Title: Second Chances... A Love Story.

Author: Angel's blue eyed girl

Rating: T for now...M later on.

Disclaimer: I own none of the Angel or Buffy characters.

Setting: Season 6 BtVS and Season 3 Ats. Starts at the off camera meeting between Buffy and Angel.

Summary: After Angel hears Buffy is alive, he goes to meet with her. Realizing that Buffy is on the verge of falling apart he convinces her to return to Los Angeles with him in the hopes that he can bring back the girl he left behind in Sunnydale. My way to give Buffy and Angel what Joss never did!

Pairing: Buffy and Angel all the way baby!

A/N... This is my alternate reality fic to the horrors that were season 6 of Buffy and season 3 of Angel!

A/N 2... Ya know I have to tell you what inspired this fic... I just found an old interview with David Boreanaz. It was for the BtVS magazine and in it he said and I quote, "I never did understand the whole Cordy/Angel thing... In my mind Angel's heart would have always stayed with Buffy!"

I mean, in the interview, he mentioned the charisma between him and... Charisma, (love her name) but he was very emphatic that he believed the character of Angel would have always stayed true to Buffy. Since I totally agree... It just inspired my musie... SO this fic is directly in response to my reaction to David's interview.

BTW... Thank you David B. for giving me Angel:)

A/N 3... Warning: There will be some Cordy bashing in this fic... NO Spike bashing though, I just adore James Marsters and the character of Spike way too much to allow musie to bash him:) BUT... there will be NO Buffy/Spike lovin in this fic either. Only pure Buffy/Angel fluffy/smutty goodness! ;)



Angel was trying to explain to Fred just why it was he couldn't have a relationship. 'How do you explain to someone, that for him relationships not only ended badly, but sometimes led to death and the release of a demon who still to this day could strike fear in the hearts of all who had ever heard of him or worse happened to meet him?' Not an easy thing to explain, though it wasn't like there was any chance of "perfect happiness" for him here. Only one woman had ever given him that and she was dead...

Angel felt his throat close up as an image of big mossy green eyes, golden hair and a tiny, but strong, curvy body flooded his senses making him forget what he was about to say to Fred.

Just then the doors leading to the courtyard were flung open. Cordelia was standing there looking down on him and Fred. Angel felt a tingling sensation race up his spine just before she yelled, "She's alive! Angel, Buffy's alive!"


The Beach... Half way between Sunnydale and Los Angeles.

Chapter 1

He held her as she cried. Her tiny, yet deceptively powerful body shook as she sobbed into his chest.

"Angel...What am I going to do?" She asked, trembling in the aftershocks of their emotional meeting.

Angel held her closer, rocking her and kissing the top of her silky blond head, he couldn't help but wonder the same thing.


Their meeting had started out awkwardly at first. She'd tried to joke as she told him about her money situation, how she had medical bills from her mother's illness that still hadn't been paid and how every power or gas bill was so far behind they were threatening to disconnect service.

"You know there's always candles!" she'd quipped as she tried to tell him she was fine, but he wasn't buying it and for once he wasn't willing to let her believe he was.

It was only after they began arguing that she started admitting what was really tearing her apart. With a soft, yet determined voice she told him of the last year before she died. She told him how Dawn had been created, about Glory and her need for the 'Key' She looked at him and her green eyes were dark as she told him of her need to save Dawn from Glory. She smiled softly as she'd said to him that the only regret she'd had as she jumped from the construction platform into the portal was that she'd never told him that she still loved him.

She finally got around to revealing the fact that she'd been in Heaven when her (friends) had performed the spell to bring her back. She then confessed to how frightening it was... being ripped out of Heaven and awakening in a coffin. She didn't even realize she was crying as she finished her tale with having to dig her way out of her own grave!

Angel felt his heart lift and break again and again as she spoke. Her voice was soft, teary and yet strangely determined at the same time. 'Kind of like Buffy herself he thought. When she said the part about still loving him, he felt his dead heart leap in his chest. She'd said she didn't love him anymore... He'd began to believe those words. This new information made him hope... He tucked her confession away for later examination.

