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I-W is Inner-Wolf, in case there's any confusion. I just got tired of writing Inner-Wolf.

Enjoy this long over due chapter.

It had been ten minutes since Larry skulked away, and no one in the pack had even moved. Asher had once again taken his post between Fenrir's arm and side, growing increasingly bored as nothing happened. Asher's wand hand started twitching as he started to think of ways to disrupt the silence. Fenrir noticed this, and quickly got things moving again. The pack members reported what had been happening while Fenrir was busy with his mate, and the Alpha listened and smoothed over the petty arguments that inevitably happen within packs. Asher was sort of impressed.

Quickly though, the 'diplomatic' side of werewolf life lost its charm and Asher's mind delved into its creative depths to find a suitable cure for his boredom. What he really wanted to do was ask Fenrir why they hadn't eaten yet when the whole point of leaving the cave was to eat, but he supposed that Fenrir double-duty-d the decision and also came out here to work his Alpha magic. Asher hadn't realized he had totally vacated his mind until the whole pack moving snapped him back to reality. They were all grabbing giant hunks of meat from a large pile of fairly freshly dead animals that Asher couldn't believe he didn't see when they came out here. Only when Aria appeared from the Forest carrying a dead animal and throwing it on the pile did Asher realize that the blond must have been hunting ever since Larry slinked away to lick his wounds. The small teen moved to get out of Fenrir's lap and approach the meat pile when Fenrir's arm tightened around him.

"Don't tell me you already forgot about me showing you that I'm, what was it? 'The bestest mate out there'." Fenrir grinned down at Asher.

"How long is that going to take?" Asher grumbled. "You got me hooked on raw meant, and my tummy is demanding it now. Face the monster you created." Asher half-joked, half-growled. Fenrir got up and changed into a wolf. Asher stared blankly.

"You want me to run and try and keep up with you? You're not a very good strategist, are you?" Asher would swear up and down that it wasn't his hunger making him grumpy, just lingering feelings over Larry. Not that anyone would bother asking why the Alpha's mate was being extra-grumpy, but it made Asher feel better.

Fenrir just glared indigently at Asher and motioned to his broad silver back. Asher looked back at Fenrir incredulously.

"I don't know if I trust you that much. Or if you're big enough." Asher said apprehensively. He was small, but he wasn't that small. It was almost offensive. Fenrir just growled threateningly and motioned to his back again, this time with jerkier, angrier movements. Obviously, Fenrir didn't deal well with being hungry. After a few tense moments of glaring at each other, Asher rolled his eyes and approached Fenrir, who once again looked positively smug. The large wolf lowered himself to the ground slightly, but height wasn't Asher's problem, so much as balance. Fenrir's back was broad, broader than any wolf he'd ever seen, but the teen didn't think it was broad enough to let him balance during the fast run that Asher knew Fenrir was going to pull out.

Still though, Asher climbed up onto Fenrir's back, arms wrapped around the thick neck, thighs gripping Fenrir's sides as hard as he could. The small teen's face disappeared as he buried it in the thick, scruffy fur on Fenrir's shoulder, muscles tightening even more as he felt Fenrir tense and take off.

He wasn't really running all that fast, a fact which surprised Asher. He'd thought that Fenrir would be all for showing off how fast he could run, but Inner-Wolf dismissed that, reminding Asher that his safety was more important to Fenrir than showboating.

After a few minutes, Fenrir came to a quick stop and shrugged Asher off onto a bed of moss. With a distinct look and growl that I-W translated as 'Stay there or else', the silver wolf bounded off into the Forest.

'Well this doesn't seem very responsible of him.' Asher thought glumly as he twined a few strands of grass together.

'It's not as if he's miles away. You really need to start trusting Fenrir more; he's 64, and has a wealth of experience.' I-W replied.

'Since when do you think separately? I'm not quite sure you actually exist; I think I'm just going insane.' Asher didn't enjoy his newfound multiple personalities.

