Title: At the Sign of the Bawdy Moogle

Summary: In which we have strippers, rockstars, college, a soon-to-be sabotaged wedding, alcohol, and lots of gay boys. Akuroku, RiSo, KaiSo, C/L, Zemyx

Rating: M for offensive language and adult situations

Disclaimer: Not my sandbox. I just play in it.

Chapter the First

"That sucks," Hayner said. He'd always had a way with words, Roxas thought ironically, throwing his bouncy ball at the movie poster on his wall and catching it as it returned.

"No shit. She's not right for him," Roxas replied. He threw the ball with more force than necessary. It bounced back and hit Hayner right between the eyes. "Sorry," Roxas muttered as Hayner jumped around, pressing a palm to his forehead and spewing a string of curse words. Once his roommate had calmed himself, Roxas continued. "He's only nineteen. A year older than us. Can you imagine getting married next year?"

"Can't say I can," Hayner said lightly. "But then again, he and Kairi have been attached at the hip since we were in middle school. It was really only a matter of time before they decided to get hitched."

Roxas gave him a sidelong stare, chucking the ball at the wall again. "Still," he continued, catching the ball in his right hand and juggling it to his left, "did he have to pick me to be his best man? I mean, Cloud's older, right? And it's not exactly as if I support it." Hayner shrugged.

"Who knows how Sora's mind works? You're closer in age though, right?" Roxas sighed and rose from his bed.

"Whatever," he muttered. "I'm going to the Moogle. Want to come?"

"I've got bio homework," Hayner said, making a face. Roxas nodded and grabbed a windbreaker from his closet before leaving the room.

The Bawdy Moogle was a quaint place, Roxas thought. He'd spent the entirety of high school hanging around there with his friends – and Sora's friends, and Cloud's friends. Cid Highwind, the owner, had been a friend of their father's before he passed away. Cid always offered a sympathetic ear, especially to Roxas, who was the most withdrawn of the three.

Now that he was a college student, it seemed to Roxas that he had even more troubles to get off his chest.

Especially the Sora thing. Sora was the middle child – a year older than Roxas, four years younger than Cloud – but he certainly acted like the youngest… until now, that is. Now, he had decided, he was in love with Kairi Umino, and Kairi Umino alone, and would be for the rest of his life. So what did the dumbshit do? He proposed.

And being the sappy romantic she was, Kairi (nice girl, but a little dense) said yes. Roxas could see this entire thing headed for disaster. It was a train wreck waiting to happen. They were only nineteen, for crying out loud – nine fucking teen. How could they possibly know what they wanted in life?

It was with these turbulent thoughts chasing around his head that he pushed open the door to the Moogle, the pleasant tinkling of the bells on the door soothing him slightly. Cloud was here, he noted – but busy.

Roxas raised an eyebrow as he passed his older brother, curled up in Leon Leonhart's arms as they sat in one of the booths.

Quite busy, indeed.

Cid was at the counter, as usual, arguing with his barmaid, Yuffie, over the TV channel.

"This is a pub, Kisaragi! People come here to watch blitzball, not your fluffy little soap operas!"

"It's not a soap opera, you stingy old man, it's prime time drama. It's the most popular thing on TV right now… Sephiroth Jenova himself is produci –"

"Blitzball! And that's fuckin' final!"

"Aw, but Ci-id…" Ignoring Yuffie's whining, Cid looked up at Roxas, who slid into one of the barstools and placed a handful of munny on the counter.

"A pint of the good stuff, Cid," Roxas ordered fatalistically. Cid rolled his eyes and sauntered over to the freezer behind the bar, pulling out a pint of cookie-dough ice cream. Roxas caught it as Cid tossed it to him.

"You sure you don't want any of the alcohol, kiddo?" Yuffie chirped, leaning her chin on her palms as she examined the blonde. "You look like you could use it."

"There will be no fuckin' underage drinking in my pub, Kisaragi," Cid snapped, shooting the self-proclaimed ninja a glare. He turned to Roxas, face softening slightly. "What's up, brat?"

"Sora," Roxas growled, violently digging into the ice cream with his spoon.

"Ah," Cid said, and waited. Roxas took a few more bites of ice cream. That's what he liked about Cid – the man knew when not to push.