When she was done he shuddered as he remembered crawling from his grave too, but then that had happened when he was a soulless demon and he sure as hell hadn't been in heaven either!

"Buffy...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry love..." he whispered as he rocked back and forth with her tucked against the strong wall of his chest.

Buffy raised tear filled hazel eyes to stare into the face of the one man who still, to this day held her heart in the palm of his large hands. She hoped he'd be tender with it at this point, because truthfully Buffy couldn't take much more right now.

"It's not your fault Angel. Please stop thinking that, okay?" She gripped the edges of his leather duster as she said that, pulling herself up and closer to his face. Her eyes met his and she smiled, "It's not your fault, I knew what I was getting into...promise."

He shook his head, denying her acquittal of him and his actions. "I should have been there. I should have helped you with Glory. I'm sorry."

He was still so disgusted that he had been in Pylea, saving Cordy, (who had been just fine really) while Buffy was here... dying, that it made him sick to even think about it!

"It's okay," she whispered, snuggling into his chest and taking comfort in the strength and love he offered. "You're here now."

Buffy was happy, more than happy Angel was here. She hadn't meant to tell him everything, it had just happened that way. When he wanted to see her, she thought she'd be able to tell him she was fine and that would be that. But it hadn't worked out quite like she'd expected it to.

First off, when she'd told him; 'though coming back from the dead was a trip, to say the least, everything was just fine in Buffyland, so he didn't need to worry about her.' Angel had flat out told her she was lying!

To say she'd been surprised would be an understatement. Angel wasn't supposed to be confrontational like that. He was just supposed to hold her for a moment, tell her he was there for her and then they'd part ways as they always did with real feelings, yet very little in depth information passing between them.

Not this time. No, this Angel had called her a liar, then had leaned down into her face, so that they had been nose to nose and told her to get real with him. He'd told her to tell him what was really making her all 'Little Miss Traumatized!'

Of course that had started the fight that had eventually ended with Buffy in his lap, telling him the very information he'd told her from the get go he wanted from her.

They had been sitting like this for over an hour.

He gazed down into that sweet, beloved face. A face he thought he would never see again and KNEW his soul was somehow permanent. He had NO idea how, but he KNEW it was, because right now; with her in his arms, holding him as he held her and seeing that sweet trusting look on her exquisite face, he knew his soul should be long gone and Angelus should be the one here right now.

"Angel?" Buffy asked softly.

"Yeah love?" He replied, pulling her closer to him, feeling more content than he had in months... hell, years even.

She sighed softly, feeling more at peace than she could remember in a long time. "I don't want to go home. Not right now. Maybe not ever. I... I just don't think I can be what they want me to be anymore. I'm not that Buffy anymore."

Angel tilted her chin up so he could stare into those deep green eyes he loved so much. "You don't have to be that Buffy anymore love. You aren't her anymore as a matter of fact. You've changed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's a bad thing either." He smiled gently wanting nothing more than to kiss her.

His face must have given away his need because Buffy moaned softly and raised her head, just as Angel growled and lowered his.

The kiss was electrifying, as always. In moments they were straining against each other, touching. Their hands grasping to pull each other closer. As close as could be without actually being one.

"Angel..." Buffy moaned against his mouth, threading her fingers through the silky soft hair at the base of his neck as she opened her mouth for his kiss.

Angel pulled back, his eyes searching her passion flushed face. "Buffy... mine. Still mine," he gasped before swooping down to taste her again.

It was just as it always had been, but then neither was surprised by that. Their problems had never been due to lack of desire for each other. As a matter of fact, just the opposite was true. One of the reasons Angel had left was because he knew he wanted her too much. Too desperately and eventually he WOULD give in to that need and take comfort in her and poof.. Hello Angelus again. He couldn't take that chance.

Somehow he knew it was different now. If he could lose his soul again, he'd have already lost it. It had never been about sex... It was about love. The moment he heard she was alive... Angelus should've been free. Since he wasn't, Angel could only believe somehow the happiness clause to his curse was no longer there.

