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Previously: Veronica was cozying up next to Josef in a booth, sipping some of Josef's drink, when she saw two people she recognized headed her way. "Well, frak."

Veronica sat up straighter as the two people continued to approach. They each bore a wide smile and the girl seemed to be bouncing with energy. "Veronica!" Parker squealed as she held out her arms for a hug, which Veronica reluctantly gave. "And Logan! How are you two?"

"Well, actually, this isn't Logan." Veronica explained. When Parker and Piz gave her a 'yeah-right look' she continued, "No, seriously. This is Josef, and he somehow looks almost identical to Logan."

"O-kay. Well, I'm Piz," the shaggy brown haired guy said, holding out his hand to Josef.

Josef almost started laughing at the name but regained his composure when met with Veronica's glare. He coughed to cover himself and then shook Piz's hand firmly, "Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Parker," the bubbly blonde said before getting a handshake as well.

There was an awkward silence before Veronica broke it, "So... are you two, uh, together or-"

"Actually," Parker paused to share a giddy smile with Piz before holding out her left hand, "we're engaged!"

Veronica looked at the diamond ring and smiled, "Congratulations you two."

"Thanks," Parker says happily, wrapping her arms around Piz's waist and resting her head on his shoulder.

"You know, I'm a little surprised that you're not with Logan. I mean, I always thought you guys would be together forever."

Veronica can feel the jealousy building up in Josef with each word Piz says. Not knowing this, Piz rambles on, "You guys were so... what's the word... um... oh, EPIC, you guys were epic. He would beat anyone up who tried to hurt you. And even when you guys weren't together, you were still basically number one to each other. That boy was craz-"

"Piz!" Veronica yelled. "Please, just... STOP, okay?"

"Sorry," Piz timidly apologizes.

Veronica sighs heavily and leans against a still fuming Josef who wraps his arms around her protectively, "It's okay, Piz. There's just... so many bad memories and countless arguments that I hate remembering. We didn't work out, and it was for the best," Veronica turns to look at Josef, "Life had other plans for me."

Veronica and Josef get lost in each other's eyes and Veronica feels the tension ease from Josef's body. Their moment is broken, however, by Parker, "Aww... you guys are too cute! But I want to dance so we'll talk to you later. Come on honey!"

After they've left Josef starts chuckling and Veronica elbows him in the ribs as Mick and Beth sit down. "Who were they?"

"Ugh, people from college."

"Sounds like you weren't too happy to see them," Beth observes.

"No, it's not that. Piz and Parker are nice, just... a little overwhelming."

"Who names their kid Piz?" Mick asks amused and Josef starts laughing again.

"His name isn't Piz, it's Stosh. His last name is Piznarski so everyone calls him Piz."

"Okay, don't care. Moving on!" Josef declares.

"Are you guys ready to go? Because I'm getting tired," Beth asks while yawning.

"Yeah, I'm getting bored anyways," Veronica replies.

The four make their way to the door, only stopping when Parker runs over for a goodbye hug. The sound of Josef laughing follows them out the door.


Veronica yawns as she wakes up in the cool air of Josef's extra-large freezer. Turning around she finds that Josef has already woken up and so she decides to get up as well. The freezer door opens with a whoosh and Veronica grabs a robe before walking into the bathroom to shower.

Later in the day as Veronica sits watching tv, nursing a scotch/O- mixture, she realizes how boring her life has gotten. She used to be a kick-ass P.I., but with her new 'vampire' status, she had to abandon the gig and somewhat disappear from the real world. Lately all she does is watch tv, read a book, or tag along with Beth. At first the 'disappearing' was because she had to learn to control her yearning for blood. But now... Veronica smiles to herself as she thinks of an idea.

Five minutes later she's on the road driving Josef's lamborghini. Weaving in and out of traffic and pushing the car close to the limit, Veronica's having the time of her life. The excitement is cut short, however, upon her arrival at Mick's. She exits the shiny car and makes her way towards Mick's office, entering without knocking. Mick doesn't look up from his desk, but mutters a 'just a sec'. Veronica rolls her eyes and plops down on the leather couch. She then grabs a random magazine and starts flipping.

By the time Mick has finished Veronica has learned that Lauren Conrad paid a visit to a psychic reader and that 4'8" Shawn Johnson has difficulty picking out homecoming dresses. "So what brings you here, Veronica?"

"Well... I was really bored sitting at Josef's watching tv, and then I had the most brilliant idea!"

"And what is your brilliant idea?" Mick asks warily.

"As you know, up until I was turned, I was a very successful private eye. So I was thinking, what if Mick St. John got a partner?"

"A partner?"

"Yep. You could take on twice the cases, or just have more time to spend with Beth. And I wouldn't be insanely bored all the time. If you think about it, it's a win-win situation."

"I don't know V... what's Josef gonna think?"

"Josef doesn't have complete rule over my life! It's your and my decision and that's it," Veronica snaps.

Mick sighs, relenting, "Fine... but you get to tell Josef."

"Deal," Veronica states before leaving the office and speeding home to wait for Josef.


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