The teen's ear twitched as he heard Fenrir coming back. 'See? He's back already.' Asher was beginning to think that smugness was just a werewolf trait, and not specific to Fenrir; Although from the intensely smug look on the bastards face as he dragged three dead animals through the bush, Asher was sorely tempted to revise his theory. After Fenrir unloaded the corpses in front of his mate, he quickly changed into an annoyingly naked human and snuggled up to Asher, the teen resting once again in his lap, and looked expectantly down into his pup's grey eyes. Asher rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Good job hunting, my mighty Alpha." Asher said sarcastically. Fenrir, who after living as a werewolf for so long had lost touch with the finer points of speech, got an unparalleled look of supreme satisfaction on his whiskered face and immediately started nuzzling his silly little mate. Asher took it in stride, deciding he needed to start prioritizing. First, food, then after that, a nice, refreshing session of Beat The Alpha.

Asher didn't stop to look which animal he was about to eat, because it probably would have depressed his inner-hippie. Instead, he reached out his pales hands to rip off a chunk, but they were gently batted away by one of Fenrir's large hands. Fenrir's iron-band arms had wound their way around Asher's waist, and it was with grudging reluctance that Asher let Fenrir feed him for the second time. It wouldn't have been so bad, except Fenrir insisted that his finger tips brush lightly against Asher's lips every time they passed, and the Alpha's other hand had busied itself 'absentmindedly' stroking his pup's side, grumbling a little every time he felt a tiny scar.

After the animals were reduced to mere bones, plus assorted parts neither of the werewolves felt like tasting, Fenrir lounged back on the moss, his hand still stroking Asher's side. The small teen was too content with his full belly to really be bothered by the fact that he was currently using Fenrir as a mattress, but there was some little tickle at the back of his mind. Oh, right. He was supposed to be socializing, sort of, and Fenrir was supposed to be Alpha-ing his pack.

"Yo," Asher said simply. Fenrir's hand stopped, and once the teen was sure he had the larger man's attention, he continued. "Didn't we have an actual purpose to leaving the cave? I still only know three names. And you have to go enforce your will." Fenrir groaned as he rolled over, pinning Asher to the ground and nuzzling his pale neck.

"But you're mine." Fenrir playfully whined.

"When I think 'scary Alpha werewolf', this is not really what comes to mind." Asher grumbled as he tried to wiggle out from under Fenrir's rather heavy body. Fenrir relaxed there for a few minutes, lazily nuzzling Asher and enjoying his wriggling. When it became clear to Asher that Fenrir had no immediate plans to move, his agitation increased.

"Fine, but I hope you like anarchy and rebellion." The teen said grumpily. Fenrir always got all physical after he ate. Sickening.

The Alpha growled a little but relented, mostly because if the pack did rebel, he'd have no fun alone time with Asher. Fenrir grumbled as he stood up, once again managing to never loose his grasp on Asher in the process. After a quick one-handed pants summon, Fenrir set out on a brisk, but non-jostling, pace back to the camp.

"So you left as a wolf but return as a human? Where's the consistency?" Asher said conversationally as he was once again subjected to being carried like some fragile piece of glass. Fenrir just shrugged his cannonball shoulders.

"'Was in a hurry to eat."

"I never understood why slight hunger makes people so weird. It had been like, what, a few hours since you ate last. Chill out."

"You were getting pretty grumpy there yourself, pup." Fenrir teased.

"…shut up and walk faster." Asher said as he blushed a little.


Aria raised an eyebrow when the two got back to the encampment. 'Everyone else finished eons ago', the look communicated. The delicate eyebrow went back to its unquestioning state with a glare from Fenrir. The pack had organized itself into the general meeting formation. The werewolves with questions, grievances, and other such things that Fenrir suddenly didn't care about were lined up in front, while the content pack members lounged behind them, with the younger ones fidgeting restlessly in the back. Making a quick decision, Fenrir headed towards the younger children while giving a look to Aria. The blond came over, and something was wordlessly communicated, as Fenrir sat Asher down with the kids and left with only a ruffling of the hair. Asher was a bit shocked, with both the lack of embarrassment and the fact that the pack was now between him and Fenrir. These seemed like very un-Fenrir things to do, but the logical side of Asher's brain told him that it was to help the pack think that Fenrir wasn't so obsessed with Asher that he'd forget them. The logical side was also trying to strangle the emotional side, because that stupid traitorous part of Asher wanted to pout.

