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Text Message

Chapter One - No Regrets

Her phone vibrated in her purse and she glanced at her husband sitting next to her on the couch.

"Inuyasha, can you please pass me my purse?"

He looked up at her, his slurping stopping as the ramen dangled from his lips. She rolled her eyes and stood, reaching over him to grab her purse. He made a noncommittal noise and fixed his gaze back on the television.

"Who's calling you?" He grumbled between slurps of his ramen.

She grabbed her phone just as it stopped vibrating. "It's not a call… it's a text."

Inuyasha swung his feet onto the spot where she was previously sitting.

Kagome glared at him but he just shrugged. She opened it and gasped at the message.

"The place where I used to work got closed down today…" A tinge of sadness struck her features and Inuyasha looked up at her.


She again gave him an angry glare. "I loved that place… there were so many great memories there… and the people were cool."

Inuyasha frowned at her as he recalled her last job. "You worked with a bunch of guys… and him."

She smirked. "He is not the man I married."

Inuyasha stood as he finished his ramen, empty bowl in hand. He stepped past her and into the kitchen. "Well you were the one who told me you had dreams about him…"

She sighed. Why did he always bring up the past between them? "It was like two years ago!! And it was a dream. I have no control over my dreams!" She couldn't even recall how many times he told her that he'd dreamt of other women. There were just too many instances. His stupid double standard was always a major turnoff.

"Fine! So who sent you the message?"

Kagome blushed and brought the phone to her eyes. "He did…"

Inuyasha growled but didn't say anything else as he came from the kitchen, another bowl of ramen in his hands. He sat on the couch again and started to slurp noisily as he turned up the volume. She sighed and replied to message, drifting slowly to the bedroom to leave Inuyasha eating on their couch.

-What's happening to everyone who worked there?-

She pressed the numbers quickly and easily, having been an expert at text messages for a long time now. She had been married to Inuyasha for almost a year now. They'd been together for ages though. Even such, she still couldn't help the feeling of excitement course through her when she'd received the text.

She'd had a lot more fun at her old job than she'd cared to admit to Inuyasha and just talking with this man stirred up some erotic memories.

Her phone lit up at another incoming text.

~Everyone lost their jobs except the higher ranked positions. I'm being transferred to a new location. Actually, I will be in your area for a night.~

Kagome's breath hitched in her throat, but she typed in a quick response. She failed to comprehend the last statement he'd written, clearly being shocked with what happened to all the workers.

-I can't believe the boss did that. We had such fun times there.-

Kagome shifted and lay back on her mattress, positioning the pillows behind her so she could sit up comfortably while text messaging her old friend.

~A miko will never again arch her back in the coffee room.~

Kagome giggled slightly, covering her mouth to stifle it so the hanyou in the other room would not hear.

-No more ass displays in the break room.-

She was becoming bolder with every text. She would have to be careful with her husband and delete these messages before he would find them.

~The worst part about that experience was having to just sit there and watch.~

Kagome felt a shiver run through her body at the memory.


"Show me and I'll give these back to you."

Kagome blushed as she held her uniform against her lower half. "Why do you want to see my ass?"

Kouga stuck his head in the coffee room as he watched the two in the dark. "Kagome, will you just show him so we can lock up the store and go home?"

Kagome's blush intensified and she felt her ears go hot. His amber gaze was fixed on her and she slowly dropped her uniform to the floor and turned around. The thong she wore left nothing to the imagination and she heard his husky voice from behind her.

"Now arch your back."

She did as she was told and heard the sound of a groan emanate from the figure sitting in the chair behind her. It caused a tremor to wrack her frame and she stifled a moan of her own as images of her dream came unbidden to the surface of her mind.

Another voice startled her, "Damn… your husband gets to come home to that every night?"

She turned around and sunk to the ground, grabbing her clothing in the process, "KOUGA!! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE!!"

She flashed an angry glare at the demon seated before her but he just shrugged as he tossed her the jeans she wanted to wear in her direction.


Kagome blushed and typed back a response.

-I never said you couldn't touch…-

The phone vibrated moments after she sent her last text. This was a lot more fun than listening to her husband slurping ramen. It's not that she didn't love him, he just didn't seem to want her anymore. They hardly had sex and when they did it was very unsatisfying and it always left her yearning for more… not that he would ever oblige her either. He seemed to not even want to touch her intimately unless there was something in it for him.

What was worse was that when she wanted to buy a toy for herself, he'd found out and called her a whore. She stopped looking for one after that.

