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Peace stole over the old man's face at last. He didn't look old and frail, that was for sure. The man stood at an alarming height, well over seven feet, long arms and legs bulging with muscles. There wasn't a streak of white in his orangey hair. Yet, he had the air of one who had been fighting for a very long time. And he had.

King Galfore opened his beady, emerald eyes and nodded at his advisor. "The princess may return, now, yes?"

"Yes, your Highness. Gordania has just finished signing the peace treaty. All is safe for her."

Galfore smiled, the action causing his greatest battle scar, an eight-inch long cut that just missed his eye, to sting. He stopped quickly. "Eighteen years..." he muttered wearily. "Eighteen years since I have seen my little bumgorf. Where did you say she was?"

The advisor checked his maps. "In the kingdom called...Gotham."

Halfway around the world, Kory Anders's tinkling laugh sounded across the grounds of Wayne Manor. "Richard Grayson, you will NOT get away with false illnesses this time! You will be at that meeting today, and if I must, I shall push you there in a wheelchair!"

Dick Grayson groaned. "But Kory, it's so boring..."

Kory slapped a towel lightly across his arm. "You are a grown man. Stop behaving as though you are a child," she reprimanded, unable to hide a small smile. Her best friend waved it off.

"Not grown. Only twenty-three!"

Kory sighed, sitting on the bed beside we he lay. "I will never understand you, Dick. One minute you are as obsessed and stubborn as Master Bruce, and the next..." She shook her head. "The next, you are just like Gar."

Dick frowned. "Don't call him Master, Kory, how many times do I have to tell you?"

"He is my master. I have no choice. You know this." Kory shrugged it off. "Now rise."

Dick did as he was told, grumbling the whole way to the bathroom. "Why don't you call me Master, then? I am the next in line here, you know."

"Because you are my best friend. I do not have to." She smiled cheekily and snapped the towel again as a threat. "And as your best friend, I have certain methods to put you in your place that other servants usually are not allowed to use...painful as they are."

Dick rushed into the bathroom, well aware of Kory's amazing strength...and how much it hurt when she really put her mind to it.

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