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Inoue stared calmly right through Ulquiorra's piercing green eyes; she knew why he stood there in the door way. She knew what he was waiting to hear. 'I said good bye, I chose this. It's what I am now.'

He waited patiently for the newly christened princess of Huecho Mundo to willfully say the words that would be her own final undoing. 'I've done so little. It is remarkable that someone with so much power can be so easily manipulated to self-destruct.' He waited for her to deliver her own final self-inflicted wound; the final act that would severe her from her former self and acknowledge her new place in this universe.

'Kurosaki-kun… I must reject Kurosaki-kun, Tatsuki-chan, Ishida-kun, Sado-kun, flowers, cheese, ice cream with soy sauce and bean paste, Don Kanonji, handicrafts… Inoue Orihime… I must reject… I do reject.' With a soft steady voice that was void of all emotion, the shell of a girl who was once so trusting, eccentric full of life, bursting with happy thoughts, sweet smiles, and sunny days surrendered to a new destiny. She spoke directly to Ulqiorra and eerily at him, "My powers and my body are for Aizen-sama and his desire".

Ulqiorra was content with her decree. 'That will do for now. Aizen-sama will finish breaking any hidden spirit she might still have.' This was her new home, her pristine white prison to her.

He left her to her self-imposed desolation