Chapter 62: Epilogue

Vice Principal Steve Barkin stood at Middleton High's entryway, watching his charges arrive for the last time this year. Although he wore his usual scowl, made even more intimidating by his healing black eye, he was a very happy man.

Last Saturday he had prepared himself for the roughest duty of his life. He had just restored order in the gym. Police and animal control officials had taken away Motor Ed's bunch and the weird attack monkeys, even though there didn't seem to be much difference between the two. The Fire Department managed to open the locked shutters and break into the jammer box. Another faculty member had just arrived, freeing him up to accompany a bloodhound unit getting ready to search for Stoppable. While his military service had inured him, somewhat, to violent death, the thought of such a fate overcoming one of his students was hard to take. That's when the teens had returned.

The first ones to step out of the night and into the gym's light had been Oscar Williamsen and Yori Tanaka. Williamsen had been carrying that weird, monkey criminal draped over his shoulders with Tanaka keeping a close eye on him. Monkeyfist had been barely conscious, severely beaten, and clearly terrified. When police and paramedics had taken him from the teens, he had looked even more defeated than the beating could explain.

Possible and Stoppable had been right behind the other two teens. Possible was uninjured except for a few bruises. Stoppable, on the other hand, had looked rough. Possible had been helping to support him and both she and that little, pink freaky thing had been holding a bandage, obviously torn from Monkeyfist's clothing, on Stoppable's head. Stoppable's clothing had been torn and bloody, but for some reason, he looked triumphant.

For a short time, Possible and Stoppable had simply stood there while the Prom attendees, who had filed out of the gym to see what was going on, stared back. Finally someone, Barkin didn't even care who, started to applaud. The applause had quickly spread to all of the students. Possible and Stoppable clearly didn't know how to react. They had just stood there, confused.

Until Stoppable's pants fell down.

Barkin almost smiled remembering the rest of that night. Stoppable had been loaded into an ambulance, after Tanaka pointed out that putting him in the same vehicle with Monkeyfist would be a very bad idea. Possible had insisted on staying with Stoppable, to absolutely nobody's surprise. Barkin had been ready to order the students back in the gym when Brick Flag, of all people, had spoken up.

"Hey guys," he had addressed the gathered students. "There's still music, some good food, and some really pretty girls here who look like they still want to dance. What say we all head back inside?"

The students had gone back inside and resumed the prom, although Tanaka, Williamsen, Cindy, Monique and Renton had departed pretty early. All in all, it had been a prom to remember. There had been an absolute frenzy of media activity around the school for the next several days. But everyone had pretty much ignored the media and had dealt with final exams.

The exams were finished now. Today, Friday, was devoted to returning textbooks and other school equipment. They would have a last assembly this afternoon, during which he would urge everyone to attend the graduation ceremony and have a safe, enjoyable summer.

Mr. Barkin caught sight of Possible and Stoppable approaching the school. Yori Tanaka had already returned to Japan. A Yamanouchi School official had informed the Middleton High Principal that while Yamanouchi held Middleton blameless for the prom incident; Tanaka had been upset by the attack and had wanted to return to Japan. It was a good cover story, even if everyone who saw her fighting the monkeys knew it wasn't true.

Possible and Stoppable, now there was an interesting story. They did not engage in overt displays of affection, at least in public (or he just hadn't caught them at it yet). They were inseparable but that wasn't anything new, they had been inseparable since before he had known them. About the only difference that the casual observer could note was that instead of walking side by side, they now went everywhere arm in arm.

Mr. Barkin couldn't keep a small grin from his face thinking about the media coverage on the two. Even now, a few photographers were watching them from a polite distance. They were probably shadowing the couple, hoping to get the first picture of a hug, a kiss, something more substantial than what the couple had displayed so far. Steve Barkin, however, knew. During his years as an educator, he had seen countless teen couples form, break up, drift apart, make up, go the distance, and the countless other things that teen couples did. Possible and Stoppable were a couple, the tightest couple he had ever seen. They just didn't see any need to broadcast the fact to the world at large and it was driving the media crazy.

The big man wondered what the future would hold for the two. They had both received invitations, earlier in the week, to visit the Yamanouchi School as part of the ongoing cultural exchange. One week, earlier this year, seemed to have done Stoppable a world of good. What would a full month over the summer do too, or for, the two of them? Stoppable had also indicated that he wanted to try out for the football team next fall. Barkin knew that the boy had some impressive foot speed, how would that pan out? Also, would Stoppable be able to place at the State Wrestling Tournament this year? Would Possible keep saving the world, now that most of the international technovillains were on the run? Doctor Drakken, Monkeyfist, and Ed Lipsky and Shego would all be facing court dates in the near future, and the two teens were sure to be called to several witness stands. Whatever happened, he was pretty sure that the two of them would face everything together. He hoped that next year would be quieter than this year had been, but with those two around, things were sure to stay interesting.

Steve Barkin turned around and headed to his homeroom. He had another school day to get started.


A/N and closing comments.

And that, my friends, is my story.

I have really enjoyed writing this story. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my little tale. I would like to offer a special thank you to all of you who have taken the time to post reviews and/or email me with suggestions, comments, corrections, or even to wax nostalgic about time spent out on the wrestling mat.

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A few more comments and explanations about my twist on the KP 'reality'.

First, Ron Stoppable: I decided to portray Ron as being more physically capable than the TV show presents him. Like Kim noted at his first varsity match, how many teens, besides her, can do what he does? Let's face it, the kid's an athlete. In my estimation, Ron's early friendship with KP was both the best and worst thing that could have happened to him. The best, in that they set the foundations for an enduring friendship, and later romance. The worst, because he always judged his own achievements by comparing them to hers. With her natural abilities, he considered himself a failure and quit trying. In this story, he has come to grips with the fact that he doesn't have to be the best, he simply has to be his best. With that attitude, a better life became possible.

Kim: I wanted to show Kim as being a good friend of Ron's, but just a little too self absorbed and proud for her own good. She didn't consider Ron boyfriend material in the early story because he wasn't a hottie. She can be shallow at times as well, but she and Ron are teenagers, and you only grow up by getting burned.

As a few of you noted, I eliminated the battlesuit that appeared in STD. I didn't think that the suit fit in well with the story, so I simply skipped over it. If I write a sequel, I may include it. But it won't be such a powerful piece of equipment that it allows Cousin Larry to take out Dementer and his henchmen.

I've also altered the nature of the MMP. My take on the MMP is that it works by enhancing the recipient. As one becomes more attuned to it, one can extend his own boundaries. Thus, the MMP can make Ron stronger, faster, give him quicker reflexes and balance, etc. Perhaps it will even make him more resilient, such as having a greater tolerance to heat and cold.

I would like to acknowledge three stories that influenced my desire to write this one:

The first is Zaratan's 'Mistakes in Love'.

The other two are the two 'Kim Possible: She Could Do Anything' stories by MrDrP.

In these stories, Kim leaves Ron to pursue other guys, and winds up regretting her decision. I decided to throw in the twist of forcing Kim to work at getting together with Ron, so that she will hopefully appreciate him a little more.

Original characters: I lay no claim to any of my original characters. If anyone wants to use them in your own writing, you're welcome to do so. In fact, if you email me I will give you my admittedly incomplete 'bio' on them, just to make things easier on you.

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What will our teen couple experience in Japan?

Will Ron find success as a football player and/or wrestler?

Will the last monkey standing, the one who bowed to Ron, play a part in Ron's future?

Will Oscar and Cindy stay together? What about Monique and Felix?

Will Drakken face a firing squad? Will Drakken, Shego, Monkeyfist, and Motor Ed escape prison?

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