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Gohan closed his eyes and felt for King Cold's power. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes with a smile.

"He's gone Juu. We did it. We destroyed King Cold."

Juu sighed. "Guess that means the mission's over."

As they came out of the palace, they saw six figures approaching.


"Don't worry. It's just my dad's friends. We can crush them."

"But we're worn out by the battle with Cold."

"Don't worry. We can go around them. Follow my lead."

Gohan and Juu ran behind a nearby building. Gohan kept his power concealed.

The Z-fighters landed in front of the palace and started to talk.

Krillin was the first to speak. "Hey Trunks…Maybe the action's over. I can't sense Gohan or Cold."

Trunks kept a serious expression and walked inside, followed by the others.

"Now's our chance." Gohan and Juu started running toward the spaceship.

Piccolo turned his head slightly. He had heard a sound coming from outside, but decided not to think much of it. Whoever it was probably had a low power level.

Trunks knelt next to a mass of flesh. He covered his nose.

"I think I found Cold…or what's left of him."

"Look at these."

Everyone turned their attention to Chaotzu who had found a crated full of genomutation capsules.

"What are they? Do you know Tien?"

"I'm not sure Chaotzu. I think Trunks would be more familiar with these than we would."

Trunks picked up a capsule and examined it carefully. He found the red dot and put his finger on it to see what would happen.

Nothing happened.

Throwing the capsule aside Trunks let out a long sigh.

"Sorry guys. I've got nothing."

"You should contact Glacer," said Piccolo. "Tell him that Cold is dead."

Trunks nodded and took out the communicator.

As Trunks spoke to Glacer Piccolo wandered around the palace. He heard a sound coming from sealed chamber.

He walked up to it and realized that it was a very fancy closet.

Monarchs…They're always so extravagant. With a grunt, Piccolo smashed the door open.

The sound caused Tien, Chaotzu and Krillin to come running.

Inside the closet was Cold's chief scientist. He was curled up in the fetal position and shaking.

"Who are you?" asked Piccolo.

"I-I'm Dr. Ice. King C-Cold's chief scientist."

Krillin gave him a confused look. "If you're his leading scientist why are you hiding?"

"I invented some capsules…genomutation capsules. They were meant to improve the strength of our race for short periods of time. It was in response to the defeat of Lord Frieza."

"What happened?"

"The capsules didn't work as planned. They turned our king into a monster. I ran and hid in this closet."

Piccolo crossed his arms and turned away to go back to Trunks. "Your king is dead. Don't ask me how. I suggest you pick up the pieces and build a new civilization. There's a changeling named Glacer. Join him and I'm sure you can build a less corrupt civilization."

The humans gave Dr. Ice one last look before following Piccolo.

They arrived just as Trunks ended his conversation with Glacer.

"Glacer is going to contact my fa-I mean Vegeta. He's planning to send a message of peace to every race."

"We should go. The threat of Frieza and his kind has ended. We should make sure Yamcha's okay. He is the only one protecting the Earth."

"What about the android Krillin?"

"She's with Gohan and Gohan's with Vegeta. We might not be able to defeat them."

"You're forgetting something Trunks," said Piccolo. "The two specific androids you warned us about haven't appeared yet. Krillin's right. Who knows when they'll emerge. Yamcha can't handle one let alone both of them by himself, and he's the strongest currently on Earth."

Trunks sighed. "Fine. We'll go back to Earth."

"But what about my dad?" asked a concerned Goten. "He was killed. Shouldn't we at least go to Namek and revive him first. The whole point of Trunks coming back was so that my dad would make a difference against the androids."

Krillin scratched his head. "He does have a point there. We may need Goku's help, and it would be nice to revive him."

"I'm afraid it's not that easy," said Piccolo. "The ship has a limited amount of fuel and Namek is farther away from here than Earth. Besides, even if we were able to make the trip Goku would be brought back with his heart virus. All battle injuries and fatigue would be gone, but any health condition or disease would remain, and we might not be able to get back fast enough to get Goku to the antidote. I doubt he would last a couple days out in the open with the virus."

Everyone got a glum expression at Piccolo's comment, but knew it was true. They would be fighting the androids without Goku.

Gohan and Juu arrived at the ship and quickly boarded it.

Gohan immediately went to the control room, started the take off, and put the ship on an automatic course for New Vegeta.

"I've got to get to a healing capsule. My entire body is sore."

"I guess I could watch the controls while you're gone."

"Thanks Juu."

Gohan walked out of the control room and towards the healing chamber.

Juu stretched her arms before reclining in the captain's chair.

Gohan came out of the healing room a few hours later.

"Anything happen while I was out?"

"No. I was just watching some TV."

Just then, a transmission came up on the main monitor.

Gohan walked up to the monitor and started typing to bring the message on screen.

It was Vegeta.

"Hello Gohan. How did the mission go?"

