Marching throughout the night, Dan Helsing, Double D and Vicktor arrived in the city of Budapest just as the dawn came through. Danny kept pulling on his cloak, in order shield himself from the cold wind and to hide his bite marks. Suddenly, a blast of wind hit them, and Danny drew his gun. Above and in front of them, Azula was perched on nearby roof. Clicking her tongue in disapproval, she said to them, "So much trouble for the Master. So much trouble."

Danny realized that she wasn't here to fight, and found that he was actually disappointed. "What do you want, Fang-Face?"

"The Master commands a trade: the Monster for the Princess."

As Vicktor growled at Azula, Danny said, "Somewhere public. Lots of people." Then Vicktor and Double D looked at Danny in bewilderment. "A place where your master will be less inclined to show his…other side."

Azula thought over it for a moment before smiling. "Tomorrow is Halloween Night. There a Masquerade Ball here in Budapest. That's where we'll make the trade."

"Pardon me," Double D spoke up, "But I think the proper term you meant to use for this current era is 'All Hallows Eve'. Its name derives from-"

"Shut up, twerp!" Azula snarled. "Just be at the Ball before midnight tomorrow or the girl's junk food!" And with that, Azula flew off.

As Danny put his gun away, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. It was his bite wound.

"Are you alright?" Double D asked, concerned for his friend. Vicktor lunged at Danny's cloak, exposing the bite mark.

"He's been bitten! Bitten by the WereWulf." Vicktor growled. "Now you will become what you hunted so passionately."

Danny calmly took his blowgun out. "I am sorry, Big Guy."

"May others be as passionate in their hunting of you." Vicktor responded with dignity, his face a heartbreaking mixture of anger and sadness at this sudden betrayal.

Without another word, Danny blew his tranquilizer dart at Vicktor.

Later at the royal cemetery, Dan Helsing and Double D tossed the unconscious Vicktor into a mausoleum that was big enough to hold him. Danny was dressed up as a nobleman with a cloak that was big enough to hide all of his equipment. Double D was dressed as a Court Jester.

"I'm sure this is some sort of sin!" Double D fretted.

"Don't worry, God will forgive us," Danny responded as he lifted a large stone cross that he planned to use to block the door.

"How many Commandments can we break in one day?" Double D asked. "Also, you don't think that the hat's a bit much, do you?"

"No, it looks good on you," Danny grunted as he placed the cross in front of the door.

"Now, according to the books," Double D explained as they began to walk out of the cemetery, "you won't turn into a WereWulf until your first full moon. That's two nights from now, and then you'll be able to fight Plasmius hold over you until the final stroke of midnight."

"Sounds like I have nothing to worry about." Danny replied.

"Oh my God, you should be terrified!"

Danny gave him a withering glare. "Thank you…"

"Sorry. Anyway, that still gives us forty-eight hours to find a solution for your, uh, condition." The young friar then made one last look at the mausoleum. "Are you sure he can't get out from there?"

"Not without some help from the dead." Danny assured him.

As soon as the two friends left the cemetery, one of the crypt seals opened. Revealing a cold, clammy, but not quiet, dead hand.

The 'All Hallows Eve' party was in full swing when Danny and Double D snuck into the giant palace. The interior was lavishly decorated, the parquet floor intricately detailed, the walls covered with tapestries and gilded moldings in the shape of crowns. The furniture was so old that a historian would be certain that they were from different periods of European history. There were gypsy performers, clowns, acrobats and other entertainers. An orchestra was playing at a nearby stage, playing beautiful but haunting music. People wearing masks and expensive costumes danced elegantly in couples or mingled in groups. The whole scene smacked of immense wealth…and immense decadence.

Then the orchestra began playing slower, more hunting music. And a singer named Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed) began to sing a wordless melody that matched the music. The dancers began to dance more slowly.

Among the dancers were Vlad Masters and Juniper. June was wearing an elegant red dress and was wearing her hair in a tight bun. But it looked like she was sleeping. Vlad then snapped his fingers, causing her to wake up.

"How does it feel to be a puppet on my string?" Vlad asked as he spun her around the dance floor.

"I wont let you trade me, Count." Juniper said in defiance, even though she was unable to move her body.

"I have no intention of trading you," Vlad said as they continued to dance. "And if I know Dan Helsing –which I do- he's not planning to make a trade either. Neither of us has ever settled for half."

Meanwhile, in the nearby balcony, Danny and Double D were scanning the crowd, looking for June.

"There they are!" Double D pointed.

Danny's eyes narrowed. It was going to really tough to get Juniper away from the Count if they were this close. Also, he couldn't shake off an uneasy feeling he was having. "Something's not right here…"

"I know," Double D agreed, "There both trying to lead."

"That's not what I meant!" Danny said. Then he saw some acrobats performing above them. And a fire-eater (Ruon-Jian from Avatar the Last Airbender) below them A plan came into mind. "Double D, I want to do something for me…"

"I'm not going to like this, am I?"

On the dance floor, Vlad spun June around and bent her backwards near a mirror. "Don't we make a beautiful couple?"

