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She had sacrificed herself so that they could save themselves and the world. He couldn't count the number of times he had sacrificed his control… his sanity just to save her life. He began to wonder if there was anything left they could give for one another.


He wasn't going to pretend that she got any less angry at him. Still… the smirk she wore almost looked like a playful smile as she pushed him from the rooftop.


Neither of them had been too good with words. He never knew when to stop, and she could never tell when to start.


She happily drowned underneath each wave of his emotions — happy, joyous… pure.


He stared up at the sky as the setting sun sent streaks of purple and orange across the clouds.

She was gone. Again.

And all he could think about was the color of her eyes, reflecting back down to him as he lay on his back on the roof.


She sometimes felt like she had only a fragment of a soul – as if she weren't a whole person.

He had been the only one to make her think differently.


No matter how she had treated him the day before, he was always there, lurking in the background.


Years of meditation, hours upon hours of study, and countless nights she had prayed for the control she needed so badly.

All shattered in the instant he introduced his new girlfriend.


For some reason when they were around each other, everything became more sincere. Her cynical smirks and his overly exaggerated grins became… smiles.


The silence between them was driving him crazy — eventually, he knew she'd break it.

Any day now.

Pretty soon.

Not too long.


"You lose."