Well, after a lot of encouragement,( you who encouraged know who you are!), I decided to gather my courage and post these…well not drabbles really, they're too long, I guess they're more crosses between drabbles and one shots about my very favorite couple. This involves Lessa and F'lar and the people closest to them.

I don't know how regular they will be, it all depends on what ideas hit me and when.

So enjoy.


Theme: Laughter

F'lar jumped up in alarm when he heard a thump, followed by a muffled cry.

All but tripping over his riding harness he bolted to the sleeping room, a million terrifying thoughts racing through his mind. What had happened? Was she hurt?

No. Mnementh's reassurance was tinged with amusement and F'lar soon found out why.

Upon entering the sleeping room he found his weyrmate sprawled on the floor, scowling sulkily at her lower half, where a recently torn pair of pants now rested in a rumpled mess below her pregnant belly of six months.

Lessa glared at him threateningly. "Well what are you waiting for?" She demanded, holding her hands out imperiously. The sight was too much for F'lar and despite herself; Lessa couldn't stop her lips twitching at the sight of her mate brought to his knees in fits of laughter.