So this is my first moonlight fic, and it's a crossover with Veronica Mars. It will contain mostly Veronica, Josef, Mick and Beth. There will be a few appearances from VMars characters, but not many. In the Moonlight universe, this is after Josh has died, but Coralline hasn't returned and Mick hasn't discovered the temporary 'cure'. There will also be no mention of Sarah in this fic. But I hope you enjoy this!


Twenty-three year old Veronica Mars walks briskly down the sidewalk from her parking space to reach her office in Los Angeles. She unlocks the door bearing 'Mars Investigations' and a bell rings as she pushes it open. After walking through the main area she reaches the door to her private office, bearing the name Veronica A. Mars, which she unlocks as well. Heels clack on the floor as she walks around her desk and plops down in her chair. She boots up her computer and gets to work.

A few hours later her assistant arrives and she hears the familiar sound of his boots walking and him dropping his leather jacket on the floor before sitting down in his chair at the reception desk. However, Eli Navarro doesn't tolerate the use of the word 'receptionist', preferring assistant or muscle, depending on the case.

After about forty-five minutes of browsing the internet the bell rings and Eli looks up to see a frantic young girl, 18 or 19 walk in. She checks behind her before closing the door. Eli sits up straight in his chair and attempts to look concerned, not intimidating. "Can I help you?"

"Yeah, I, uh, think someone's following me. I keep getting this feeling that I'm being watched but when I look around no one's ever there. And then I keep getting these calls from an unknown number but I keep saying hello and I only hear heavy breathing but last time I heard this really evil laugh. I'm just really creeped out and I thought that if I ignored it, it would go away but it hasn't and I didn't know what to do and so I came here and-" The girl was near tears before Eli stopped her.

"Okay, okay, I get the picture. Now, is there anyone with a grudge against you, like an ex-boyfriend, or do any of your friends like to play pranks? Something that could easily explain all this?"

"No, I've already tried that!" The girl cried, frustrated. "Have you heard about the murders recently?"

"Yeah." Eli answered, skeptically.

"Did you hear how all the victims told someone they felt like they were being followed and kept getting strange phone calls? I mean, I'm trying to be sane, but that fits my case perfectly. I'm really freaking out here!"

"Calm down, okay?"

"How do you possibly expect me to be calm?!? All these girls have ended up with stabbings in their neck and all their blood drained! I don't want to be one of them!" The girl basically yelled this, getting the attention of Veronica who walked out of her office. Brown hair whipped around as the girl turned her head sharply towards Veronica. "Are you the detective?"

"As a matter of fact I am."

"Well I really need your help. I'm being followed-"

"You think you're being followed." Eli interrupted.

"And I keep getting these strange phone calls-"

"Which could easily be a prank." Eli interrupted again.

"But it fits what all the girls said before they were killed!" The girl screeched, glaring at Eli.

"Okay you two, settle down. Now are you referring to the recent string of murders around the LA area involving the killing of young women by stabbing their necks and, somehow, draining their blood?"

The girl nods her head, eyes wide with fear as Veronica relays the details.

"And you think you might be a target?"

Once again the girl nods.

"Did you talk to the police?"

"They told me they get these sorts of cases all the time. They wouldn't even check into it."

"It's like I'm back in Neptune again." Veronica said reminiscently while sharing a sarcastic look with Eli. Veronica then thinks about the new case for a few moments and then addresses the frightened girl. "Look, the best I can do is try and watch you for a few days to see if anyone is indeed following you. I'll need your schedule, and it'll cost you about $100 a day."

"I'll take anything." The girl says relieved.

"If I could have your name, that'd be helpful as well."

"Oh, duh. I'm Nicole Waterson." The girl said, realizing that the whole time she'd been here neither Eli nor Veronica had been informed of her name until now. "But thank you so much."

"No problem. If you'll leave your information with Eli, here, I'll call you and we can start keeping an eye out for a stalker asap."

Veronica then went back into her office and started researching the string of murders Nicole feels she's a target of.


Veronica waits in one of the many parks of L.A., a few blocks away from her apartment. She's eating a hot dog she bought from a vendor as she awaits Eli and Nicole to discuss Nicole's 'stalker'. It's getting late and the lamps outside just turned on. Veronica drops her hot dog in shock as she recognizes the figure that walks past her. "Logan!" She calls, but the man doesn't respond. Jumping up from her seat on a wooden bench she runs towards him. When she's in earshot she starts yelling accusingly, "Logan! Are you seriously just going to walk away without acknowledging me after three years? Are you that big of a coward?" She then grabs his arm and pulls him to face her.

"I'm sorry," the man states politely, "but I think you have me mistaken for someone."

"I- I guess." Veronica stutters as she becomes aware of the differences. The man before her has much paler skin, and is a bit taller than Logan. His hair is dark and neatly styled, not messy and sunned like the surfer's. And his attire is quite the opposite. While Logan would have worn jeans and a shirt, maybe green or orange, and possibly a brown jacket, this man wore a casual, yet nice and expensive, business suit. "It's just, you look almost exactly like someone I know."

The man, amused by the petite woman in front of him, cannot resist asking the question, "And who could you possibly mistake me for?"

But before Veronica can answer him, a shout is heard from her left. "Hey white boy! I thought I told you to stay away from her!" Eli snarls and then jogs over to the duo.

Once again the man is amused and turns to Eli with eyebrows raised. "White boy?"

Eli slows as he approaches and confusion registers on his face. "Wait, you're not white boy. If you were, you would've called me paco or poolboy or some dumb shit by now. Or did you suffer a severe blow to the head? What's going on V?"

