Ron Goes to the Mat

Opening Comments

Before anything else, I don't own Kim Possible, nor any of the characters in this story. While I have invented a few new characters, I make no claim of ownership. Anybody kind enough to take the time to read this work is welcome to use these characters.

I appreciate and encourage your reviews. However I would ask three things before you take the time to review this story:

#1. I will be referencing the sport of high school wrestling quite heavily. In so doing, I will be referring to the weight classes, holds, and moves I learned when in high school. These might not be the same as current moves, holds, and weight classes. If you feel such discrepancies detract from the story, please comment. Otherwise, write them off as a well meaning, middle-aged man doing the best that he can.

#2. Please don't flame me just for the sake of flaming me. While I am more than happy to accept criticism of my work, simply calling me an idiot won't have much effect. I am already perfectly aware that I am one.

#3. I will be referencing some of the episodes in this story. These references will not match the episode events exactly. My goal is to use the general events of these episodes to further my story. I state this so that nobody will waste their time pointing out these errors.

On with my comments:

First of all, I haven't seen very many of the Kim Possible Episodes. However the few that I have seen have intrigued me with the characters: Kim, the world-saving teenage heroine, Ron, her best friend and mostly inept sidekick, the brilliant but flaky Dr. Drakken, etc. Probably the most wonderful aspect of recreational writing is the fact that you can alter a show's canon to fit into your story. Here then, are the alterations that I have made to the show's canon (other than content of individual shows).

I have placed the start of this story about midpoint, first semester of Kim and Ron's Junior Year. The events of 'Exchange' have just taken place. The events of 'Crush' and 'Blush' took place shortly before this story, although Kim and Ron have not discussed certain events in these episodes.

I have decided that Middleton has a large, public park, which is in the vicinity of the mall. I have placed the mall/park area beyond a convenient walk from Ron and Kim's homes. Because of this they either use Ron's scooter, the public busses, or catch a ride with someone else when they go to either of these locations. I have decided that both Monique and Sue (new character) live within walking distance of the mall and park. Of course, Kim and Ron are within easy walking distance of each other, Bueno Nacho, and school.

I have based Middleton High's athletic seasons upon the athletic season's I experienced at my much smaller high school:

Fall: Football, Cross-country, Girl's Basketball.

Winter:Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Gymnastics

Spring:Track and Field

Summer:No school-based sports.

Since I have had no experience with other high-school level sports, please feel free to let me know if I've put a sport in the wrong season.

Please enjoy my story and I'll catch you later.