...And finally, the conclusion! It's short, but sweet.

Nick ran around to the passenger side of his car, which he fully remembered, and opened the door, guiding a blindfolded Kate out of her seat and down a stoney path. "Just hang on to me, that's it, watch your step."

Kate fussed, "How am I supposed to watch my step when I can't see anything?!"

Nick laughed. "Stop complaining and trust me. There." He pulled his tie off her face, which he used to keep her from seeing anything, and watched every expression dance across her face. "Know where we are?"

Kate looked around for a minute, confused. "This is the lake. We're at the lake." She said, bewildered.

"Yep, and this is also where we first met." Nick beamed.

Kate lost her smile and looked at him sadly. "Nick, we didn't meet here." Her heart fell as she realized there were parts of his memory gone, parts that he misunderstood. "We met in that old abandoned building with the little girl..."

Nick continued to smile and took her hand, pointing across the lake. "I was right there, Kate. You stood right here, taking pictures of the link in the lake. But I was right over there, and I definatly saw and noticed you. It was the first time I had ever laid my eyes on you. And I knew you were someone special even than."

Kate's mouth fell open as Nick took a knee in front of her, pulling out a small box from his pocket. "I have to ask you something, Kate. I told you, when it was all over, we were going to work on changing that name of yours. Well, that time is here."


Now don't quibble, you know what he's going to ask her and what her answer will be. And you know Carl will be at the wedding, as probley best man, trying his best to reach into the box where people put the evelopes of cash in for the bride and groom. And we know Nick will catch him, beat his ass right in front of everyone, and there will be Kate, rolling her eyes at them. After all, boys will be boys.