Black rose: yeah I'm back..

Black Tulip: Ejem ¬¬

Br: oh... I mean WE're back!

BT: I do disclaimer

BR: bet you do!


BR: that was deep.

BT: I know.


Hinata walked down the hall filled by tired students... some bumped with her, some passed her indifferent, few smiled to her and others stuck their noses. She didn't care, she was used to it.

She entitled her head down and stared at her feet as she made her way out of school. Everything went normal, until she bumped into someone causing her to release some books she carried against her chest.

'Oh my' she thought as she grabbed her things, then she realized someone handed her a book.

"T-thank-you." She looked up, allowing herself to see who that person was... but once she realized who it was she stand up and walk as fast as she could.

'Oh no...' she pleaded over and over that the person was anybody but who HE was...

'Sabaku no Gaara... this is bad' yes, he helped her. So why so much panic? ... Easy, he was the one of the most feared persons in school, and she was someone who got nervous easily.

She looked behind herself, only to see that he was following her... 'Oh no...must hurry'

So she speeded up a bit.

Again she looked behind... he still followed her...and again she hurried, it seemed she was jogging this time.

'It was an accident... doesn't he get it?'

For last time she looked behind, he still was following...

'RUN HINATA RUN!!' and so she did...

But she heard someone running behind her... curious she turned her head...

Didn't he ever give up?!?!

She saw an empty hall on her left, she turned and saw...

'Dead end... oh my!!!'

A shadow was seen, Hinata felt her blood stopped circulating, a shiver ran down her spine and her mouth had a bad taste...

Slowly she turned, not surprised to see Sabaku no Gaara.

With all her might she said sorry, but he walked firmly in her direction, nothing came out of his mouth... She said it again a little louder.


"I-it w-was ac-acci-accident."

He just got closer.

She got paler, held her breath and closed her eyes. Once she opened them, he was in front of her something in his hand...

"...Here, you never took it."

Her book.

'Stupid me'


Silly old rumors, making people get nervous and others get bad fame.

Once she was going to go around him, he blocked her way. Trying to control her nerves she went the other way; but again he blocked her way.

'What the...'

"I need a favor."

"...uh? ... fa-favor?"

"That's right..."

Hinata gulped... Gaara plus favor in a sentence could equal her worse nightmare.

"... wh-what kind o-of fav-favor?"


BR: So yeah, the first chap has ended.

BT: Yeah!! But...

BR: You know...



BT: yeah! X3