Asher heard voices drone on in the front, but didn't pay attention. He thought it best to leave the politics to Fenrir. To pass the time, Asher smiled and waved politely to Aria, who just gave him an exasperated look. Asher mouthed 'I promise I won't let him kill or maim you', which caused the Alpha Female to grin a little. Asher was about to make a silly face at his new best friend, when an obviously tactless werewolf, apparently unaware of the rule 'Don't talk to the Alpha's unclaimed mate', interrupted his silly-process.

"Why are your eyes all weird?" The eyes in question sought out the owner of the voice, and were surprised to find such a young werewolf. He couldn't have been more than 12, though with werewolf genetics he easily could have been younger. The young boy was a bit scruffy, and had an air of innocence that struck Asher as odd for werewolf.

Fenrir himself had asked that question, but Asher had still been grudging about an absurdly personal question before it, so he refused to answer. With a quick glance up to his idiotic mate, Asher was glad to see he was actually involved in a conversation, or an argument, with some of the pack mates, so he probably wasn't eavesdropping. Good. Asher was about to open his mouth to answer when he was so rudely cut off by Aria.

"Duncan, I thought I told you not to talk to the Alpha's mate." Aria said sharply in a quiet voice.

"Oh Aria, chill out. He's just a kid." Asher turned his attention back to Duncan. "I'll tell you, but only if you promise not to tell anyone else, okay?" Asher said excitedly.

"What if the Alpha wants to know?" Duncan asked, uncertain about whether or not he should agree to keep a secret from his mighty Alpha. He was surprised when Asher just waved his hand in a nonchalant manner.

"Don't worry about him. I promise he won't hurt you for not telling him. He'll probably find out eventually anyways." Once Duncan had nodded his head in agreement, Asher got close to the boy's ear and excitedly started whispering.

"Okay, you see those silver flecks in my eyes?" Duncan nodded yes. "And did you notice how they were glowing earlier?" Duncan nodded again, more excited. "Well, when they glow, I can see things. Things you can't normally see."

"Like what?" Duncan asked.

"Yeah, Asher, what can you see?" Aria said as she got close to the two. Asher shot her a warning glance, but she just made a crossing motion over her heart. Asher accepted this and let her into the secret circle of whispers.

"Well, it's nothing special. Just auras and ghosts." Asher said without any signs of an explanation.

"We can all see ghosts though." Aria stated.

"Wizard ghosts yeah, but not muggle ones. I wish I couldn't. Some of them look weird. And it's not even like I can interact with them. I can just see them, floating on in eternal damnation." Asher said hurriedly.

"What's an our-ah?" Duncan asked, fascinated by the Alpha's mate's special powers.

"An aura, is the visual presence of someone's soul. Different colors mean different moods. And werewolves have a weird moon in their auras." At the amazed looks of his audience, Asher blushed. "It isn't that big of a deal. So I can tell when someone is angry, that's great, I could also just look at their body language. And it gives me a headache if I use it too much." At the continued stares, Asher got a bit snappish. "Didn't anyone tell you staring is rude?" At Asher's raised voice, filled with annoyance, Fenrir was suddenly there, vibrating with tension.

"Duncan. Aria." Fenrir growled accusingly. The little werewolf started visibly shaking as he became the target of his Alpha's rage for the first time in his life.

"Aww, look at you, being all unnecessary." Asher cooed. "That timing was too perfect to be true. Did you leave an important conversation for this? That's rude, you know. Ruder than staring." Asher said as he examined his nails. After a few more seconds of rage-filled silence, Asher turned and glared up at Fenrir. "You're going to give the kid a heart attack if you keep that up. He didn't even do anything wrong, I gave him permission to talk with me."

"Your permission does not override my orders, pup." Fenrir growled out.