"It went well Vegeta. King Cold has been destroyed. We're on our way back to New Vegeta. We should reach there in a few days."

Vegeta gave Gohan a satisfied grin. "Good job Gohan…was the cyborg girl of any help?"

Juu rolled her eyes at Vegeta's comment. She never liked it when people referred to the mechanical part of her.

"She was…she saved my life. Apparently, the changelings had been working on a way to boost their own strength. Cold became too much for me to handle by myself, but Juu jumped in and helped me win."

A smile forced its way onto Juu's face. At least she was receiving some credit.

"Good. I received a message from a changeling named Glacer. He is apparently the head of a rebel army on that planet. The message stated that Cold was destroyed, and that the changelings would no longer be anyone's enemies."

"That's good."

"Glacer also mentioned a man named Trunks. He referred to him as a saiyan. From his description, I knew that he was one of the earthlings that pursued the cyborg girl into space. Did you happen to run into them?"

"As a matter of fact we did, and Trunks is a saiyan. In fact he's a hybrid like me."

"Interesting…is he another child of Kakarot's?"

"No. I don't know exactly who he is. He said he was from an alternate timeline, and that he travelled here in a time machine. Juu apparently did as well, though she and Trunks are from similar, but different realities."

Vegeta cupped his chin as he went into thought. What could this mean? Is there another cyborg girl like the one Gohan's with in our world…who could have the technical expertise to build a cyborg like that on Earth? And what of Trunks? Does he have a counterpart in our world?

Gohan noticed Vegeta's expression. It was filled with uncertainty.

"Is something wrong?"

"No…but I want to know more about this Trunks."

"Well…I don't know where he came from? Only that he had a counterpart in Juu's timeline. Juu also said that with things the way they are in our world, Trunks would never be born. He's also a super saiyan."

"What!" Vegeta's eyes went wide. "How could he be a super saiyan?"

"I don't know, but he's no threat to us. He tried to interfere with the mission, but Juu and I were able to deal with him and his friends. I was able to beat him in one on one combat. He's definitely weaker than you, and even if he was stronger than you, he wouldn't be a threat."

"Really? How so?"

"He only has basic fighting tactics. He doesn't know any advanced technique, and he didn't even know the weaknesses of the super saiyan transformation. He's just like an immature child. He thinks he's invincible as a super saiyan, and that was his downfall."

"I see. In any case good job. I'll take my leave now, but there're some others who want to talk to you as well." With that said, the saiyan king stepped out of the screens view.

A few seconds later Raditz, and Fasha appeared on the screen.

Gohan smiled. He was very happy to see both of them.

"Congratulations nephew. Now we don't have to worry about Frieza's kind anymore."

"Thanks uncle Raditz."

Juu smiled as she watched Gohan talking to them. They were like family to him, but it also made her said. It reminded her of her brother, and how she might never see him again.

Fasha started to giggle, earning a confused look from Gohan.

"What's so funny Fasha?"

Raditz gave Gohan a smirk, causing more confusion.

"What's with you two?"

Fasha whispered to Gohan so that Juu wouldn't hear. "Vegeta told us about your new girlfriend."

Gohan's face turned a deep shade of red. "She's not my girlfriend."

"Whatever nephew." Gohan could tell that they weren't convinced, but they ended the call before he could respond.

"Is something wrong Gohan? You look flustered."

Gohan sighed and plopped down on a chair next to Juu's.

"It's nothing. I'm fine."

Juu flashed Gohan a grin. "You up for some sparring? I'd like to learn some new techniques from you."

Gohan grinned back at her. "Sure. I'm always up for a good spar against a worthy opponent."

The two got up and made their way to the gravity chamber.

A few days later…

The ship landed in the backyard of Capsule Corp. The ramp came down, and the Z-fighters stepped out.

"Goten!" Chichi had been waiting for days. She had been worried about her second son when she realized he was missing. With help from Bulma, she realized that he must have stowed away aboard the ship.

"Hi mom." Goten smiled as his mother enveloped him in a crushing hug.

Yamcha was there as well. "Hey guys. How did the mission go?"

"Just fine Yamcha."

"Did you kill that android?"

The z-fighters' faces drooped downward.

"Sorry Yamcha," said Krillin. "We couldn't. There were complications."

"Complications?" Yamcha and the others gave them a questioning look. "Please elaborate."

"More to the point, it was the saiyans. We ran into them, and found out that Frieza was still alive. We don't know where the android is, but we do know that the threat of Frieza is over."

Yamcha's jaw dropped. "So Frieza was alive?"

The rest of the welcoming party gasped.

"Don't worry." Piccolo decided to send Yamcha a telepathic message. "We'll tell you later Yamcha. We don't think Chichi should hear the full story. We'll have a meeting on the lookout. Te full story will be told there."

Yamcha's expression became serious. He nodded to the others.

After a short get-together in celebration of the safe return home, the Z-fighters minus Goten flew up to the lookout for a discussion.