~Had I know, there would not have been any hesitation. You were… enticing.~

Kagome suppressed a moan and rubbed her thighs together. All this talk was not doing anything to soothe her frayed nerves. She hadn't had good sex since before she got married.

-How do you think I felt? Your dream could have been acted out that night.-

She smirked as she recalled a conversation they'd shared while they worked together. He had started working there shortly after she did and she always found him attractive but things never really came to light until she had her first sexual dream about him. She had been shy about it but decided to tell him and later found out that he had discussed with Kouga about a dream that he also had… a sexual dream he had about her. Which, surprisingly, he'd had before she had hers.

They discussed their dreams together, casually. It wasn't as if they had anything to worry about anyway, right? She was married and he never shown himself to be anything but noble. He wouldn't do and hadn't done anything except tease her unless she initiated it.

Her phone lit up, the vibration not going off because she'd left it open. She eagerly read the message.

~Your display in the back room did nothing to alleviate my dreams, miko… neither did your insinuation that you would let me have you had you not been married.~

Oh, so he was talking dirty now. Two could play that game. If he wanted to seduce her, she'd play his game. It was just innocent talk anyway. It wasn't as if they were ever going to see each other again.

-I would have either way… I still want to.-


Kagome smirked quickly pressing buttons on her phone.

-I'm sure you already know this, but married women are the best lovers… even relentless when they're enjoying a good bout of sex.-

~Indulgence in that task would not have been difficult considering how often you and I closed together… alone.~

Kagome shook her head at his response. She could almost see his smirk and that elegantly arched eyebrow raising into his hairline. It was so like him, she had to keep from laughing out loud.

-How was I supposed to know what you wanted?-

~My request for your consent was never ambiguous… ~

Kagome blushed. He was certainly right about that. Whenever he wanted something, he was not afraid to let you know.

-But there were always people around us.-

~Excuses. You should have done it if that is what you wanted. It would have been… arousing.~

This time she couldn't keep the moan from escaping her lips. She heard the tell tale sign of her husband approaching their bedroom, half of her hoping that he'd heard her and wanted to satisfy her. But all he did was glare at her.

"If you're going to do that could you at least close the door! I don't want to hear you! I'm trying to watch TV!"

The hanyou closed the door on her, leaving her hurt and alone in the room. She angrily picked up her phone. She didn't need her husband to help her get off! Biting her lip in anticipation she typed back a response.

-There was that one time… I'm sure you remember…-

She smirked. She learned to never underestimate a man of honor. Dares were just requests and embarrassment was practically nonexistent, so when she challenged him, he did not refuse. In doing so she ended up having to retract her phone from the front of his pants… while he was still wearing them. She learned the true meaning of embarrassment that day when she 'accidentally' grabbed something other than her phone.

~Indeed. I do recall that day. It is a shame that I never did get to touch you in kind.~

Kagome let her head fall back on her pillows as her body started to heat up. She refrained from touching herself though. Her husband would hear her and that would not be nice if he came in and found out who she was talking to, especially with what they were talking about.

-I wish you had… Damn it! All this talk is frustrating me!-

~Frustrate is not the word that comes to mind. Nevertheless, I must admit to being in a similar situation. Dreams cannot convey the reality of having you arched before me.~

Kagome bit her lip. Inu-style… She closed her eyes and smiled slightly… kinky! Why didn't her husband make her feel like this? She punched in some numbers.

-Mmm. That would have felt so good.-


-So tell me… what would it be like?-

~You are fortunate that restraint has been ingrained in my nature. However, be that as it may, pain would likely be a consequence of such an event… although, I am certain that the gratification attained would outweigh the consequence.~

-A little aggressive, aren't we? I think I would have enjoyed that very much.-

~To be sure.~

Kagome closed her phone and stood up from her bed. Sticking it in her pocket, she quickly dressed and grabbed the car keys off the nightstand. Walking out to the living room, she noticed that Inuyasha had fallen asleep with the television on. His ears twitched in her direction as she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.

"Oi, bitch! Where you going at this time of night?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, "What do you care? You don't even want to sleep in the same room as me anymore, obviously."

Inuyasha sat up on the couch. "Feh! Just tell me where the fuck you're going?"

Kagome cringed at his harsh words to her. There wasn't anything sexual about this man anymore. He was just mean nowadays. She sighed and her shoulders drooped.

"I'm staying at my mother's tonight. And don't you dare call me or I'll stay there for the rest of the week."

