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Alex and Jeff walked through the halls of Titan Towers, WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Alex's tall heels clicked against the floor as she walked, struggling to carry both of their suitcases. Jeff had told her to carry them both so she would be allowed into the room for his photo-shoot and would look more "assistant-like."

A woman led them to a room and unlocked a door. Inside it was all black and looked like a film sound stage. There were cameras and filming equipment and two chairs in the middle of the room.

"Here we are," the woman said.

Jeff walked into the room. Alex began to follow him in.

"Not so fast. Talent only. You can wait outside," the woman told her, blocking her entry into the stage.

"She's my assistant. I need her to come in and –assist me," Jeff assured the woman, gesturing for Alex to come inside.

The woman reluctantly let Alex pass through.

"Please settle in. In about fifteen minutes, someone from the hair and makeup department will come get you. Can I bring you a coffee or water?" the woman asked.

"That'll be all," Jeff responded.

The woman left and the door closed behind her. Jeff sat down in one of the chairs in the middle of the room. Alex wheeled their suitcases over to the side.

"Can I get you anything, Jeff?" Alex asked.

"Call me Mr. Hardy," Jeff said, in a commanding tone.

Alex was confused. Calling him Jeff was practically the only thing she was asked to do. But she was not about to put her job at risk over semantics.

"Okay, sorry. Mr. Hardy. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Jeff raised an eyebrow.


"Anything," Alex agreed with an eager smile.

"Come here," he ordered.

Alex stepped towards him.

"Now turn around."

Without having time to think, Alex spun around slowly. When she wasn't facing him, she could feel the blood rushing to her face, knowing that he was checking out her ass. By the time she turned around again to face him, she could feel her heart beginning to pound.

"Take off your dress."

"Excuse me?" Alex gasped. It was not that she didn't want to take off her dress. It was just that she truly did not understand if this was a joke or for real.

"I said, take off your dress."

He paused.


Alex stood there, starring at him, not sure what to think. This was the man of her dreams, but he must be kidding. He's got a girlfriend at home and they are in public, at his job no less, with only minutes to spare before someone comes back in.

"You don't want to get fired, do you?" Jeff asked, in a tone of voice she had never heard him use before. Not that she had heard him talk a whole lot, but she had seen plenty of interviews after being a huge fan for almost ten years.

She shook her head quickly. Her hands and her entire body were shaking as she reached around for her zipper.

"N-n-no, Mr. Hardy," she answered nervously, stuttering, as she fumbled around, furiously trying to unzip herself out of her dress.

"I'm waiting," Jeff said, in a bored tone.

Without taking his eyes off of her, he reached into his pocket and grabbed a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. As she slipped her dress off and it hit the floor, he lit a cigarette in his mouth and took a puff.

"Mr. Hardy, I don't think you're supposed to be smoking in here," Alex stammered, completely and utterly nervous to have Jeff staring at her bra and panty clad body as she stepped out of her dress.

She reached down to take her high heels off. Jeff shook his head, blowing smoke into the air.

"No. Leave them on. Take your hair down."

Alex nervously reached for her hair tie and pulled it out. Her long brown hair flowed across her shoulders. She had goosebumps all over her entire body.

"Take off your underwear," he demanded, not taking his eyes off her.

Without thinking, Alex reached down and slipped her short legs and her long high heels out of her panties one leg at a time. She held them up and dropped them down onto the floor.

"You're already wet, aren't you?"

"A little. I can't help it. Look at you."

"Look at me? Look at you. God, you really are one fine piece of ass, aren't you? A little short, but that's all right. We probably couldn't do it standing up…well, actually, I could prop you up on the counter," Jeff said, smiling deliciously.

Alex gulped. She didn't know what to say. It was torturous standing there nearly naked in front of him while he sat there fully clothed.

"Put one leg up on that chair," he said, gesturing towards the second chair in the room that was sitting right across from him.

Alex knew why he wanted this. It would give him a perfect view of her pussy. She lifted her right leg up and propped it up onto the chair, still facing him, now completely exposed.

"Spread your lips apart," he ordered, not taking his eyes off her.

