Chapter 2

Backing away, Sakura forgot that she was only balancing on a single branch, a good hundred feet up into the air. The wind was chilly, and Sakura shivered. The only thing that crossed her mind at that moment was either Death by Akatsuki, or Death by falling-out-of-a-hundred-foot-tree.

She sadly chose the last choice.

Just as she was about to take her last step into mid-air, thousands upon thousands of kunai whipped through the air.

The force of the silver daggers was enough to blow any loose article of clothing around. A few kunai caught a hold of Sakura's dress flaps, easily ripping through the cloth.

Some blades catching her skin, causing Sakura to cry out in pain.

Even the sound was ear-splitting.

The sound was gone by the time Sakura opened her eye's. She looked around, and blanked out at what she saw.

In front of her, the Akatsuki stood half-naked (AN: I'm doing this for my enjoyment, okay??!! D: I'm such a horn dog.), most of their robes cut to ribbons. Which, floated gently down to the ground, or was caught on a tree branch.

And thus, Sakura blushed more then she ever had before. Even the tips of her hair seemed to emerge into a cherry red color.

Looking somewhere else, seeing as the Organization was too busy fending off the other males.

Sakura noticed something black. It looked a lot like hair, but tree's didn't have hair.

Jumping up to the branch the 'hair' was caught on, Sakura nearly screamed. It was hair!

And... It was Itachi's ponytail. But no Itachi attached to it. 'Oh My God.'

Grasping onto the hair, she lifted it up, and gaped at the Locks. "Jesus lord. That's just weird."

Sakura blinked, and suddenly caught a strand of blond hair as it floated downwards, and towards her face. Catching it, she tucked inside Itachi's ponytail. More strands, and then soon a whole handful. More hair was tucked into the elastic.

Opening her kunai case, she dropped the hair into it, and then snapped it closed again.

Peering around, she leaped away. As she jumped, the strands falling downwards were everywhere. Sakura caught a large amount of them. She rested on a rather think branch now, and when I type thick I mean about 10 feet wide kind of thick, and peered at the hair. Sakura froze when she felt vibrating through the tree.

Looking behind her, Sakura froze. Her lips in the shape of an 'O'.

There was Itachi... And Deidara. The other Akatsuki seemed busy with fighting off men of all sorts behind them.

Ya, Sure. It shocked Sakura that both males were leaping towards her. And sure it shocked her that they held lust in their eyes. But, it just wasn't the same...

Ya, Thats right! Sakura felt no attraction to the steaming hot guys coming towards her because of ONE reason. They had no flowing locks. Itachi looked like a much older Sasuke, and Deidara look like a friggen Naruto! And to Sakura, it was kind of scary.

Cringing, Sakura leaped backwards and onto another branch before disappearing in a swirl of mist and leaves.

In Another Training Area

Sakura crashed to the ground, her hair flying all directions, and so was she. Bits and pieces of her destroyed dress fluttered to the ground, weary of all the travel and moving it had to do. Sakura tucked her legs in towards her chest, and flipped upwards. She landed with grace, and more of her dress fell apart.

With a growl, Sakura grabbed the shredded material, and tore it away from the rest of her clothing. By the time she was done ripping, her use-to-be dress was now a belly shirt.

"YOU FUCKER!" Sakura closed her mouth instantly. Those weren't her words... And that wasn't her voice.

It was Neji's. Sakura had to recheck her voice recorder at first. Yup, it was Neji's.

Scuffling over to some bushes, she noticed that he was hovering over something. Beside him, laid a piece of wood and a knife. Forgetting about the chakra around her leg, Sakura slipped on through the bushes, and leaned over Neji's shaking shoulders.

Her eyes widen when she realized that Neji was crying. And his finger was bleeding hardcore. Ew. Not thinking, Sakura's maternal instinct kicked in, and she grabbed Neji's bloody finger and shoved it in her mouth.

While one hand held his his finger in place, the other grabbed some gauze from her pouch. Pulling his finger from her mouth, she set on wrapping it. After doing her job, Sakura stood up, happy, and walked away. She didn't get very far when she was tackled from behind.

Sakura cried out when she realized that it was Neji who tackled her, and now she was falling forwards, face first. Before the impact, she had closed her eyes, she could feel herself being flipped over.


"Nn... Owie..." Sakura looked upwards, something she should clearly not have done. As she did, all she could see was opal-lavender, and felt something warm on her lips. The Opal-lavender, a pretty color she might add, disappeared behind skin.