He cringed. It was only Monday. He didn't want to do everything for himself for the rest of the week so he stayed quiet and turned back toward the television. "Feh!"

She left and walked to her car. Once inside her vehicle, she flipped open her phone.

-Do you think we would have regretted it afterwards?-

She changed her setting and set her phone to ring instead of vibrate as she started the car. She drove to her mother's as she waited for his response. It didn't take long until she pulled into the driveway, noting the emptiness of the house. She quickly unlocked the door to the house and stepped inside. It was empty and Kagome locked the door behind her, making her way up to her old room.

Her phone rang and she grabbed it quickly silencing the high pitch keening it gave off.

~Regret is not a circumstance to which I am accustomed… Therefore, no. We may have repeated the action, not regretted it.~

Kagome groaned and looked under her bed for a box. She knew what she was looking for had to be there. She carelessly threw items on her bedroom floor as she searched for it. Finally she smirked as her hands grasped the neatly wrapped object. It was still brand new as she'd never had the nerve to use it. He'd given it to her after he first heard of the problems she was having with Inuyasha. That was just about a year ago near when they got married. Unfortunately, she'd never opened the gift.

She opened her phone and went to her contacts menu, searching for his name. She found it and quickly highlighted it. Should she call him? She really wanted to hear his voice and maybe they could both get off with some kinky phone sex… she stared at the wrapping paper on the gift.

She pressed talk and brought the phone to her ear, cradling it between her shoulder and her head as she tore open the packaging. She blushed as she realized what it was. She already had an idea… although… She grasped the cool surface of the gift… or rather, her toy, and gauged it with her eyes. Would it fit?

She blushed again and kept the phone pressed against her ear. The ringing continued until it went to his voicemail. She sighed and hung up, not bothering to leave a message. She knew he was there, so what was the deal. She closed her eyes as she lay on her bed. Her body was still tortuously hot… She could fix that problem. She glanced at the toy.

Her phone sang its screeching melody just as her hand was coming up under her blouse. She sighed in frustration and grabbed the cell phone.

~You called?~

She stared at the phone incredulously. Why didn't he pick up? She decided to bait him.

-I couldn't keep texting… My fingers were busy.-

Her phone sung its happy tune again and she read his message. She smirked at his response.

~I trust I did not interrupt.~

Kagome smirked. He did interrupt her! Perhaps he would answer the second time around. She called him again. Voicemail. She frowned as she started to type a message.

-Shy now?-

She waited a few minutes. No response. She growled and lay back on her bed. If he was just going to tease her that was fine. She did everything for herself anyway, she didn't need his help to get off; she had just wanted to try something different.

Her hand started to creep up her body and she shut her eyes closed tightly as her fingers played with her hardened nipples through her shirt… and then her phone rang.

She growled as she sat up, thinking it was another text but her eyes widened as she saw her phone.

Incoming call.

She opened her phone and brought it to her ear, her nerves wracking her body.


The voice on the other end of the line was quiet for a moment and she heard an audible breath through the receiver. Her body shuddered as she waited for his response.

"Do you require some assistance?"

Kagome closed her eyes as another wave of pleasure shot through her body at the sound of his voice. She didn't get to respond as he started to talk again.

"Miko… I am staying at the hotel at the edge of town and will be so only for tonight. Room 243. Regret is not an option."

There was silence and it took a moment for Kagome to realize that he'd hung up the phone. She looked at the ring on her finger, her brows knit together in worry. She fingered the gold and slipped it off, noting the indent that remained. And then she was angry. She set the jewel on her desk and walked downstairs, purse in hand. Her husband had never even gotten her a ring!! She was the one who'd bought it to begin with.

She slid into her car and started the engine, her hands gripping the wheel tighter than usual. Was really going to do this?

Turning onto the street, she sped off in the direction of the hotel.

She was.

She pulled into the parking lot shortly thereafter. It was not that much of a drive to get to the edge of town from where her mother lived. She hesitated in the car as she placed her keys in her purse.

No regrets.

She stepped out into the crisp night air and walked into the hotel. The gentleman at the front desk smiled at her and she returned the gesture, walking up to the counter.

"Good evening, miss. Do you need a room for the night?"

Kagome shook her head and she looked around the lobby. "I need to get to room… um…243…"

The clerk gave her a questioning look before pulling up the room in his computer, "I'm sorry miss, but there seems to be a mistake. The room is booked for a man."