He lifted his head and smiled at her little mewl of protest as she scooted closer to him, her curvy bottom rubbing against his ever enlarging erection as she did so.

"Buffy..." he sighed as he kissed her full, lush lips again.

He knew he had to help her. Her soul was in real danger and that's what he did. He saved lost souls. Angel could almost make himself believe that was the only reason for what he was about to suggest, but he couldn't lie to himself quite so brazenly. No, there were other, more personal reasons, like the fact that now that he was holding her in his arms again he never wanted to let her go. Not again. He'd let her go too many times. He just couldn't do it again, not when he'd had to live with the fact that he'd really lost her for the last three months!! When he'd heard Buffy had died, a part of him had died too, but now she was back and she was here, in his arms... he wasn't letting her go again.

He'd made all the 'Right' decisions in the past... Like when he'd traded his humanity and their happiness for her life and all the Powers That Be had given her was maybe a year and a half! A lousy year and a half, maybe they could've had that time together... Did he do the right thing trading his humanity that day in November two years ago? He didn't know, he'd never doubted his decision before, but he was now.

All those things combined were going through his head, but what did it matter? Either way all of them pointed towards the same goal... He was going to ask Buffy to come home with him.


The Hyperion Hotel...

Cordelia was putting away the last of the files that Wes had been going over earlier, before they had all headed out to go find a small nest of Gormlack Demons that had taken up residence in the basement of a woman's home when Angel and Buffy walked into the lobby of the old hotel.

"Oh my God Angel... This place is huge. All this is really yours?" Buffy was asking, looking around in a circle as Cordelia's dark brown gaze settled on the couple.

"OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!" Cordelia practically screamed from across the room.

Buffy and Angel's heads whipped towards the dark haired seer's loud voice.

"Angel just what the hell are you doing?!" Cordy screeched, more than a bit pissed at seeing Buffy there, in the lobby of the hotel. A place she now considered HER territory!

Angel closed his eyes briefly. He was truly hoping Cordy would be gone by the time he and Buffy got here.

"Aanngell! Just what is Buffy doing here... and with you?" Cordelia could not believe what she was seeing. She'd known Angel was going to see 'Little Miss Slays a Lot' but she never dreamed he'd bring her back with him!

Buffy wished the other girl's anger at seeing her didn't bother her, but it did. She just couldn't seem to get control of herself or her emotions, feeling Angel's comforting presence helped though and with just a bit of her old spark she gave Cordy a small smile and quipped, "Nice to see you too Cordy."

Wesley came out of the office, Cordelia's screaming getting his attention also. "Cordelia could you please keep it down I'm trying to..." He noticed Buffy and Angel standing in the entryway of the Hyperion.

Buffy gave Wesley the same small smile, "Um... Hi Wes." She said as she gave him a tiny, almost shy wave.

Wesley stared, surprised to see the petite Slayer there. "Oh. Well... Hello Buffy. I was very glad to hear about your um..."

Buffy flashed a teasing grin, "Resurrection," she supplied, once again with a small trace of her old spark.

Wesley nodded, "Um well yes, you're recent resurrection. We were all glad to hear you were back."

Buffy sighed softly, well at least he was being civil and seemed if not exactly pleased to see her at least he wasn't being completely hostile, like some others... She looked at Cordelia and highly doubted ALL of Angel's crew were quite so pleased to hear she was back after all.

Wesley's eyes met Angel's, "Um Angel is there a reason you've decided to bring Buffy back with you? Is there another indestructible demon or Hell God that needs vanquishing?" He asked, hopeful that Angel had a reason other than he loved her to bring the tiny Slayer home with him.

Angel rolled his eyes, wondering how he ever had let his personal affairs get to this point. He was actually working for these two?!! He loved them, they were like his family, but sometimes he really didn't want to explain his personal business to them and this was one of those times.

"We could only be so lucky!" Cordy snapped, "But somehow I doubt it. Anytime she's involved..." Cordelia's eyes stared daggers at Buffy. "... it's never good for any of us!"

Angel felt Buffy crawl up close against his back, apparently seeking comfort and sanctuary from the very hostile glare of Cordelia and the puzzled disapproval of Wesley's gaze.