However Veronica is angry from Eli's first comment, "You told him to stay away from me! Why would you do that?"

"So this isn't Logan." Eli replies, clearly avoiding her question.

The man in question intervenes in their conversation, "No, my name is actually Josef."

"Nice to meet you, Josef." Eli says, trying to steer Veronica off topic.

"Weevil!" Veronica says frustrated.

At the mention of his old nickname, Eli stops and then grabs Veronica by the elbow saying "Excuse us." to Josef. He steers her away out of the earshot of Josef, however the vampire is able to hear every word that is said.

"Why did you tell him to stay away from me?"

Eli sighs, "Because I didn't want you to get hurt by him again."

"I can take care of myself."

"I know that. But look at him now. Have you seen the magazines? Seen the photos of him drunk and with a different girl hanging off of him all the time?"

Veronica looks at her feet, she has seen numerous photos like that.

"He was a mess, V. And after your father-" Eli couldn't bring himself to say 'died', "after that, you were in a big enough mess that you didn't need his problems dragging you further down."

Veronica looks up with tears in her eyes and sees the soft, caring ones of Eli and gives him a big hug. "Thanks, Eli. Really, I appreciate it." She then quickly wipes her tears away, as she doesn't like to be weak, and then gets down to business. "Now I looked up information on those killings, and Nicole's right; the stuff that's happening to her match what happened to other victims. We really need to help her; she seems like such a nice girl. It'd be horrible if she ended up dead, with two holes in her neck and all her blood drained." Veronica shuddered at the thought, and Josef's jaw almost dropped, but he maintained his calm demeanor. At that moment Nicole comes running over to them, and the three converse before taking off, leaving Josef alone.

Josef takes out his cell phone and dials a number. "Mick, I need your help."


Josef is sitting on Mick's couch, feet on the coffee table, and glass of blood in his hand. However Mick is currently pacing his living room.

"So you're telling me," Mick begins, "that this tiny blonde and her Mexican sidekick are trying to stop a girl from being killed by a vampire."

"Yep." Josef answers nonchalantly.

"What's the girl's name?"


Mick sighs and massages his forehead, "What about the blonde girl?"


Mick thinks for a moment, then grabs his phone and dials Beth. "Hello, Mick?"

"Yeah, listen, can you look someone up for me?"

"Um, sure, who?"

"Her name's Veronica, she's blonde, petite, and possibly a P.I."

"Oh, so you've got some competition with tinkerbell?"

"Look, this is really important, okay?"

Beth sobers up when she hears the urgency in his voice. "Yeah, I'll look it up and call you back in a few."

Beth, at Buzzwire, starts searching. Eventually, she finds a Veronica Mars, owner of Mars Investigations, and gives Mick the address.


Veronica is in her office at Mars Investigations and has just hung up the phone after being informed by Eli that Nicole is at her apartment, and so far there's been absolutely no sign of a crazy stalker. The bell rings, signaling that someone entered the door. Curious as to who is coming at nine at night, Veronica exits her office and is surprised to find a tall man in a dark trenchcoat there, looking around.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, you can. I assume you're Veronica Mars?"

"Your assumption is correct. And you are?"

"Mick St. John, Private Investigator."

"And, why does a P.I. need another P.I.'s help?"

"I heard that you were investigating the recent string of murders here, and I was wondering if we could work together, as I'm investigating also."

"I work alone." Veronica states dismissively.

"So do I, but this guy sounds dangerous. Surely you won't be able to take him on by yourself."

"I have assistance. And I know self-defense and have a gun-carrying license. I don't appreciate you undermining my abilities." Veronica glares at Mick, who only smiles in return.

"Fine. Don't take my help. Sorry I bothered." Mick walks out in a huff, but he's not giving up yet.


Four days later, Veronica, Eli, and Nicole are sitting in Nicole's apartment. "So far we haven't seen anyone stalking you. Have you gotten any calls?"

"No. It's like ever since you started helping me, he's stopped. But I'm not making this up, I swear!"

"I believe you," Veronica said honestly, to which Eli gave her a strange look, "Why else would you be paying us."

The three laughed, but it was forced. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it." Nicole said before going to the door and looking out the peephole. She doesn't see anyone for a moment; then she sees a distorted face, with silver eyes and fangs, before she is flown back, along with the door.

Eli and Veronica shoot up from their seats, and Veronica pulls out her gun as Eli rushes to Nicole. The attacker runs at what seems like super speed to where Nicole and Eli are, as he stops, Veronica takes careful aim, and shoots twice. But he had inticipated this, and had already grabbed Nicole and put her in front of him. The two bullets sail into Nicole's chest, ending her already withering life.

Stunned and what she just did, Veronica drops the gun to the floor. Eli then tries to take down the attacker, but is dragged by the shirt and then thrown out the window of the tenth story apartment.

Veronica's shock turns to anger and she lunges herself at the attacker. But in the blink of an eye, she finds herself held against the wall, with a vampire looking at her like a piece of meat. Veronica narrows her eyes and tries twisting free, but the vampire's holds are strong.

However the vampire is confused by Veronica's refusal to be afraid. "I've never met a human who wasn't scared of me." He said with a snarl. Veronica's response was to spit in his face. "Feisty, I like it. It would be such a shame to kill you." The vampire seemed to ponder for a moment, before reaching a decision. "I'm going to give you a gift, an extraordinary one. But you must remain silent, or I'll have to kill you."

"Bite me." Veronica said with a glare.

"Love to." The vampire then swiftly bit into her neck, drinking her blood. But like he asked, Veronica remained silent. Eventually, Veronica's world began to fade into black, and she slipped into unconsciousness.


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