A SasuNaru Story


It was over. It was done. And now Sasuke Uchiha was coming home.

He descended upon the gates leading into Konoha, into his original home, allowing a smile to play on his face. He could almost hear the subtle sound of the wind blowing the leaves down, along with the soft scattering sound they made when skipping across the pavement. It was a nice sentiment, if only it would have lasted.

Sasuke was barely two hundred feet in front of the gate when six ANBU agents landed in a circle around him. He wasn't all that stunned, having expected nothing short of not a warm welcome, and stood perfectly still.

"Uchiha Sasuke." The guard with a bird mask reached his arm behind him, his hand wrapped around the grip of his katana. "You are to be held under arrest upon your return to Konoha."

Sasuke stayed silent and kept his breathing even. He expected this, this was nothing short of destiny, and, of course, Sasuke thought he would ultimately be fine.

"If you have nothing to say," the guard to his right said who had a very interesting looking mask – almost like an eagle. "Then we'll be taking you in front of the Hokage, with handcuffs of course."

Once again, Sasuke remained silent and still, even while the ANBU roughly shoved him to the ground and cuffed his hands behind his back. The handcuffs they used were flowing with chakra, making them absolutely impossible to remove.

Konoha was abuzz with talk and rumors; some villagers actually were able to witness the ANBU carrying the last remaining Uchiha through the village and toward the Hokage tower. The closer they got to the tower, the more intense the stares thrown at Sasuke become, and the more the last remaining Uchiha began to think he was in more trouble then he original suspected. Sure, he didn't think he'd get a slap on the wrist and then given an ANBU Captain position, he just didn't think all of this was actually necessary.

Tsunade, on the other hand, thought they were being lax. "Only six ANBU brought him in?"

As few of the six shuffled their stance, the other just stood tense and awaited the older woman's reaction. They left Sasuke in the care of Tsunade's regular ANBU guards, which were now waiting outside her office.

"Let me try this again," Tsunade began furiously rubbing her temples and closed her eyes. "Sasuke Uchiha is an S-class missing ninjatrained by Orochimaru…and you only used six ANBU agents to bring him in?"

"He let us take him, he didn't even try to resist." The one with the interesting mask, which was colored almost like Kankuro's face paint, gestured with his hands, but Tsunade grimaced.

"You are all idiots!" She glared. "Bring the Uchiha in here. I need to speak with him."

When Sasuke was ushered in the door, he was greeted by the current Hokage, the two elder advisors, and three members of the Konoha Great Council, a sight which he could have done his life without seeing.

"Uchiha Sasuke, take a seat." One of the elders said, gesturing toward a chair in the center of the room. Behind him, the door opened and a tall burly Jounin, Ibiki Morino, entered. Sasuke obeyed the elder and sat down, his mind whirling with thoughts. "Do you know why you're under arrest?"

Sasuke's dark eyes focused on the elder and took a long moment before speaking. "Because I left Konoha to train with Orochimaru."

The other elder scoffed, as did several council members. Tsunade drew her eyes down in a deep frown riddled with frustration and contempt. "Yeah, that and you tried to kill Uzumaki Naruto, twice."

A flicker of emotion danced over Sasuke's face, it only lasted for a second, but it was more than enough time for Tsunade to see it. She didn't take that time to comment on it, however. Instead, she skipped to the next question in her long list for the teenager.

"Why did you come back to Konoha, Uchiha?"

"I finished my revenge. Uchiha Itachi is dead." Sasuke paused for a second, a look of self-satisfaction crossing his features. "I came to Konoha to suffer the consequences of my actions, in full."

Tsunade studied him for a second, her eyes still furrowed together. "You killed your brother and now you want to come home? Do you think that's possible?"

"After my repentance, I see no reason why I can't." Sasuke said, his voice completely honest. "I've never hurt anyone in Konoha. And besides Orochimaru and Itachi, I've never killed anyone."

The council members nearly spit they were so furious, only one could find his voice. "Uchiha, you are a traitor to the village! What makes you think you would be welcomed back here at all? Not to mention that forsaken curse seal is still on you!"

"I am in complete control of my seal." Sasuke pulled the collar of his shirt back to reveal the curse mark in question. Somehow, no one noticed Sasuke's hands were now in front of him, instead of how they were originally cuffed. "It is activated and repressed according to my will and my will alone. It is not a problem for this village."

"You have high expectations of us, boy." The elder said, propping himself against the wall. "To think you could just waltz back in here like the past three years haven't happened?"

Sasuke didn't respond to this, instead he merely fixed his shirt and looked directly at Tsunade. The woman frowned and sat back in her chair. The sad truth of the matter was that no matter what she decided, the final decision was the council's alone. Because of Sasuke's wanted status, whatever happened to him, his punishment would be their decision and they weren't afraid to pass down judgment on others. Knowing what punishment to expect from the council standing beside her, she sighed.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you are to be held in a maximum security prison for no less than five years." The council jumped back when Sasuke bolted up out of his chair. It wasn't anything like the sentence he thought he'd get. This was much harsher, and way more than he deserved, at least in his opinion.

After the punishment was handed out, there was a moment of pure panic flooding the Hokage office. The ANBU rushed to Sasuke, who, since he bolted out of his seat, was immediately considered a threat, and detained him quickly. Tsunade stood up, attempting to hold back a fuming councilman, and wound up knocking her chair through the wall behind her. If listening close enough, one could barely make out the panicked cry of Izumo and Kotetsu, who were attempting to carry a stack of paperwork up the stairs and, upon hearing the wall practically exploding, dropped the paperwork and went running to see what happened. Shizune, who was standing outside the Hokage's door, and upon hearing the boom of the chair busting through the wall, threw the door open and hit an older councilwoman in the face, who was attempting to escape the havoc, breaking her nose. In her attempt to heal the poor woman's nose, she knocked over the chair Sasuke was sitting in, essentially hitting an ANBU agent in the back of the knee and knocking him down. The agent was holding onto Sasuke's shoulder and wound up dragging the poor Uchiha with him, along with his other five ANBU agents. They wound up in a huddled mass of limbs and assorted body parts on the floor.

All in all, Sasuke's homecoming was nothing short of a spectacle. If one didn't know any better, they'd think it was Naruto in that office. Sadly, they were wrong. It would be almost four hours after Sasuke's punishment was handed out, and applied, that Uzumaki Naruto would return from his mission, only to find out his best friend returned home and was sent directly to prison for five years.

A havoc and panic all Naruto's own would flood the Hokage's office this time, and would evidently leave the poor aging Hokage with a migraine bigger than Naruto's ego that would last three months, or at least until Naruto calmed down. And, hell, with the situation currently at hand…it could definitely take quite a while.

So, I said it would be a while, and I lied. I began thinking about this idea and decided to act on it. I just really, really, really hope you enjoy it.
And, besides, xemorockprincessx told me if I didn't post it, she'd stalk me until I finished it. Ain't that right, hun? lol! XD