He met Cordy and Wesley's gaze evenly, before turning back to Cordy with a sigh. "Cordelia Buffy has saved everyone in this room at least once, so will you please stop."

Angel closed his eyes and sought patience he wasn't sure he possessed. He'd known this was going to be difficult, explaining Buffy's presence to Cordy, but he'd also hoped to not have to do it tonight. But really it didn't matter because as mad as she got, the fact was his decision to bring Buffy here wasn't open to deliberation. She was staying and though Angel hated to cause a rift in the relationship with Cordelia and Wesley; one he was still mending from when he fired them after he became obsessed with Darla, he was adamant that Buffy was staying and they could either accept it or leave. There was no other options and he was very serious about it.

"Buffy's going to be staying here..." he blurted out, just wanting to get the fireworks over and get Buffy up to... what? His room? Her room?

Angel closed his eyes again. Her room. Yeah, she definitely needed her own room. Though there was nothing he'd like more than to go to sleep with Buffy in his arms and wake up to her in just the same spot. He realized she needed her space to get well again.

Cordelia's eyes widened, "Are you out of your mind?!! She can't stay here Angel. It's too dangerous!"

Cordelia moved around the counter of the reception area of the hotel, placing her hands on her hips she raised a haughty dark brow and glared at Angel. This was a look that always made him retreat and she was hoping it would work now as it had in the past.

Angel tried to placate his angry seer, "Cordy please... Look it's not like that..."

Cordelia snorted rudely and interrupted him, "Oh puhlease... It is SO like that and you know it buddy so don't try and act like this is all for the good cuz you and Buffy...? Never of the good."

Buffy stepped closer to Angel as she took in the dark haired woman's tight jeans and tank top. She lowered her eyes as she tried to stifle the jealousy that swamped her at the thought that Cordelia had been here with him for the last three years when she; Buffy had been away from him and no longer a part of his life. It hurt that Cordy had been sharing his life and had obviously gotten very close to him. Close enough to be demanding and bossy with him, while Buffy had been relegated to a few short meetings in three years. Well except for one day... But that just brought up a whole new wave of agony and after everything she'd been through recently, Buffy was just too raw to be able to hide that pain.

Angel saw her blinking rapidly, trying to alleviate the tears that were threatening and his brows lowered as he glared at Cordelia. He loved his seer. He really did. She was like the sister he'd wished he hadn't killed, but there were times... Like right now, when Cordelia's brutal lack of tact and selfishness made him more than just uncomfortable. It made him downright angry.

"She's staying." He stated, his voice full of quiet determination. He met Cordy's outraged dark eyes, then Wesley's silent questioning ones with a steely resolve that said clearly they were NOT going to make him tell Buffy to leave.

Cordelia crossed her arms across her ample chest and rolled her eyes dramatically. "Oh my God I am SO not going through this again. For weeks I had to deal with a wacky, I'm way off the deep end, broody Angel because of Darla and just when we're all starting to get as normal as we CAN get..."

She put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes, "In walks little Miss Slay's a lot! Does anyone else see a not so good pattern here? I mean, hello!... We just got normal Angel back again and then in walks Hurricane Buffy, the only person in Angel's long unlife that can really make him go completely insane!"

When Wesley didn't say anything and Angel just took Buffy's hand and pulled her closer to him, Cordelia blew out a frustrated, angry breath.

"Okay, why am I the only one who sees a problem with this arraignment? I mean Buffy and Angel... living together under the same roof! Can we all say hello Angelus?!!"

Cordelia glared first at Angel, then a shrinking Buffy; who seemed to suddenly grow roots to Angel and then lastly at Wesley who truly was unsure how to proceed.

Wesley didn't know where to start. It wasn't like Buffy was his Slayer anymore so he really had no say in where she went or what she did, and Angel... Well he might work for them, but Wes had a very good notion if he told Angel to take Buffy back to Sunnydale, the souled Vampire would tell them all to go to Hell. So, the question was... How did he keep Angel here in L.A and still get Buffy back in Sunnydale, without losing either one of them?