"Well then at least go easy on him, whatever it is you plan on doing. I doubt that he's crossed you before."

Fenrir stared hard at Asher for a few seconds before walking quickly over to Duncan and slashing the boy's chest with his claws. Asher squeaked loudly.

"When either Aria or I give you an order, we expect it to be followed. Don't mess up again." Fenrir rumbled angrily.

"I would not call that going easy. Those are worse than when you hit me!" Asher squawked indigently.

"I told you before, what I did to you was a love tap compared to normal." Fenrir licked the blood of his claws.

Asher thought that he could see white bone through the kid's gored chest, and paled noticeably. "Oh god, goin' down." Asher said weakly as crumpled into Fenrir's arms. Fenrir just rolled his eyes and carried Asher back to where the Alpha had previously been sitting, settling the teen in his lap. He woke up a few seconds later.

"You're an awful werewolf, fainting at the sight of blood." I-W reveled in the deep rumbling of his Alpha's chest, and even Asher admitted that it made his tummy feel better.

"And you're an awful mate, making fun of me." Asher responded back quickly. Fenrir went back to Alpha business, while Asher lounged about in his kept glory.


Once all the diplomacy had been taken care of, Fenrir took Asher around to everyone one more time and made certain that he learned their names. It was all very boring work for Asher, so when Fenrir saw that cursed wand hand start twitching, he picked up his speed and got Asher back into the cave before he tried to undermine his authority. Again.

"You know I'm only going to remember half their names." Asher said as he was placed down on their nest of blankets. Fenrir sat down heavily next to him and stretched out.

"You won't have to actually talk to them if you don't want. Hmm, in fact, I think I'd prefer that. If you must, you can just communicate through me." Fenrir grinned. Asher glared, un-amused with such displays of possessiveness, and quickly reached out his hand to tickle the furry stomach being so carelessly exposed to him. The silver werewolf just quirked an eyebrow and grinned lecherously.

"You might wanna try a little further down."

"Bastard." Asher hissed as his hand balled into a fist and slammed down on Fenrir's stomach. He didn't even wince. That agitated Asher, so he wrapped a blanket around himself and went to sit in a corner, his back facing Fenrir.

"Aww, come on." Fenrir said as he chuckled.

"Ignoring you." Asher said flatly.

Fenrir inched himself a little closer. "It's rude to ignore your Alpha."

"It's rude to perv on—I'm ignoring you."

"If you're igno—"

"Ignoring you!" Asher interrupted. Obviously, his tiny mate wasn't going to give in very easily. The much larger man took a page out of his pup's book and decided to bait him. He inched closer, only a few feet away from the teen.

"Well I could always just order you to talk to me, and as my property you'd hav—" Fenrir was once again interrupted, but instead of harsh words, he was interrupted by Asher throwing himself at Fenrir, screaming. Asher grabbed hold of the thick wrists of his opponent and held them down. Straddling the larger form, he glared daggers down at Fenrir.

"As you're what?" Asher hissed. Fenrir was all teeth as he grinned up at Asher. Asher's predicament suddenly made itself clear. With an insulting lack of effort, Fenrir topped Asher, holding both of his wrists in one absurdly large hand.

"Now that wasn't very nice…" Fenrir mumbled as he leaned down and slowly licked the side of Asher's face.

"Neither is licking me all the time. It makes me feel like you're about to bite my head off." Asher grumbled, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. At least Fenrir had pants on this time.

"Now there's a way to get you to stop talking…" Asher was about to respond violently when Fenrir lowered more of his weight against the teen and started kissing Asher's neck, alternating between sucking right underneath Asher's ear and licking his beloved bite mark. After a few seconds, Fenrir chuckled, the vibrations from the large man's chest making Asher feel kind of lightheaded. "But I much prefer that way."

Asher's face was burning a bright red, and he started to squirm his way out of Fenrir's perverted embrace.

A glorious grin spread out on Fenrir's face. 'Let the games begin.'