"Well…" She dug in her purse for her identification card. She handed it to the man. "It's my husband who's staying here. I would just like an extra key to the room if you could please." She mentally gave herself a high five for her quick thinking. Being her brother-in-law, he had the same last name as her.

The man checked her identification card and the reservation in the computer.

"Taisho, Sesshoumaru?" Kagome nodded, he heartbeat loud in her ears. She evidently didn't expect him to really be there but, then again, Sesshoumaru always had a way of surprising her. The clerk made a duplicate of the card key and handed it to her. "Take the elevator to the second floor and just follow the signs."

She smiled in gratitude and turned down the hall where he told her where the elevators were. The small ding signaled its arrival and she stepped inside, very aware of the amount of clothing she had on. She slipped off her jacket and scarf, draping them over her arm as another ding sounded. She stepped off the elevator and looked for the room.

"Two-forty-three… two-forty-three… two" She paused when she found the room, "Here it is…"

Standing in front of the door, she fingered the key card nervously in her hands. She still had time, she could turn back. She could erase the text messages and pretend this whole thing never happened. She could fix her marriage… She faltered. Her marriage… she really did love Inuyasha and she knew that he loved her. Her shoulders drooped as she stood in front of the door, still fingering that card key in her hand. What was happening in their marriage for her to come and do something like this?

Was sex really that big of a deal?

She sighed and turned from the door. Her phone rang in the hall and she quickly grabbed it, silencing its keening tone.

~Are you incapable of opening a door, miko?~

She lifted her head to look back at the door. A dark but familiar aura flared momentarily. He was waiting for her. Slowly, still a bit unsure, she turned toward the door and placed the card key in the slot. "No regrets…" The breathy whisper escaped her lips as the light on the door turned green. She turned the handle and walked inside.

The door closed with a soft click behind her and she saw that the room was dark, and still. She could hear her own breathing a she stepped forward to place her coat and scarf on the nearest chair, her purse on the small table. She stepped out of her shoes, now highly aware that she'd never put on socks. The hard wood floor was cool against her toes. She could feel everything so clearly, it seemed her senses were heightened in anticipation. The clothes against her skin were constricting. The band that held her hair was excessively tight. Even the air in the room seemed thick… suffocating.

She blinked as her eyes began to focus in the darkness. She scanned the room. A startled gasp left her lips as she caught sight of him. Everything she remembered about him was exactly the same… except… his eyes… that look… that had never been there before. Captivated as she was, she barely noticed that she had made her way towards him, her feet carrying her soundlessly across the room. Her eyes never left his even when she drew just mere inches away from him.

"You would be careful as to whom you call 'shy'… that has always been you standpoint… Kagome."

The way he said her name caused a shiver to run down her spine and warmth to flood her veins. Eyes so familiar to what she was accustomed to… and yet… so different. They bore into hers, waiting. She would not keep him so for much longer.

"Just shut up and touch me."

He didn't waste any time. Her shirt and bra were quickly pulled up and over her head and she was pressed roughly against the wall in the small hotel room. He was flush up against her and she could feel him, all of him, quite unmistakably through the material of his trousers. She blushed at his eagerness. He wanted this just as much as she did. His lips moved over her pulse as his fingers moved down to unzip her pants.

She was flipped around mercilessly and she felt him come up behind her. Slowly, almost teasingly, his fingers hooked into the waist of her jeans, pulling them down inch by inch. Hands caressing her backside in the process, she felt blood rush into her cheeks. His hands coaxed her legs to step out of the material and it was carelessly thrown across the room. She pressed her brow against the wall and closed her eyes.

He was behind her again. Hands, strong, but gentle, pulled her hair free of its tie. Her dark locks fell smoothly around her shoulders.

He was moving too slow. Biting her lip, nervously, she pressed her body back against him.

A small cry of surprise left her lips and she found herself trying to regain her equilibrium as her hands grasped something soft. Bent over, and shaking, she realized that he'd positioned them at the foot of the bed. The sound of a zipper made its way to her ears and she turned her head back to look at him. He pushed her forward until she was on her hands and knees on the bed, backside displayed before him.

His eyes flashed red, the scent of her arousal causing a shudder to work down his spine. He brought his hands to her calves, and stroked up the back of her thighs.

Kagome let loose a groan of agitation as the ache intensified. She shifted her body towards his fingertips that were just shy of where they needed to be. She shuddered as she felt the chill air drift over her wet flesh.


She recalled the familiar command and did as he asked her. He growled at the sight of her. His hands found their way to her hips, his claws pressing into the skin but not hard enough to break it. Positioning himself at her core, he leaned slightly over her, bringing his lips to her ear.

