Title: My Best Girl
By: mandy-jg
Pairing: Tracy/Link (Hairspray)
Summary: All of her dreams were coming true...
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluff, and complete silliness.
A/N: This very well may be a extremely bad, but if I listen to the monster who has stolen my brain, he may just leave me alone.

My Best Girl

"I'm happy for him," she told herself. He deserves this, he truly does. Tracy could feel the smile on her face, and deep down she was pleased for Link. His father was shaking one of those agents hands, with Link beside him with a large smile.

This was it for him, he'd done all that he could on the Corny Collin's Show, it was time for him to move up in the world, and that meant he would more than likely be leaving. And she would stay here, not that there was anything wrong with here. All of her dreams were coming true, life was pretty wonderful right now.

Mum was out of the house, it was like the weight had been lifted from her shoulders, Tracy could see the relief on her dad's face. Then there was Penny who couldn't help but fret over what her mother would say, but couldn't stop smiling with Seaweed by her side.

She couldn't help but watch all the people she cared about enjoy themselves, and see their dreams come true. All of hers had, with one of them striding towards her beaming.

"Tracy," he gushed, taking both of her hands in his. "You wouldn't believe it!"

"I think I can," she smiled. "I can't imagine them not loving you, this is wonderful."

"There's more," Link said quietly, a small smile on his face. "You know Trac, this is all I've ever wanted. To sing, to dance, and these people can make all that happen. I'd be able to do all that I've dreamed about."

"You can Link, and so much more," Tracy beamed at him.

"I said no."

"But, you, and your dad..." She shook her head, "Why?"

"I said no, I wouldn't say yes if it was just me. You see, the only reason I would sign with them if it was me and my best girl, she's the only one I want to dance with."


"Look Tracy," he said turning her to her parent, who were now talking to the agents. "It's you and me Tracy, I don't want to do this without you."

Her heart sped as she watched them talk, "Oh my," she gasped as her father held out his hand. "Link!"

"It's happening Trac, you and me," he grinned as she turned back to her.

"Look out world."

"Here we come."