Angel's dark eyes went from Cordy to Wesley and once again maybe his face gave him away because Wesley sighed softly at the fiercely determined look on the tall, handsome vampires face.

Wesley looked at Cordelia and shook his head, warning her silently to stay quiet. "Okay then... Well why don't you and Buffy uh..." He stopped and flushed slightly. Looking from Angel to Buffy he cleared his throat and began again, "What I mean to say is why don't we discuss this in the morning after Buffy has gotten some..." He emphasized his next words. "...much needed rest. Then we can all come to an agreeable decision, hmm?"

Angel smiled at Wesley, but his face still held that look of stubborn resolve when he said, "Sounds great Wes, but I gotta tell you, the only thing we'll be discussing in the morning is whether you and Cordy can accept Buffy as part of the team."

Looking down on his tiny love Angel saw the small smile that graced her lovely face. Her deep, mossy green eyes met his and he saw a wide array of emotions there. Happiness, gratefulness and yes, love. It was there shining in her expressive eyes and Angel suddenly felt all the tension leave his body. He knew he'd walk through the very fires of hell to have her look at him like she was now and though Cordy's wrath wasn't exactly hell it was pretty damned close to it!

It was in that instant Angel realized he really didn't give a damn what his friends felt, because seeing that look on Buffy's face; A face that only a few short hours had expressed nothing but misery... well, knowing he put that look on her face made anything he had to go through with Cordelia and Wesley worth it.

"Okay." Angel said when no one else made another comment to stop him. "I'm going to let Buffy pick out a room and I'll see you guys in the morning."

So saying he took Buffy's hand again and started to lead her up the staircase to the upper floors.

Buffy turned and smiled again at Wesley, she pointedly didn't meet Cordy's irritated gaze. She just wasn't up to going another round with the angry seer. "Um... well good night. I uh... guess I'll see you in the morning." She allowed Angel to lead her up the first few stairs before she stopped and turned back to Cordy and Wesley. "Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me that you guys aren't throwing me out."

Cordy rolled her expressive dark eyes again, "As if Mr. Tall dark and broody over there would let us!"

Wesley gave the tall brunette an irritated glance. He was suddenly seeing WHY Angel brought Buffy here. She wasn't herself. She seemed so fragile was the word that came readily to Wesley's mind.

He smiled at Buffy and Angel, "Yes, well good night and yes Buffy we will see you in the morning... I do believe Fred has promised to cook us a down home Texas breakfast tomorrow so we'll see you then. Yes?"

Buffy raised confused green eyes to Angel, "Fred?" She whispered, "Who's Fred?"

Angel smiled at his petite love, "I'll tell you all about it before you go to bed."

Buffy grinned as she let him lead her up the rest of the stairs, "Ooooh a bedtime story? Promise?" She asked with a smile that was so pure Buffy, Angel felt his heart literally jump and though he KNEW that was just impossible, he still damned well knew he felt it too!

"Sweetheart, if you keep smiling at me like that I'd damned well promise you anything, you know that!" He said laughing.

Buffy laughed, her first real giggle since he'd seen her. "Okay... THAT look you have right now... Definite smiling incentive mister!"

Angel flashed her a sweet, teasing grin that lit up his face and made his eyes sparkle. "Well then remind me to do it again and again if it makes you look at me like that, okay?"

Buffy felt her whole body tingle when he looked at her like that. "Okay..." she whispered, just staring at how beautiful he was when he smiled like he was now.

She wanted to say something witty and flashy, but this was Angel and he was smiling at her like he used to... Years ago. It made her all tongue tied and emotional...

"Angel?" She said in that way she always did that always sounded like a breathless question.

"What love?" He replied, breaking the pattern of saying each other's names as if in prayer when they saw each other.

She grinned when she saw the teasing look in his eyes. "No you're supposed to say Buffy."

He grinned, "We already did that, remember?"

She laughed, really laughed and Angel couldn't help but join in. "Oh that's right... Okay..." she said, feeling giddy again and not so weepy anymore. "Lead the way, oh wise hotel master."

