piccolo. His movements were too fast for the Namek to react. He swung Piccolo around several times and threw him to the ground.

"Now do you see the true power of the saiyans?" Raditz crossed his arms.

Piccolo and Goku struggled to their feet.

"You're both persistent." Raditz charged and punch Goku and Piccolo in the gut at the same time. The two fell back in the ground. Raditz walked up to Piccolo and tore his arm off. He threw the arm aside and blasted it into oblivion. "Alright green man. I have a present for you. I call it a Double Sunday." Raditz raised his left hand and gathered energy. Piccolo could only watch as the blast was charged to full power. At the last minute when Raditz threw it, Piccolo jumped to his feet and blocked. The blast was so strong the Piccolo was set flying back, covered in scratches and bruises. Raditz then walked up to Goku. "Time to know the true meaning of pain." He stepped on Goku's chest and applied more pressure over time. Goku let out screams of pain.

As Gohan watched the evens unfold rage built up inside of him. "Let me out!" Gohan banged on the dashboard several times. The pod's hatch opened and Gohan came flying out in a fit of rage.

"What the?" Raditz turned to Gohan with a stunned look. "Power level…1300!" He's stronger than I am!

"Leave my dad alone!" Gohan flew at Raditz with incredible speed. A blue aura glowed around his body. Raditz didn't have time to react and was sent back by the blow that landed on his chest.

Raditz rolled on the ground, clearly in pain. He…he injured me. How can a mere child be so powerful?

Gohan stood between his father and Raditz with clenched fists and gritted teeth. Goku looked up at his son with surprise. How did he do that? Is he really that strong?

Piccolo's mouth was gaping. That kid…Goku's kid…he did what Goku and I could not!

Raditz stood back up with an angry expression on his face. "You're the first person in some time to injure me. I'm going to make you pay for that."

Raditz tried to punch Gohan, but Gohan dodged and rammed into Raditz's rib cage. A crackling noise revealed that several ribs had been broken.

Raditz couldn't stand up this time. He became very angry until he thought of a plan. He pulled a sack out of a pouch in his armor and planted several seeds. The seeds sprouted into saibamen. "Two of you, fly me over there. Raditz pointed to an island a few miles away. The rest of you keep that kid busy, and don't let him look in my direction." The saibamen obeyed. While two of them carried Raditz to the island, the rest of them pilled on top of Gohan.

"Get off me." Gohan was struggling to dislodge the saibamen though his power was becoming increasingly harder to control.

"G-Gohan.' Goku struggled to get to his feet. He walked up to the pile of saibamen, and tried to help, but was painfully pushed aside.

Piccolo took the opportunity to regenerate his arm. The new arm shot out of where his old one had been torn off. Piccolo panted heavily. Regeneration had taken a lot of energy out of him, and he didn't know if he could fight anymore.

Meanwhile on the island Raditz produced a light in his hand. "Now!" He threw the light up and squeezed his hand, causing the ball to expand into a large object that resembled the moon. He stared at it for a few seconds before the transformation began. At the moment before he gave in, he threw a ball of energy at the artificial moon, destroying it, and any chance Gohan of transforming. Because the moonlight was taken away early Raditz maintained control over the form. "Time to teach that boy a lesson." Before he left his sadistic instincts took over, and he grabbed the two saibamen with him in each hand. He squeezed both his hand. The saibamen oozed green liquid as their dead corpses dropped to the ground. Raditz then flew off at top speed towards Gohan. I have to destroy him before this transformation wears off.

"Get! Off!" Gohan destroyed all the saibamen with an explosive blast of energy. He was stronger than ever. His eyes widened when he saw Raditz coming towards them.

Goku's eyes widened with horror. "That-that can't be him!"

Piccolo's eyes also widened. "What did he do? His energy has gone through the roof, and he's changed completely!"

"Time to squash you." Raditz knocked Goku out with one stomp. He then picked Gohan up in his palm and delivered a powerful blow to the head. He let Gohan's body fall to the ground. He was about to go after Piccolo, but he felt his transformation slipping. "I'll kill you first!" He was going to squash Gohan under his foot.

"Raditz stop!"

Raditz's foot didn't go any further. "Vegeta?"

"That boy could be a powerful asset to us. A head injury would be sufficient enough to wipe his memory, and change him. Just like it changed Kakarot. Just hit him on the head and take him with you."

"Will do Vegeta." Raditz picked Gohan's limp body and carefully placed it in the pod. He then stood over the pod as his transformation wore off.

A stunned Piccolo watched from the sidelines. H-he changed! What are these…guys?

Raditz climbed into the pod and put the unconscious Gohan on his lap. He winced as he ok his seat. I'll need to use the healing chamber. I didn't think it would be this difficult. He closed the hatch and typed in coordinates on the dashboard.

The ship took off and dashed into the sky. I looked like a shooting star to the airship that was approaching with Bulma, Krillin, and Master Roshi inside.

I have no idea what to call this.