Wait. Step back there. Something warm on her lips? OH DEAR LORD!! NEJI WAS KISSING HER!!! GAH! He's using TONGUE! Don't Panic! Don't Panic!!

Sakura panicked. Her arms started to thrash about, and her legs kicked everywhere. Apparently, she had forgotten she had freakishly large strength.

Wait. Nevermind. Lifting Neji off of her body, Sakura stood up and whipped his body through the bushes.

"That's what you GET for kissing me!!" Anger seethed through out her body, her fist up in the air. "Don't try it again!"

Dusting off her hands, Sakura stormed out of the bush. Anger seething from her body.

It wasn't very long until Sakura could feel the hordes of chakra from before. She could swear that there was even more then before. Turning slowly, she winced at the incredible sight before her. A whole ARMY of ninja's heading her way. Sakura wanted to CRY.

But instead, she placed her hands together, and poofed away. Boy, she was doing a lot of that lately. Landing on her left knee, and a kunai in the other. She couldn't be too safe. Seeing as nobody was around her, she was in her house by the way, Sakura suddenly remembered something.

Her bags.

She had dropped then when she punched angst boy in the face. Crying out, Sakura hurridly poofed away, and poofed back quickly. Her hands full with bags, and her body looked as if she had just been raped by twenty men. She huffed before squeezing her eyes shut and falling to the ground.

She wanted to cry. Sakura wanted this day to END. She had to end it, and she would end it. Eventually.

Standing up, Sakura looked down at her bags, and noticed something funny about them. Picking them up, and opening them one by one, she realized that each bag held a little bit of sand.

Frowning, Sakura failed to realize that the sand was shifting around on it's own. But hey, she was having a hard day. Who would pay attention to the details?

Sighing, the pink wonder dropped the bags once more, and began to pull out the clothing. Her last article of clothing was the beautiful Kimono she had bought at the store.

Wiping away her thoughts, Sakura looked around before laying out the kimono. Turning towards the single window in her room, she shut the blinds. Quickly, she locked her door, and turned towards the bed.

Grabbing the Kimono, Sakura removed her old clothing, more like it fell off of her, and slipped the black and gold article of clothing on. It fit her well, and accented her shape. The only problem was that it came to high on her legs.

Oh hey! Look, convenient shorts! Slipping them on underneath her clothing, Sakura had a sudden thought.

She should find Ino, and ASK her about the Jutsu. Smiling, Sakura snapped her fingers and ran out her room.

After she left, the sand in the bags lifted out of the holders. Landing on the ground, it began to take shape into something more human like.

By the time the sand was finished, and the male was able to move freely, Sakura was long gone. Grunting, cold eyes stared around her rather dark room.

Slithering out of her room, he casually walked out of her room. His hand tucking something white into his pocket.

With Our Dear Sakura!

"What do you MEAN you made up the Jutsu?!" Sakura growled and tackled Ino, and chomped down on the blonde's hair. Ino screamed in agony before grabbing a vase to smash on Sakura's head.

Pretty soon, both girls were outside and in a full flight fight. Sakura punched the ground with much anger, and buildings around her nearly caved in. Fissure's opened up and snaked their way towards Ino, who was blind because of the amount of dust around her.

The dust settled, and Ino saw the ground before her. The end of the fissure Sakura sent towards her only a few feet away. The cause of the destroyed area walking towards Ino.

"Ino-Pig..." Leaping at Ino again, Sakura was suddenly pulled back by her left leg. Whatever had a hold of her leg, was certainly a male.

Landing on one leg and her hands, Sakura turned back towards whoever had her leg. She was surprised to find it was the man from the mall. Sakura gasped when he walk towards, and forced her leg into a bending position.

By the time he was close enough to hear Sakura's heart beat, Sakura had already began to struggle.

But something white caught her eyes. It stood out against the black of his pack. Stopping with the struggling and what not, she reached for whatever the white cloth was.

Before she could reach it, the man on top of her justued both Sakura and himself away from the area.

Landing on her back with a thump, the medic nin stood up with such quickness she became woozy and light headed. Glancing around she noticed the man staring at her. But she didn't really care at the moment.

What really caught her attention was the white cloth that hung out of his holder.

Without much thought put into her actions, Sakura dashed towards the man, and grabbed for the cloth.


Leaping away, Sakura unfolded the cloth and dropped it just the same.

"My...My... MY!-"

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