Fate: Prologue

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"I'll do it."

Brother Blood stared at her from the opposite side of the desk. He made a noise that could only be described as a snort and tossed the manila folder on the table behind him, the sleeve of his stylized robe flaring out in the puff of air. His hooded assistants that stood in a corner continued sorting paperwork in the file cabinets.

"You'll do it. You and your raging vendetta against our client will complete the highest-paying contract we've ever gotten. Genius," Blood finished sarcastically.

She narrowed her eyes.

"Who're you going to send, then? Are you going to meet him? God knows you haven't got any social skills, Blood."

The man's pointed face flushed red as he scowled, crossing his arms in obvious irritation. His second-in-command had obviously struck a chord, one that deserved to be struck. Repeatedly.

"I have social skills, thank you," he replied crossly, "But I'm still not sending you. In fact, I might send anyone but you."

"I'm not going to just walk in there unannounced," she continued, curbing the sharpness in her tone to get what she wanted, "I'd wear a disguise. In the lab we've done wonders with body modification. Plus, I know how to talk to get a good deal, and you know it."

"Fine," he snapped, picking the folder back up and tossing it to her, "Just don't screw our contract up. You had better have one hell of a disguise for you to pull it off."

"I won't screw up," she said grimly, staring resolutely at a picture of her ex-husband's masked face, paper-clipped to the file in her hands.

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