She opened her mouth a bit. He shook his head and smiled deviantly.

"Not those lips."

She reached her hand down slowly and took two fingers and spread her pussy lips apart to show him everything. She was getting wetter by the second and breathing heavily.

"Beautiful. Now touch yourself. And make yourself come."

She opened her mouth to protest, not even knowing if she could do such a thing.

"And say my name," he demanded.

She apprehensively slid her fingers up to her clitoris and began rubbing it back and fourth.

"Jeff…" she whispered quietly, stroking herself.

"Louder," he commanded.

"Jeff…" she said a bit louder this time, as she kept rubbing her clit back and fourth. She could already feel her legs shaking and feel that her climax was near.


"Jeff, Jeff, Jeff…" she said louder, moaning, as she started rubbing her clit faster, eager to feel some release.


"Jeff, Jeff, oh, Jeff, fuck, I'm gonna come!" she yelled, continuing to rub her clit faster and faster.

"Hey, Yankee, wake up!" Jeff yelled.

Alex's eyes opened to see Jeff standing in the doorway in front of her, marijuana blunt in one hand and the strawberries from the grocery store in the other.

"Good morning," he said with a sexy smile, popping a strawberry into his mouth. "You sure know how to grocery shop. You think we can sneak that vodka into little traveling container bottles? You know, like the ones they use to hold shampoo and shit?" Jeff asked, his mouth half full of strawberry.

It took Alex a minute to figure out what he was saying. Between his strong Southern accent and the food in his mouth she could barely understand him.

"Um…yeah. Sure," she answered, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Cool. Well, we have to be ready to go soon. Think you can be ready in an hour?" Jeff asked, taking a puff of marijuana.

"Yeah…sure." Alex muttered, still trying to wake up, still trying to make sense of everything.

As Jeff closed the door, Alex sat up quickly. She was covered in sweat and soaking wet between her legs from her dream. Her sheets were soaked with her own vaginal fluids. She wanted to change them, or at least clean up, but she was in too much of a hurry. She grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand went into the farthest corner of the room. She pressed speed dial 1.

"Oh my fucking God, Diana, I don't know what to do. I had a sex dream about him and I'm so fucking horny and I fucking must have came in my sleep about five times because I'm soaked and I'm wet and I'm horny and oh God Diana, oh God, I don't know what to do. I wanna fuck him so bad," Alex whispered loudly into the phone, just loud enough that Diana could hear her at the other end but Jeff wouldn't hear her from the other room, speaking urgently, panting and gasping for every breath.

Diana was shocked.

"I've never ever heard you like this. You are usually so….calm and in control."

"I WANT TO FUCK HIM NOW!" Alex exclaimed, so full of sexual tension she was ready to put the phone on vibrate and throw it between her legs. "He is so fucking hot Diana, so fucking hot, you have no fucking idea. You have seen him on TV but you have no god damn fucking idea how fucking hot he is in person."

"I've seen him at shows, I've met him at autograph sessions. I know. Trust me, I know. That's why I'm so fucking jealous of you. And when did you start swearing so much? I'm the one who says fucking all the time. Who are you?" Diana asked jokingly. It was weird to hear her normally calm and composed friend talk like this.

"I don't know," she said, breathing heavily, "I'm going to be the girl who gets arrested for trying to rape Jeff Hardy."

"If you try, you better succeed."

"I have to calm the fuck down. I can't be all fan-girl like this. He is my boss. I have to…pretend I'm not a fan. I have to just….Fuck! Fuck!" Alex exclaimed, taking the phone away from her ear and banging it into her forehead with frustration.

"You know this is the most I've ever heard you swear. Are you on drugs? Does Jeff Hardy have a meth lab over there? Are you high?" Diana asked, half joking and half curious.

"No, but he is smoking a blunt. There is a little smoke in my room. I guess I could be breathing some of it in. I gotta go shower. I'm seriously running late. I don't know how to act around him. I don't know how to dress. I don't know how much makeup to wear. Beth doesn't wear any makeup and that's the love of his life. She's so trashy, she wears overalls. Should I dress like that? Should I try to be a homely small town hillbilly? That's his type. He'll never go for me! He doesn't like city women."

