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Bored grey eyes, flecked with silver, looked up from the rim of the book they were reading. Their owners, Asher, almost sighed at the scene. From across the Great Hall, Asher could see the concealed jealousy of Hermione Granger, as she glared at the back of Ronald Weasely, who was currently getting his face sucked off by Lavender Brown. Anyone with a brain could see through the situation, but sadly everyone else seemed caught up in their own drama to notice.

However, when the golden-boy Harry Potter came up looking rather moody, Asher did sigh. The boy had been spouting out something about Death Eaters recently, thinking no one would overhear him. Asher agreed with Harry over the whole Voldemort thing, but right now he could hardly stand the emotional mess that was Harry Potter.

Deciding that his time could be better spent, Asher put his book away and set off to find one of his only friends, Luna Lovegood. 'Luna should be there feeding the Thestrals…I hope.'


Asher always got weird looks when he skated through the halls. Whether it was because they didn't know what roller skates were, or they knew they were a muggle object, Asher didn't know nor care. All he knew is that he was never late to class.

"Hey mudblood! Hope you don't fall and break something!" A voice yelled behind Asher, filled with spite. Ash stopped and turned around, quirking an eyebrow at some Slytherin that he never bothered learning the name of.

"Wow, I'm stunned with those words of pain." Asher said in a flat voice. "I'd have thought someone who was supposed to be cunning could come up with something a bit better, but I've noticed that Slytherin standards are rather…lacking." The Slytherin's face twisted in rage at the insult to his House, and he started walking forward. With a sigh, Asher withdrew his wand from his robe and thought for a moment.

Before the mean-spirited Slytherin could send of a hex, Asher's wand was already waving in the air. Quick mutterings of two spells produced the desired chaos. First, a bouquet of beautiful flowers sprung from Asher's cherry wood wand. When they were between the caster and the target, the flowers ignited into flames and landed on the Slytherin, who started freaking out, trying to get the flowers off. With a small giggle, Asher proceeded on his way to find Luna.


'This was such a bad idea.' Asher thought as he walked through the Forest. She hadn't been in the Ravenclaw Common Room, which made Asher's assumption that she was with the Thestrals correct. At least it wassupposed to make it correct. Normally, Luna wasn't very far in, and her blonde hair easy to notice. When Asher didn't immediately see her, he just thought that the Thestrals must have moved a bit further in. But after twenty minutes of wandering, Asher doubted she was even out here.

'Odd, normally she's here at this time…' Asher looked around, lost, not knowing what to do. His robe was rather snarled and frayed at the bottom, and for once in his life he was actually too warm, so Asher just shrugged and took off the robe and threw it off. He had more robes in his room. If he could ever find his way back.

Asher debated on whether or not he should send up a signal to alert teachers, but decided he didn't feel like a detention, so he looked around him for clues on which way was out. Of course, there were none. Suddenly, a twig snapped behind him.

Whirling around, Asher calmed down fractionally. Centaurs. It was known throughout the school that the Centaurs of the Forest were angry at the Wizards right now, but he also knew that they tried not to attack kids.

"You, Wizard, what are you doing in our Forest?" The centaur asked, as a few more came up behind him. This would have to be handled without Asher's usual negativity.

"Oh, well, I was looking for a dear friend, Luna Lovegood. You might have seen her around the edge of the Forest before, skipping through the forest and feeding the Thestrals?" The Centaurs looked impassively at Asher. "No? Well…she wasn't there, nor here, although I don't know where 'here' is…" Asher started to mumble to himself, but quickly looked back up at the centaurs. "So if you'd kindly point me in the right direction I'll leave, never to return." Ash switched his gaze from one centaur to the next, but they continued to just stare at him.

'Great, I get the statues of the group…' "Right…well, think of it this way. While you may be helping a human out, you are also helping a humanout, and the less humans in the Forest the better, right?" Nothing. "Okay, you know, whatever, I'll just wander aimlessly for the next forever and you can happen upon my decaying body and just be like 'Oh gross, we should have helped him out.'" The centaurs huffed at his sudden change in demeanor and turned around and left, leaving Asher, once again, completely alone.

Asher stared at them retreating, and stood there for a couple minutes, thinking. "Well…fuck." He said after a while. "I wonder if I could find a Mother Toad around here or…something." He mumbled. He was about to start walking again when deep chuckle froze him in place with shock. Whirling around again, Asher's grey and silver eyes met with amber. Standing a few feet away from Asher was perhaps the largest man, outside of Professor Hagrid, that he had ever seen.

The man was much larger than Asher, both in height and width. The man had broad shoulders, and everywhere on his frame were muscles which screamed of strength. His silver hair was tied back, hanging down to the man's shoulder blades. The man's amber eyes held Asher's, until he smirked. Asher's eyes jumped down to the pearly whites and unnaturally sharp teeth before back up to the amber eyes. Inside, Asher frowned. Something about this man was off.

