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"Would you act like my girlfriend?"


That changed the whole thing.

"Will you?"

She kept quite for some seconds, then said...



'WAIT!!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!' After five seconds, Hinata just realized what she said. Immediately, she tried to get out of this weird-demanding-blackmail-love-acting-declaration. But what could she say?...


Yeah... that's what she said but it was a little... squeak.

Gaara didn't hear what she said.

"I'll see you tomorrow after class, at the tree that is behind the cafeteria."

"T-Tomorrow? After class?"

"So I'll see you. Be punctual"

"A...After class?"

"Yeah... nobody would be there."

"No-nobody?" 'What were his intentions?' gulp ~

"yeah... I don't want them to see me with you...."

Hinata felt a *STAB*

"My reputation would be ruined."

*stab* *stab*

"Imagine ME with... well you."

And with that Gaara started to leave the place.

*STAAAAAAAAB* WHAT DID THAT "... well, you" mean!!!!!!

Hinata felt so below the level of beautiful.... I mean she never thought she was THAT bad looking. She actually considered herself pretty, not pretty, pretty, pretty but pretty... you know what I mean (X_x)

WAIT A MINUTE!!! What was happening?!?!

Why did he ask her to act, be, whatever his girlfriend.

In that instant, many things ran though Hinata's mind....

Were they something?

If they were then... what were they?

Was this a modern relationship?

Did this just actually happen?

If not...then what happen?

And the most important question...





NO, actually it's not ¬W¬

Here's some more =D:


Next day:

Hinata was at her last class, and she was praying it wouldn't end. The only thing she was doing was... staring at the clock, thinking she could do this "hero" thing of making time go backwards; and that if she could, she would say:

"No sabaku-san, I don't want to be your blackmailed-acting-whatever-kind-of-girlfriend."

But if she did so, she knew it would all come out like huge a squeak.

Ah, who was she trying to fool, she couldn't do that.


"What's wrong Hinata?"


Hinata was so caught up in her thoughts she never felt or saw her sit next to her. She quickly checked the clock, 35 minutes 'til doom hour struck.

"You've been a little weird thought out the whole class"

(Ps. the class started 10 mins. ago)

"Not just this class, the whole day." Sakura, a pink hair girl who was in front of them, said as she joined the conversation.

"I know; are you feeling ok Hinata?" Ino asked. She was also sitting in front.

"I know, something about your family right?"

"Sakura! It's not that, it's homework right?"

"I-I'm fine...n-no need to worry, it's nothing like that" Hinata said as she waved her hands in front of her, accompanied with a nervous laugh. If they only knew.

"You sure?" Tenten was really worried.


All of a sudden a flying-creepy-assassin piece of chalk made appearance, hitting Hinata's forehead and scarring the other girls.

"Yo, chatting group, shut up!"

Did I mention they were in Anko's class?

"As I was saying..." Anko said as she re-started to write something on the board.

"Hinata-chan are you alright?" Tenten questioned.

"...yeah..." Hinata responded as she rubbed her forehead.

"Anko shouldn't be allowed to do that!"

"So little miss quite can get in trouble?" Kiba, who was on her right, said with a smile. "You ok?"

Hinata moved her head in a positive way.

"Yeah, Anko does have a good arm. Ha, I even remember the first time I was the target of a chalk" When Kiba said this, he placed his hand where the chalk had hit him.

Great, that speech just made her feel like a target, and not just any target, a chattering one.

"Anyway, let me see."

Hinata had her hand on her forehead, so to allow him to see she removed it.


Was it bad?

"Seems that Anko's getting old."

Apparently he didn't give a damn if she Anko heard or not.




Kiba received a flying-assassin chalk right between his eyebrows.


To this Hinata giggled as she thought that Anko, old or not, was dangerous with chalk; but soon stopped when she heard.....

RIIIING! (Ok... that bell sucks) Anyway, DOOM hour struck.

Everybody started to leave the classroom. Hinata was going to do the same but a voice caught her attention.

" Hinata~ "

She turned.


"Got plans?" Sakura asked.

Hinata wouldn't actually call what she was going to do today plans.

"U...umm... s-something like.... that. Why?"

"Awww... we're gonna go eat something."

"Oh, ok... well have f-fun"

"Well if you got time, join us later ok?" She said as she gave Hinata a paper with an address written.

And with that she left, thinking WHAT WAS THAT?


At the cafeteria:

Hinata checked the hour. "2:35" Great, she was on time. But Gaara wasn't there.

Perhaps he was on his way.

Hmm... Hinata didn't really understand why she went there, I mean, what could Gaara possibly do?

Hmm... She then realized that she was actually curious.

* 20 minutes later*


Perhaps he was at detention, or he stood her up.

She didn't want to run any "risk" so she stayed there.

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