Asher had put forth a valiant effort in the struggle, but he knew it would be fruitless. He could barely take down Fenrir when he had his wand, so when left wandless in an old fashioned match of wrestling, Asher knew he couldn't win. After many failed attempts to at least scratch the larger man, Fenrir flipped them over and recreated the scene in the Forest; the Alpha stroking the sides of his lounging mate. Asher briefly thought about pulling some sort of underhanded trick, but decided that a resting target wasn't a fun target, given their current situation.

"So how much power do I have in this pack?" Asher said after a few minutes of silence. The hand at his waist stopped moving.

"What do you mean?"

"I assume that I'm higher up in the hierarchy than your average pack-member, and as mate to the Alpha, I assume that gives me some sort of power. Can I give them orders?" Asher asked, curious as to how much he could get away with.

"You can give them orders, yes, but mine can undo yours. As my mate, no one is allowed to challenge you as they would challenge another pack member. Not that any of them would challenge you anyways."

"Because I'm so scrawny and any fights between me and someone even as young as Duncan would be one-sided and sad?" Asher said glumly.

"That and most challenges are for possession of a submissive, but since you're the possessee and not the possessor, no one can challenge you."

The teen entertained the idea of getting outraged at that, but considering it meant he didn't have to fight anyone, he let it slide.

"So as the mate to an Alpha, am I allowed to offer counsel on pack matters?"

Fenrir's eyes narrowed. "Yes, but that would imply you don't trust my judgment. What matter are you talking about?"

"The Dark Lord." Asher said simply, causing Fenrir to hiss.

"What did I tell you?" Fenrir growled, sensing around for any Death Eater that might be around. Which was, of course, useless because no Death Eater would go to the center of the Forbidden Forest, but werewolf protectiveness knows no limits.

"I'm not saying anything bad about him. There's just a point I wish to make clear to you."

Fenrir debated, and decided to get on his mate's good side once again and allowed him to speak. "And that point is?"

"Well, I assume that when the time comes, the werewolves will be expected to fight alongside the Dark Lord, yes?" Fenrir nodded his agreement. "But then what? What has he promised you in return?"

Fenrir grinned darkly. "Freedom. To do and hunt as we please. Without worrying about wizards hunting us down."

"And you believed him?" Asher asked.

"Of course. The Dark Lord has no cause to lie to us." Fenrir said, confused as to where his pup was going with this.

"Intensely evil people don't need cause to lie, Fenrir. I have a bad feeling about what's gonna happen after the war."

"What do you mean?" Was his pup concerned about his safety? Had someone threatened him, or was he simply worried about his friends back from wherever?

"Voldemort's whole thing is that he hates those of impure blood, right? He has this ideal of wizardry, and no one but those of pure wizarding descent should be allowed to live, according to him. With me so far?"

"Are you worried about your blood status? Because werewolves are exempt from that."

"Totally missing the point. Let me put it simply, in terms a brute such as yourself can understand. I think that after the war, Voldemort is going to kill all the werewolves, along with vampires and other such critters." At Fenrir's blank stare, Asher continued. "We have impure blood, you idiot! Not only are like, half of the werewolves in this pack, and I assume most other packs, of non-wizarding descent, but those of us who were wizards have 'let' our blood become tarnished by that of another species. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Dark Lord started a genocide against us after his whole revenge thing. I mean, he wouldn't need us afterward. With all of us opponents squashed, he wouldn't need such brute strength anymore. See what I'm talking about?"

It all made sense to Fenrir. He could see Asher's logic, but didn't want to admit to himself how likely the scenario was. "And what do you propose to do about it?" Fenrir asked.

"I don't know, maybe pull a double-agent thing? Do whatever Voldemort wants us to do up until the War that will inevitably happen. Then, we can somehow send a message to the good guys that we're on their side, and as we rush to battle we can just turn on Voldemort and hopefully not get killed. Maybe even relay them some information before hand?"

Fenrir rolled them both over. "I'll bring it up tomorrow to the entire pack, to see what they want the course of action to be. Until then," Fenrir kissed Asher tenderly, surprising the teen. "Stop thinking about it. Just know that whatever we do, I'll be protecting you."

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