"And what is a toad going to do for you, pup?" The man asked, his deep voice resounding in Asher's head. The man's voice was arrogant, and spoke of a certain dominance. Asher decided that he didn't like him.

"Probably more than you could…you don't go to Hogwarts." Asher stated. The man smirked again, and again Asher saw the teeth. Asher's eyes narrowed, and the silver flecks in his eyes started to glow softly, just as the man's nostrils twitched as he sniffed the air around Asher. Both of their eyes widened as they reached conclusions.

'He's a werewolf.'

'The boy is my mate'


The two continued to stare at each other. The werewolf broke the gaze first, sweeping his eyes up and down Asher's small frame. The boy wasn't wearing the robe of a house, but the man was glad he wasn't. A fitted t-shirt with illegible characters written over a smiling cat. The shirt hugged the boys small frame, showing no muscle. The boys pants were black, and were tight as well, though they didn't hug the skin as much as the shirt. Belts hung lasciviously off the boys hips. Something flashed through the amber eyes; something that Asher didn't like.

'If there were ever a definition of stranger danger, this would be it.'

"What's your name, werewolf?" Asher asked in a commanding tone.

The man snarled, and baring his sharpened canines. "Don't take that tone with me, pup." The man's anger faded into amusement, unnerving Asher. "What's a little thing like you doing so far away from the school?" He took a step forward, and immediately Asher took a step back. The man frowned.

'Huh, my mate will have to learn not to do that.' The man thought. But the man couldn't frown for long. He'd found his mate, and it'd be the apocalypse before he'd ever let him go. Meanwhile, bells and whistles were going off in Asher's head. It was time to go. But first he should find out the man's name, so he can start sending bad mojo his direction.

"You answer mine and I'll answer yours." Asher said as he took another step backwards. The man gave a feral grin, once again showing off his teeth.

"Fenrir. Fenrir Greyback." The man said, waiting for a flash of horrific recognition to flash across the pup's face. Instead, he got a snort and a quick chuckle. Fenrir growled deep in his throat and took a threatening step forward.

"A werewolf named Fenrir. Norse, much? I think I've just met a Cosmic Joke…who's that behind you?" Asher said suddenly. Fenrir stared at Asher, not falling for the trick.

"Fine, fine…" Asher said as his eyes started to flick in all sorts of directions around Fenrir, who grinned. Seemed his pup was looking for an escape route.

"Thinking of going somewhere?" Fenrir said. Asher met the werewolf's eyes evenly.

"Yes." He said before quickly drawing out his wand and shouting "REDUCTO!" at a rock next to Fenrir. The rock exploded, and Asher took the chance to run in the opposite direction of Fenrir, hoping it was the direction of Hogwarts. An enraged howl behind him, quickly followed by heavy footsteps, said that his distraction gave him just a few seconds, definitely not enough time to outrun a werewolf. Sure enough, just after a few long strides, large arms wrapped around Asher's small waist and the teen was tackled to the ground.

"Nice trick, pup." An angry voice hissed in his ear as sharp teeth nipped his ear. Asher thanked whatever Goddess was listening that it didn't break skin.

"Oh, you know, I try." Asher grunted as he tried to wiggle out of Fenrir's iron hold. "But really, I must get back, I came to find Luna but she's not here so she must be there and ENGORGIO! ACCIO ROCK!" Asher shouted another spell, and an oversized rock a couple yards a head of the two came flying through the air, aimed right towards Asher. At the last minute, the dark haired teen pressed his face against the ground and heard the loud CRACK of the giant rock hitting the werewolfs face, knocking him out. Squirming out from his now-limp hold, Asher ran away as fast as he could.


The sun had set by the time Asher got back. Luckily, he had ran in the right direction. The wizard slowed down his speed and meandered up the hill towards the large front entrance. He debated whether or not to tell Hagrid or Dumbledore that there was a werewolf in the Forbidden Forest, but decided that he didn't really care as long as he never went back. Sneaking in the front doors, Asher made his way for the door to the tower of the Ravenclaw Common Room, fully intent on getting into his bed and passing out.


Back in the Forest, Fenrir howled loudly when he woke up to find his mate gone. Other members of his pack had gathered around him while he was knocked out, but he growled at them and they quickly scurried away. Amber eyes turned towards Hogwarts as the man's nose inhaled the lingering scent of his mate. He would get him back, hopefully in time for the next full moon.

And there you have it, the first chapter.

So the whole thing with Asher's eyes will be explained later, but for now just know that it isn't anything spectacular, just a little thing that people in our world could claim to have too. It isn't like, a Uchiha eye or anything.

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