Nick's eyebrows were lower than usual as he walked through the hallway from the bedroom to the kitchen. He paused for a second at the bathroom door, flipping on the light for only a second. Not seeing what he was in search of, he complained under his breath and continued on. He roamed into the living room, checking the tops of the living room furnature, than bent to his knees casting a glance under the furnature. He rose up, stopping to think for a minute. He gave one last look around the room than, steaming, sat down on the couch.

"What are you doing?" Kate asked him, looking up from her book.

Nick pressed his lips together and nodded in the knowledge and certainty of what he was going to say next. "That nausiating little twerp stole it."

Kate went back to her last chapter. Barely interested, and used to all of it, she causually asked, "Stole what?" She didn't have to ask the "who," part.

"My watch!"

"Check the kitchen table."

"It's not there. He stole it." Nick fumed. "That little rodent finally got it." Nick looked at Kate. "It's your fault, ya know."

Kate sighed as she set her book across her lap. "And just why is it my fault?"

"Your the one that's always inviting him over. I told you when he came over the first time we should call the Orcan man, you said "Carl what do you want to drink.", so it's your fault my watch has gone missing."

"Nick, I have two more pages to go, and my book is finished. Go away!"

"The words go away don't seem to work. I know, because I've tried them on Carl, he just keeps coming back." Kate did her best at tuning him out as he moved from the couch to the kitchen, only to come back with a bag of potato chips. He leaned against the arm of the couch, watching Kate as she read. Meanwhile, the his crunching was getting under her skin. "Want some?" Nick offered her the open side of the bag. Kate threw her head back, making a face like she was going to throw up.

"They smell awful!" She laid her hand across her stomach like she didn't feel well. "God, I almost threw up."

Nick chuckled, "You haven't been eating much lately, everything seems to make you sick. Won't even eat a good hot dog with me anymore. Some flu you caught yourself. Funny how I haven't caught it. Sure you don't want some?" He grinned as she shook her head, curling her lips. Nick's grin was short lived though. He set the chips in his lap, staring at her. Swallowing what was in his mouth suddenly became hard to do.

Six minutes later, Kate tossed the book down and rubbed her eyes. "I know, and I've been so tired, can't seem to get enough sleep." She yawned and met his eyes with hers. "What?" The look on Nick's face made her question him.

"Something you want to tell me?" Nick turned into the detective he was. He watched her face for signs of someone being dishonest or nervous.

"What. What do I have to tell you?" Kate was confused and Nick's mind was swimming with thoughts of diapers, bottles, pastel blues and pinks, sleepless nights, and a very fat Kate, he didn't even hear her. "Nick?"

"Are you pregnant?" Nick blurted out, his face going pale.

Kate's eyes got huge. She opened her mouth to say something, which every second no words came out was killing Nick. This was not a time for suspense. Instead of answering him, she laughed, getting up from the couch to take a bath, dismissing him by not giving him a yes or no answer.

Fifteen minutes later, Nick was still sitting on the couch, dumbfounded. When the ability to think returned to him, he jumped from the couch and burst into the bathroom where Kate was half asleep under a sea of bubbles and candlelight. Nick eyed her suspiciously. "Want a glass of wine? You always have a glass of wine when you take a bath." He waited like a cat eyeing a mouse for her to answer.

"No thanks."

"Why not?"

Kate's eyes remained closed.

"I just don't feel like one tonight."

"There has to be a reason." Everytime he spoke, he would lean closer in by her with anticipation of getting to the truth, any small detail she may be hiding. By now, he was practically right on top of her, sharing her bath.

"No reason."

"There's always reasons, Kate."

Kate lifted her head up slightly. She squished up her face like he was babbling on like maniac. "Always reasons for what?"

"For why you don't want a glass of wine." Nick's eyes flared with obsession at getting her to admit what he already knew.

Nick." Kate said, once again closing her eyes. "If you don't stop this right now I'm going to drag you into this tub with me, clothes and all."

"In your condition? I think not."

"In my condition?"

"You need to call Page, let him know. And I don't want you working while this." He stumbled over the words. "And shouldn't you be seeing the doctor?"

Kate tossed a wet washcloth over her face, tired from listening to him. "I'm going to bed, Nick." She said, standing up, wrapping herself in a robe. Nick watched her walk from the bathroom, watching for any sign of something, anything.

"Are you?" Nick had himself propped up on his elbow, the same position he had been in the last two hours, watching her sleep. Kate jolted out of her sleep.

"Am I what?" She moved from her side, facing away from him, to her back so she could see him.

"You can tell me, ya know. I mean I'm not going to like freak out or anything."

"Nick." Kate sounded sleepy. "Tell you what?"

"That your..."

Kate cut him off by slapping her hand over her mouth like she was going to be sick. "Saltines! I need some saltine crackers, Nick, hurry!"

Nick's eyes grew bigger than his face as he scrambled out of bed, running for the kitchen. He stopped when he heard Kate giggling in bed. Turning on the light, he looked back at her, his heart pounding. She covered her face up to her eyes and continued laughing at him. "You should have seen your face!" She threw herself back into her pillows and braced herself for revenge. Nick said nothing when he climbed in bed next to her. He jerked the blankets back over him, laying on his side, making sure he faced away from her. Although trying to stiffel her amusement back, and desperatly failing, Kate wrapped her arms around her fiancee and playfully bit his shoulder. When she got no response, she stuck her finger in his ear, trying to annoy him into talking to her. He gently pushed her hand away. "I'm tired, Kate." He said flatly.

"Fine." Kate said, rolling over to her own side of the bed. "I didn't want to have sex tonight anyhow."

Hearing this, Nick flipped over and now it was his turn to pester Kate.

"No, no. Your tired. I don't want to keep you from your sleep." Kate pretended to be sensitive to his sleep requirements, when really, she was loving every second of torturing him.

"It's ok, I'm finding myself suddenly refreshed and awake now." He said, pulling Kate on top of him.

"I see that." Kate whispered, leaning down to kiss him. When their lips touched, she felt his move in a way that didn't feel like his normal kiss. She pulled away from him and opened her eyes, expecting.

"Are you? Just tell me and I'll drop it. Are you?"

"Arg!" Kate screamed, climbing off him, back to her own side, pulling the covers over her head.

Nick sat in silence for a minute or two, pondering how to reask the same question without saying the "p" word. "Kate?" No answer. He tried pulling the sheets back from her face, but she held on tight. "Kate?" Convinced she could hear him, and was choosing to pretend she couldn't, he continued. "You can't shake this flu, you don't eat, just tell me if you are..." Nick struggled, "if know...pregnant." The last word he said fast, glad to get it out."

Kate threw the blankets from her face. "I don't know!" She yelled back at him.