Juniper saw herself, but the Count had no reflection on the mirror.

"I'm in the market for a new bride, Juniper." Vlad continued. "Someone strong and beautiful."

"Forget it, Bats-for-Brains!" Juniper snapped in disgust. "I'd rather get eaten."

Meanwhile, above, Danny jumped on one of the high-wires used by the performers. He even surprised himself with the acrobatic tricks that he realised he didn't used. Beneath him, Double D made his way thru the crowd to Ruon-Jian, who was standing behind Vlad.

The Count shrugged. "Well…if you insist." He then opened his mouth widely, showing his fangs.

Danny whipped out his spinning blades (from Chapter 2), and cut one of the wires, swinging down towards June and Vlad. At the same time, Double D pushed Ruon-Jian, causing him to breathe fire on Vlad. The vampire count screamed in pain. He then angrily grabbed Ruon-Jian and threw him across the room. But while this was happening, Danny swooped by and grabbed June. The two of them then landed on a nearby balcony.

"You okay?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Juniper responded. "What kept you?"

Then the both heard Vlad say below them: "Oh, Daniel. Oh, Daniel…"

Danny looked down to see Vlad walking calmly into the middle of the room. Something wasn't right. Vlad seemed too calm. And so were the audience.

The Count smirked at Danny widely. "Welcome to my summer palace."

Then a side door opened. "Master! Master!" Angelica Pickles (Rugrats) cried, pointing at something. "Look, Master!"

It looked like a parade. And in the lead, was Jack Spicer. "We have him, Master. We have him."

Bound on a flat stretcher, carried by several party guests, was Vicktor.

"Rrraaaagh!" Vicktor screamed. "You vile undead! Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil! You are dammed fools! And dammed souls! And you will all burn in Hell!"

Danny sighed in dismay. Now that Vlad had Vicktor, nothing could stop him from bringing his children to life.

"Now that everything is as it should be," Vlad continued; "Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you…DAN HELSING!!!

Everyone else in the party took off there masks, and bared there fangs. That's right, fangs. They were all vampires.

"Time to go!" Danny said as he grabbed June and made a run for the hallway. The vampires quickly followed them.

Danny and June ran down the hallway into a nearby room, then they quickly locked the door and running towards the nearest window. Then Double D came around a corner. "Now I know what it's for! Now I know what it's for!" Double D shouted, proudly holding his Sun-Bomb. Then he looked at Dan Helsing and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Through that window!" Danny and June said in unison. They both grabbed him, causing the shocked friar to drop his invention. The trio then jumped through the stained glass window and down two stories to the river below.

Seconds later the vampires burst into the room…and then burst into flames as Sun-Bomb went off. This caused the inside of the mansion to light up with artificial sunlight.

"Double D! You're a genius!" Danny praised.

The young friar was looking a little worried about what he had just witnessed. "A genius with access to unstable chemicals!"

Then they saw a longboat come out of a nearby tunnel. It had Vicktor onboard it, tied with chains. With was Jack Spicer and half a dozen Heartless, who where rowing the boat. Danny quickly swam after them.

"Say goodbye to your friends, Big 'N' Green," Jack sneered. "Because where you're going…well, you don't want to know." Vicktor just sighed sadly and gave Danny a forlorn look.

Danny tried to swim faster, but when he got close enough to the boat, an iron gate slammed in front of him, cutting him off from the longboat. In the distance, Danny spotted their destination: a large steamboat.

"I'll find you! I'll get you back and set you free! I sware to God!" Danny called out. He then saw two shapes fly above him. If he had to guess, it was Vlad and his remaining bride. Just then, Juniper and Double D swam up to him.

"Come on Danny," Juniper said, "We can still make to Castle Frankenstein if we hurry."

"Yes…I have to save him," Danny said.

"No, you can't…" Double D said sadly, shaking his head.

Danny looked at him, his eyes wide in disbelief. "Why not?!"

"I cabled Rome earlier to apprise them of our situation."

"And?" Danny asked, not liking where this was going, "What did they say?"

"Even if you do somehow kill Plasmius, Rome orders you to destroy Vicktor."

Anger quickly rose in Danny. "But he isn't evil!"

"But he isn't a really person, either." Double D meekly pointed out.

Furious, Dan Helsing closed in on Double D. "Do they know him? Have they talked to him? Who are they to judge?!"

"They want to kill Vicktor so that he can never be used to harm toonkind." Double D explained feebly.

Danny grabbed him by his throat, nearly chocking the young friar. "And what of me? Did you tell Rome of what I'm to become? Did they tell you how to kill me? The correct angle of the stake in my heart?! The exact measure of silver in each bullet?!"

Juniper tried to stop him. "Danny, stop!"

"N-no…I…left you out," Double D chocked.

Of course he would, Danny realized. Double D was his friend. Of course he would try to protect him.

Suddenly, a surge went through Danny. His head went backwards as he let out bestial roar. But then he calmed down, the WereWulf venom quickly wearing off. He then gently let Double D down. Both he and Juniper gave Danny concerned looks.

"I'm sorry…" Danny said softly, "It's starting…."

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