"…He's being rash about this whole engagement thing," Roxas managed at last, tapping his spoon against the side of the pint.

"I think it's romantic," Yuffie offered, stars in her eyes. "Think of what their kids will look like!" Roxas choked on the spoonful of ice cream he had just put in his mouth.

"Yeah, sure it's romantic," Roxas sneered, once he had recovered. "How romantic it will be when they're drawing up the divorce papers once they've figured out that no, they don't like each other as much as they thought, and in fact, forcing such intimacy that early actually ruined any chance they had of remaining friends."

"Let Sora make his own mistakes." Roxas looked over at Cloud, who had sauntered over. Leon still had his arm draped around Cloud's shoulders.

"You can't tell me you approve of this!" Roxas said, disbelieving.

"That's not for me to decide," Cloud said, stealing a bite of Roxas' ice cream. "Sora's an adult, Rox. He needs to figure things out for himself now."

"But, Cloud! Him marrying Kairi might be a huge mistake! Marrying someone is not exactly a decision you make lightly! What if their relationship goes wrong?"

"Then they'll get a divorce," Cloud said calmly. "It's not the end of the world, Roxas." Roxas was silent for a moment, then sighed.

"Whatever. I'm still against this."

Cloud shrugged. "And Sora still wants you to be his best man." Roxas returned to his ice cream. Cloud and Leon sat beside him at the bar and ordered a pair of drinks. Yuffie attempted to change the channel without Cid noticing. Cid chewed her out when he finally did.

It was good to know that even when everything around him was changing, at least the Bawdy Moogle stayed the same. Roxas let the "Sora problem" slip from his mind and an almost invisible smile come to his face.

The nightlife of Twilight Town was legendary. Not only were the regular citizens true party-goers, but the town was host to Twilight Institute of Higher Learning – the biggest college campus this side of the Olympus Coliseum.

Thus, needless to say, all of the nightclubs in town got their fair share of business. But it was Club Destiny that took the cake. And what an extravagant, lucrative and elitist cake it was.

This was why Demyx Myde was so excited. Axel massaged his temples as the blonde guitarist/sitarist chattered on about their gig. He shot a glare at the door of their dressing room, through which Larxene and Marluxia had disappeared ages ago, leaving him with he-who-would-not-stop-talking.

"This is so awesome, Ax! Did you know that Destiny gets about two thousand people a night? Two freaking thousand, Ax! We're playing for two thousand people! This could be our big break! We could get scou –"

"I know, Demyx," Axel growled, his eyes promising murder if the blonde didn't shut up. Demyx didn't notice the glare, but fortunately for him, Larxene and Marluxia chose that time to return from their little errand. "Finally," Axel said, catching the beer bottle Marly tossed to him.

"We're on in about an hour," Larx commented idly. "I can't believe we managed to swing this gig."

"My brother's got a bit of pull," Axel replied.

"I'll say!" Demyx said, taking a swig of his beer. The blonde made a face. "Ugh. I think I'll stick with water today."

"Good idea," Marly said with a smirk. "Remember what happened last time you had alcohol before a performance?"

"We agreed never to speak of that!" Demyx gasped, staring at Marly with wide, betrayed eyes. The other three band members snickered as Demyx pouted and pulled a bottled water from the mini-fridge in the corner.

Larx held her beer bottle high. "To The Oblivion Organization. May Axel's brother get us many more sweet gigs."

The performance went well, Axel thought. Well enough that Auron Spira, the club's owner and manager, asked them to return for a repeat performance the following week.

"Thank god we didn't let Dem drink alcohol," Axel remarked offhandedly, wincing as his voice cracked. Marly smirked at the redhead.

"Your vocal chords are shot, man. Give 'em a little rest, would ya?" Axel grinned and nodded.

"Huh," Larx said, slipping her electric bass back into its protective casing. "You found a new way to make him shut up, Marly." Axel flipped her off, causing Larx to give him a look that clearly said "keep that finger up any longer and I'll cut it off."

Demyx was already fast asleep in one of the chairs, his guitar case in his lap. Marly shook his head and somehow maneuvered the blonde over his shoulders, before turning to the other two.

"Let's head home then. We'll need to practice all this week if we're going to blow their socks off in the next performance."

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