Using topics similar to those 100 theme challenge things for artists (I've yet to even finish 20, myself) I give you the first 10 of 100 little sentences. All of them full of BB/Rae goodness.

Yeah, I know they suck. Big time. But, I needed something to get me back into the writing mood.

Disclaimer: Honestly, I didn't own Teen Titans before, so you can just use some common sense here.


Kick in the Head

It wasn't everyday you learned your wife was pregnant –That and knowing the child would either be demonic or green… or some combination of the two.


He always complained about how Cyborg would never let him drive, so one day, she let him. But not without making sure the airbags worked.


The Titans were family. Simple as that. He always felt Star as a sister, Robin as an older brother, and Cy as that uncle everyone thought was really cool. And Raven? Easy, she was that cousin he had funny feelings for.


Her solitude was never to be interrupted upon. Ever. Yet, when had Beast boy listened to common sense?


The trip to Mexico had been canceled (not that it had ever been planned) when Beast boy dug a little to deep in her personal life and found himself upside-down, hanging over the side of the tower.


When he came upon her all those years later, it was just as Starfire had described. Well, not to an extreme, but he couldn't help but feel that the young woman he had come to know was gone forever. And, that he was the one to blame for her being driven to the point of insanity.


When he asked her if their future was written in the stars, she smiled and told him that she was a sorceress, not a fortune teller –and then made it quite clear he was an idiot.


She had always made it quite clear that she would not –could not go to heaven. Yet, Beast boy also strived to make it clear that had saved the world –saved so many lives. He doubted God could deny a soul like that.

Playing the Melody

She never knew he could play the guitar. He never knew she could play the piano –And, they both didn't know that, together, they could create a melody more beautiful than they had hoped for alone.


The term hero had become dull to them over the years. Yet, it became redefined when he let out the monster inside of himself to protect her –or when she used forbidden magic to save his life.