Angel grabbed her hand again and kissed her palm. "Wise hotel master?!" he asked with a lift of his brow and a small teasing smile.

Buffy turned her head to the side and chuckled, "If the hotel fits, wear it!"

Angel gazed down at her at she laughed. Her head was tilted back and her full ripe lips were parted, exposing the most beautiful white teeth Angel had ever seen. Everything about Buffy was beautiful and he blinked several times as he took in her ethereal seductiveness. It wasn't that he'd forgotten how incredibly cute she was, it was just that he hadn't been exposed to her adorableness in a very long time. She was contagious and he suddenly laughed outright as he realized she was just what HE needed too right now.

They were at the top of the landing and Angel pulled her to him, his laughter died in his throat as he gazed down into her stunning face. "Okay, this wise hotel master says it's time for bed... The only question the wise hotel master wants to know is where do you want to sleep, oh wise hotel guest?"

Buffy's mouth opened and only a small squeak came out. She tried to scowl as she cleared her throat.

Raising emotional hazel eyes to the deep, dark gaze of the only man she had ever loved with ALL her heart and soul, she asked in a whisper as she edge closer to his muscular frame. "Where does the wise hotel master think his guest should sleep?"

It was so quiet in the hotel, yet Angel could hear the buzz of raging desire ringing in his ears. The air was charged with their passion as he pulled her even closer.

"Well the wise hotel master doesn't feel so wise in this decision." He said, his lips inches from hers, "This is purely an emotional issue, you as the hotel guest must understand." He breathed as he inched closer and tilted her chin up, "The only argument I have is to offer is this...I want you with ME Buffy, but I don't want to pressure you..." he whispered just before his lips took hers in a kiss that curled both their toes.

When the kiss ended Buffy let all the repressed emotions concerning Angel loose. For the first time in years she was allowed to indulge these emotions again and she did... with gusto. Her eyes were deep pools of hazel desire as she gazed up into his beloved face.

"Okay..." she murmured softly, "I mean okay with the no pressure thing, which there isn't.. I mean pressure that is. Nope, no pressure here. Not at all."

Angel blinked, not sure if that meant she wanted to be with hi or not. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that..."

Buffy put her finger over his lips stopping his panicked flow of words. She placed her small hand in his as she smiled up at him, "What I mean to say Angel is... I'd like that too," she said softly, smiling brightly when he gave her a magnificent, completely happy grin and led her to his room.


Downstairs, Cordy almost growled as she heard their laughter drift down the stairs. "Oh great! It's starting... The Buffy and Angel freak show! Well I for one am oh so glad I'm not staying here tonight. I certainly have NO intention of waking up and being a starring role in one of Angelus' sick dramas!!"

She grabbed her purse and shot Wes a look when she saw he didn't appear to be in a hurry to leave, "You can't really plan on staying here tonight do you?"

Wesley didn't answer right away as he walked around the receptionist counter and put the files that Cordy had forgot when she saw Buffy away. "Well I should think one of us should stay... As you say, just in case Angelus should make a reappearance," he said, raising his eyes to meet the dark haired seers' wide eyed gaze.

Cordy rolled her eyes, "Or we could just veto the whole Slayer shelter idea and send her back to Sunnyhell where she belongs," she griped digging her keys out of her purse.

Wesley rolled his eyes now too. Sometimes Cordelia really didn't see the big picture. "Cordelia did you ever stop and think maybe the powers mean for Angel to heal Buffy? I mean for Gods' sake the girl died and was brought back to life. That must be a traumatic event. Has anyone even considered how this must be affecting her?"

Amazed to finally find Cordelia speechless Wesley let his thoughts think about Buffy and how odd her passive behavior was and truthfully he realized this was what was really waying on his mind.

Though his memory of Buffy may be slightly skewed, (because really, she had done nothing but ridicule him during his short stay in Sunnydale) it wasn't that skewed. This girl who had stood before them earlier had been very, very different than the confident young Slayer who had taken down the Mayor three years ago. She seemed like a shell of that young woman and in that instant Wes knew he could do nothing but agree with Angel's decision to take Buffy under his wing.