"No regrets. Agreed?"

She felt his breath tickle her ear as his length teased her entrance. She nodded and rolled her hips back.

Kagome gasped and stiffened slightly. She felt herself stretch to accommodate his girth. He lay still for only a moment before starting to slide sinuously within her. It was slow at first and she greatly appreciated his patience as she moved with him, guiding his speed. She winced slightly as he moved deeper within her still. It was only after he heard a low moan of satisfaction from her that his movements increased in speed.

The sound of heavy panting and the quick, even forceful, sounds of flesh slapping flesh seeming to roar in the otherwise quiet room. They didn't stop, couldn't stop. They didn't want to. She found herself clutching the comforter, teeth biting into her lower lip as she tried to keep herself from screaming. The longer she held out, the better it would feel. But this was not Inuyasha and she soon found herself crying out softly as a wave of pleasure rolled through her body. She felt her body grip his length so tightly that it was even difficult for him to move within her but he didn't stop and it prolonged her pleasure further than she'd ever felt ever before.

She heard him growl as his movements became more forceful, less fluid and jerkier. He was extremely brutal; his hand made their way into her hair and pulled, making her back bow further under the pressure of his pull. It was erotica that she'd never experienced before and she took pleasure in everything he taught her body. She felt a tremor wrack her frame, gasping at the familiar feeling. She wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer. Spots of white danced before her eyes.

His hands traced her waist searching and then… She jerked at the added sensation, a startled cry wrenching from her throat. His finger tapped again, sharply, at her nub.

She bit her lip hard to stifle a cry, distantly realizing that she had drawn blood from the damaged appendage to keep quiet. Both stimuli had her panting, soft cries occasionally echoing in the room. Sweat rolled down her spine and the muscles in her legs stomach contracted as something deep within her started to coil. Sesshoumaru leaned forward over her, his hand leaving her hair to press firmly on hers, as she gripped the comforter like a lifeline.

And then she went rigid, her eyes shut tightly and she threw her head back, body arching to pull him deeper inside. Lights burst and danced before her closed lids. Her mouth parted in a silent cry and then she felt him tense behind her, her grip on him too strong, too tight to allow him further passage within her. A feral growl ripped through the room as he too went rigid.

Her arms gave out and she collapsed on the bed, breathing heavy as her muscles twitched in spasms of orgasmic bliss. The feeling smoothly dulled to a comfortable pulse through her, periodically causing subtle shudders throughout her limbs. She felt him on the bed behind her, his breathing also harsh and ragged. A delightful purr resonated in the room and she briefly entertained the thought that it was actually coming from him. She yawned, the toll of their actions lying heavy on her and she happily gave way to sleep off her exhaustion.

She never felt the man curl up behind her and she never felt the way he placed the blanket over the both of them to keep away the chill. Never did she feel the kiss he placed on her shoulder nor see the smirk that graced his lips thereafter. And never did she feel the security that came with his embrace as his arms drew her close to himself as he, too, gave in to exhaustion.

She woke up early the next morning. She was still lying naked in the hotel room on its deliciously comfortable bed. She yawned and stretched, hearing the bones in her back pop in protest. Light streamed slightly through the closed curtains and she made out the room more clearly. She could hear the shower going in the bathroom.

That wonderful sore feeling that she hadn't felt in such a long time crept up on her as she stood. She felt more relaxed than she had in years. She calmly dressed and gathered her things. She left the extra card key on the table, a place she knew he'd find it and quietly left the room.

I was not a long drive to her mother's house. When she arrived, the house was still quiet and she supposed that they must have stayed at a relative's house for the night. She showered and found some of her old clothes to wear. The others she'd been wearing definitely needed a good washing so after loading the clothes into the washer, she made her way to the kitchen. Her purse was lying on the counter where she'd left it. She sighed and looked into the fridge.

A high-pitch keening noise startled her and she bumped her head in the fridge. Scowling, she dug in her purse for her phone. She opened it up and smirked.

Incoming text.

~Did you get what you that for which you came?~

She smiled and typed in her response.

-It was… adequate.-


She laughed lightly at his response. And blushed as she began to respond.

-I'm just kidding… it was more than what I expected.-

~I must divulge that the feeling is mutual, miko.~

She grinned in embarrassment, thankful that no one was around to see her flush appearance.

~Our agreement… regrets?~

She gave a sad sort of smile and typed.


She never received another message that day and the smile she had never faded.

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