There was no thunder rumbling down from the heavens. There was no lightning streaking down through a tear stained sky. There was no shadow flying through the clouds, bringing promise of fame and fortune along with its song of hope. Well, there was, but the shadow was the shadow of a helicopter, and its hopeful song was more like a headache inducing groan.

What there really was, however, was a girl.

She was your average girl.

Well, as average as any kind of girl could be.

Which, if you're an elite Team Rocket officer assuming a deep cover mission in order to take over and decimate a rival crime syndicate, was pretty average.

There were a lot of things to notice about her. It was just that the things you noticed were things she wanted you to notice.

Like that she was slightly clumsy, and excitable, and even modest, judging by her white, knee length dress that actually possessed some semblance of sleeves.

Or that she known to be an extremely nice, if slightly naïve, girl by her two friends/neighbors.

Those were the first things you noticed if you tried to get to know her. If you tried to guess who she was just from looking, of course, you'd get a slightly more accurate picture of who she was, but makeup and colored contacts can go a long way in disguising even the most extraordinary person.

She had hair, of course. Lots of it. Over a hundred thousand strands, which, if you've progressed to the point where counting to a single hundred takes longer than it takes to say, "one, two, skip a few," you'll know to be a rather large number.

There were also her eyes, a rather remarkable feature of hers. She had two of them, shaped sort of like almonds, or ovals, the perfect shape for looking through a rather odd contraption made of plastic and metal but called glasses. The most extraordinary thing about them was, despite being relatively small - compared to such things as her hands and feet and elbows - they could, by deciphering the intensity of color and perceived depth of various objects, relate to her the appearance and general structure of the world.

In addition to that, she was startlingly, startlingly tall. So much that her height was almost five times her width!

She had two rather marvelous things called legs, which, through an incredibly complicated process involving the use of almost two hundred muscles, allowed her to move around and navigate the rather confusing world her eyes would warn her about. The complexity! The daring!

Then came two amazing appendages she liked to call arms. Attached to them were hands - one for each of them. Using all of these, she was able to interact with her surrounding in such profound ways, entire novels could be written. To think of the heart stopping maneuvers they managed! While being strong enough to squeeze a grown man's arm until the bone shattered, they were also capable of being gentle enough to hold something as fragile as a rose's stem without immediately snapping it in half.

To think that such things were possible! And that one little girl was able to do them all, sometimes simultaneously!

Well, with all that, you could hardly call her average at all then, even without knowing that she was an infamous elite assassin that could kill a man ten different ways in under ten seconds without using any pokemon at all, could you.

Could you?