He only hoped helping her was Angel's only agenda, because Wesley fully remembered how very much in love those two had been once upon a time in Sunnydale and though he wasn't there, he'd also heard all the gory details of what that love had brought about... the return of Angelus! That was the very, very last thing the fragile Slayer needed to happen to her at this point. Wesley honestly didn't think Buffy would have it in her to defeat that demon again, especially the way she seemed right now.

He decided to call Giles and ask the older watcher if he knew Buffy was planning on moving to Los Angeles and also his opinion on how Buffy had seemed since she'd come back.

Looking at Cordelia he sighed, "Cordelia, she's staying, at least for tonight. And as far as Angelus returning, well all I can say is I certainly hope not, but here's my dilemma... Why didn't Angel lose his soul when he found out she was alive? I mean the curse is clear, perfect happiness equals the return of Angelus. It mentions nothing having to do with sexual intercourse, only happiness. Why didn't Angel lose his soul when he found out Buffy was brought back and was alive? You can't tell me that hearing the love of his life was alive didn't give him that feeling."

Cordy's eyes widened as she absorbed Wesley's words. She'd truthfully never thought about it, but she knew Wes was right. Angel obviously still loved the skinny blond, so why hadn't Angelus made a guest appearance as soon as Angel learned Buffy was back? Unless... "Well maybe he's not so madly in love with her as he used to be?"

At Wesley's incredulous look she grabbed his arm as if to convince him, "I mean... Hey, it can happen... You know, one day you're Romeo and Juliet or in this case Buffy and Angel and the next your Donald and Ivana!" Cordy said with a shrug.

Wesley looked at his co-worker and wondered just where she came up with the things she said. "Cordelia, I think it was pretty obvious that Angel still loves the girl, so the real question is why isn't he Angelus?"

Cordy gasped, "Maybe he is and he's just waiting for us to get all comfy so he can play one of his twisted Angelus psycho mind games on us." She dug in her purse as she said this, pulling out a stake she went on, "maybe we should just go up there and confront him and if he's Angelus well we'll just have ta stake him!" She emphasized her words with a jab of the stake.

Wesley shook his head at her theatrics, "Or maybe Angel's soul is bound and he doesn't know it."

Cordelia scoffed until she saw Wes was serious. "But how could he not know something like that?"

Wesley smiled softly, "Because the only person who could really test it has been away from him." He turned to Cordy with a question in his eyes, "But she's here now. She's alive and don't tell me Angel hasn't felt perfect happiness knowing she's alive. So what does that tell YOU?"

Cordelia felt intense jealousy flood her system. She wanted to stomp her foot and rage at the thought of Angel had been all soulbound this entire time! She'd always thought him beautiful, yeah for a long time she'd seen him as a brother, but lately... Well lately she'd been seeing him in an entirely different light. Ever since he'd come to Pylea...

She shook her head and brought herself back to the present, "Well it doesn't tell me anything really. Either Angel just doesn't love his little Slayer like he used to..." (which Cordy really hoped was the situation) "Or he's somehow got his soul and we're out of a job!"

Wesley gave her a look of disbelief. 'Out of a job? Just where the hell did Cordy come up with these things?!' he thought again. Not wanting to argue anymore with the dark haired girl he didn't respond to that and said instead, "Well then tomorrow I'll call Giles and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this mystery hmmm?"

Cordy nodded as she prepared to leave, "Yeah, well I still say no matter what... Angel and Buffy together equals trouble."

She slung her purse over her shoulder needing to get out of there. "Well if you're staying here... Hopefully I'll see ya." And with that she marched out the doors leaving Wesley alone to contemplate just what WAS happening between Buffy and Angel.

He looked at the clock. "11:00..." he said out loud, hoping Giles was still awake. Picking up the phone he dialed the older watcher's number, the quicker they discussed the matter the quicker they could come to an agreeable solution.

"Yes.. Giles. Hello, Wesley here... No, nothings wrong really it's just... Well... Do you have a bit of time I need to ask your opinion on something..."


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