Piccolo told everyone the full story and explained the full situation.

"So you see. We can't make another trip to revive Goku just yet. There's still the threat of androids Seventeen and Eighteen. The android Eighteen that killed Goku, aka Juuhachigou, is not from our timeline, but from another timeline that took a similar course to Trunks' native timeline."

Yamcha scratched his head as he let the full weight of the situation soak in.

"Man…this doesn't look good. What if we can't beat the androids? We couldn't in any other timeline without Goku around."

Yamcha's statement seemed to dishearten all the human fighters, thought Trunks and Piccolo remained strong.

"There's more to this than Goku being here. In those other timelines, we were taken by surprise. We were in the middle of our usual routines when the androids struck."

Everyone turned their full attention to Piccolo. He had changed a great deal after merging with Kami. He had gained a lot of wisdom.

"This time we have Trunks, a warrior with experience fighting the androids. I've merged with Kami and become much stronger than I was in the other timelines. Also, the androids won't have the element of surprise. We can prepare for them in advance."

"I don't think it'll be that easy Piccolo." Trunks voice had suddenly taken a darker tone.

"This timeline is already so different from mine. You're all much stronger than you were, and Gohan is stronger than any of us, despite not being a super saiyan himself. The androids we fought Eight years ago are also about as strong as the Seventeen and Eighteen in my world. If those were the lower models, then we could assume that the Seventeen and Eighteen of this world are many times stronger than Juuhachigou or their counterparts in my world."

Everyone went silent. Nobody had an answer to what Trunks had said. They were not capable of taking on a stronger Seventeen and Eighteen.

Five minutes passed with no one speaking.

Finally, Tien broke the silence. "We don't know how strong the androids in our world are, but we couldn't fathom how strong Frieza was, and a hero still emerged to defeat him. I'm sure we'll find a way to defeat the androids with or without Goku's help. Besides Trunks, if Goku can pull off a victory against all odds, you can too. You both have saiyan blood."

"Thank you Tien. It was wrong of me to lose hope."

The Z-fighters soon departed from the lookout. Each one contemplating the road ahead.

Gohan's ship landed in the landing bay at New Vegeta. When He and Juu stepped out, they were greeted by familiar faces.

Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Norcina, and Fasha had all gathered there to meet them.

Gohan gave Fasha and Norcina hugs. The male saiyans were too proud to hug him. He then introduced them to Juu.

Fasha walked up to Juu and whispered a question in her ear. Juu's face turned bright red before she turned away from them in an attempt to hide it.

Gohan covered his face with his hand.

The other saiyans just laughed.

"Why don't we go inside and talk." Vegeta turned and led the way inside.

Juu looked around her and was surprised at how many saiyans she saw.

"It's hard for me to believe that there are so many saiyans. In my world the saiyan race was thought to be extinct."

"Frieza was a fool to think that all of us would be on our home planet at the same time with so many battles to fight across the galaxy," said Vegeta. "Though there are only a few hundred saiyans around. Our population can recover, but we're still technically an endangered species."

"So do you guys do anything for fun besides fighting?"

"Actually, saiyans enjoy all the same forms of entertainment other races do," replied Raditz. "It's just that we also love to fight so the other forms take up less of our spare time. We do make it a point to take at least two days off in a week from fighting or training to recuperate and avoid becoming obsessed with power."

Over the next few days, Juu learned more about the saiyan race. Gohan and Raditz gave her tours various areas in New Vegeta.

Juu also became friends with Fasha and Norcina. In spite of being saiyans, they were feminine. They were able to relate to her in a way no one else could. Juu admired Fasha's tough nature and fighting prowess.

After a month with the saiyans, it was time for Juu to return to Earth.

As the ship landed, Juu said her last goodbyes to Gohan.

"I guess this is goodbye, Gohan."

"Don't worry. I might come by and check up on you."

Juu smiled. "Good. I'll need you for backup if Earth's Special Forces decide to give me trouble."

Gohan gave her s slight grin before becoming serious. "Remember. Do not become the killer you were in your native timeline. We wouldn't want a second Frieza to emerge. As long as you blend in, they won't attack you."

Juu tilted her head to the side and maintained her grin. "Come on. Can't I at least have some fun while you're gone?"

Gohan grinned back. "Just don't go too far. A remember. No killing…except in certain circumstances."

Juu smirked and put her hand of her hips. She bent forward and looked Gohan in the eye.

"With you gone, what's to stop me from blowing up a city and hiding before those goons find me?"

Gohan smirked back at her. "I'll trust you not to do that. Do you promise?"

Juu sighed and resumed her normal stance. "Fine…I promise."

"Good. I better be off now. Take care."

Juu exited the space ship, and then watched it take off. She kept watching until it was gone. Out of sight, but not out of mind.

It was now time for her to start a new life.

The sequel is up and it's called 'Crossroads of Destiny'