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A loud, pain-filled moan filled the darkened streets. Two figures hunched in an alleyway, one whispering words of reassurance, the other, moaning in pain. The man tried to give comfort to his wife as she lay on a torn and tattered blanket. "Daisuke... it hurts so much..." Whispered the wife "Don't worry Kenya, it will be over soon." He replied. A figure with blood-red hair approached in the darkness. He had planned on making the pregnant woman into a puppet, but now, it was too late, for she was giving birth.

The figure decided that he would simply wait until she was done and then kill her. He stood in front of the helpless couple, in plain site, awaiting her demise.

"Please, leave us be, there's nothing here you could possibly want." The man pleaded. He knew who the man with blood-red hair was. He was the most feared man in the whole region. He killed who he wanted to, and without mercy. No one had the guts to try and stop him. All who tried were made into puppets and sent to the families. This man was none other than Akasuna no Sasori.

"Please, we have nothing for you..." He begged again. Sasori didn't bat an eye. He didn't care. He was going to get something out of this, one way, or another.

With a loud shriek, the child was born. The overjoyed couple seemed to forget about the murderer before them and only concentrated on the baby.

"My baby, my beautiful baby boy..." Kenya cooed. That is, until she noticed something. Her baby boy was missing an eye.

During her younger years, Kenya was a very beautiful girl. She was a blonde, blue-eyed marvel. Everyone loved her. She married Daisuke, a very handsome blonde man. They lived quite happily together for nearly five years. But unfortunately, both her parents died at the same time in a car wreck. The expenses ruined them and the loss of her parents took a toll on her mental state. She became somewhat insane. Not thinking clearly and lashing out at nothing. So when she saw her one-eyed, imperfect baby, she couldn't handle it.

"Monster! Horrid thing!" She thrust the baby toward Sasori, "Take it! Take it! I don't want this thing!" She practically threw it at him. Daisuke was hysterical, losing his first and only child. He tried to take him back, but Sasori held the child in his arms, and there was no fighting this man.

"... Fine. If you do not want this child, I shall take it to do with as I please." Sasori turned to leave, but a voice caught him. "Please, please, that is my only child. I need him..."

"... You're woman doesn't seem to though. So... what will you do?"

There was a long pause. Daisuke was obviously putting a lot of thought into this. He already knew that Sasori was not going to give up the child. He had already decided to keep him. But maybe, he could at least give his son a name?
"May I... name him...?"
"... Fine."
"My son's name... it's... his name is... Deidara. Yes, Deidara."
"Fine. Deidara is mine now. Goodbye."

Daisuke fell to his knees as he watched the most feared man in the whole region carry his son away. The only thing he could hear was his wife's quiet sobs as Sasori faded into the night.

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