"You have to be yourself. You're amazing and inspirational. You're the reason I ever moved down to North Carolina and went to college to better myself. You inspire people the same way Jeff does. He has to realize that. You guys are perfect together. If you weren't, I would go there and seduce him myself," Diana reassured her best friend.

"For the record, I'm not here to seduce him. I'm not here to steal him from Beth. I know he has a girlfriend. And I'm sure she's a very nice lady. I'm just here to get to know him," Alex said with a sigh, her horniness finally calming down enough for her to breathe a little easier. "I better go."

"Yeah, you better. Te amo," Diana said, a nod to Alex's Ecuadorian heritage, and how they always ended phone calls.

"Te amo tambien," Alex replied, hanging up the phone.


Alex finally decided on a black dress similar to the one she wore the day prior, the same high heels, her hair in a bun, and her glasses. She tried to dress as similar as possible to the way she looked in her dream; maybe it was telling her something, and as much as she wouldn't admit it out loud, she certainly wanted it to come true. Unsure what to pack, she took several changes of clothes and her toiletries. She didn't want to have to ask Jeff to carry a suitcase with her, so she shoved everything she needed into one bag. She didn't want him to just think she was another high maintenance northerner girl.


The nickname burned her like a cigarette being put on her arm. She and Jeff would definitely have to have a talk about what is politically correct to say to Northerners and what is actually just rude. Although she had known him less than twenty-four hours, it was painfully obvious that his entire world centered on family and friends who all hailed from south of the Mason-Dixen line. But the ball would be in her court soon. They were headed to Connecticut, where people would talk, dress, and act like her.

As she walked into the kitchen, her high heels clinked on the floor and the wheels of her suitcases made a buzzing, rolling sound. Ready for the cold weather when they arrived at their destination, she had a heavy pea coat slung over her arm. Jeff was seated at the kitchen table trying to carefully pour the alcohol into small carry-on sized bottles. As Alex opened her mouth to speak, Beth walked into the kitchen, barefoot and undressed with only a small towel wrapped around her body. She had a stack of papers in her hand.

"These are all of Jeff's bills, his bank statements and his W2's. His taxes need to be done and all of the bills need to be paid by Friday. Cable, Internet, phone, electric, water, trash, everything is there. You should have some spare time on the plane and at the hotel while Jeff is working," Beth said, speaking with the same southern drawl as Jeff.

Alex reached forward and grabbed the papers from Beth.

"Thank you, Miss Britt. I'll go get my laptop. I assume most of these can be paid online?" Alex asked, almost afraid to say the word "online" to someone who looked and sounded so backwoods that she probably paid her bills via carrier pigeon.

Beth shrugged.

"Pay them online or with checks. Jeff's checkbook is in his bag. Just get paper receipts for everything you do. This is a big responsibility," Beth said, giving Alex a warning stare.

"I understand, Miss Britt, and it's everything we talked about at the interview. I took a financial management class in college and I am fully prepared for all of this," Alex lied, reassuring her.

Financial management? Is that slang for Advanced Jazz and Tap? Alex thought to herself. She was impressed with how seamless the lie sounded. In reality, she had never even done her own taxes and since her parents had been taking care of her while she was in college, she had no idea how to pay real bills.

Beth nodded and walked over towards Jeff and gave him a disapproving glare.

"Do you really need all that?" she asked with concern.

Jeff looked up and smiled reassuringly.

"It's not much. It'll help me sleep on the plane," he said convincingly, with a smile that melted both Alex and Beth's heart.

Jeff and Beth kissed. Alex looked away and packed the papers into her bag. When they finished kissing, Jeff stood up and packed the three-ounce bottles into a Ziploc bag and shoved them into a duffel bag carry-on.

Beth left and came back with a heavy winter jacket, a scarf, and gloves.

"It's going to be cold in Connecticut. Colder than here. Like in the twenties," Beth said lovingly as she handed Jeff his cold weather accessories.

Alex watched and sighed softly to herself. It was hard to hate someone who cared so much and was so responsible for Jeff's well being.

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