"Speaking" Normal talk

'Speaking' Thinking

"Speaking" Kyuubi or Summon talking

'Speaking' Kyuubi or Summon thinking

"Speaking" Jutsu being called

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It was a quiet night in Konoha no Sato. The wind was blowing peacefully while the leaves would dance in the cooling breeze as they fell off the trees. However in the darkness of the forest a lone child sat on the grass in front of an old shack.

"Ok what's the first jutsu in this scroll?" asked a certain blond haired child

The said child was a boy by the name of Uzumaki Naruto and at the moment he was reading a scroll. Not just any ordinary scroll mind you, but the villages most forbidden scroll. You see the child had just failed his academy exam and was depressed. In desperation of becoming a ninja he listened to a corrupt teacher by the name of Mizuki who had tricked the boy into stealing the said scroll.

Now the boy had done his job successfully he felt as though he should get started before his sensei arrived.

"Let's see the first jutsu on the list is Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Oh damn it this is my worst jutsu!" complained the child.

But regardless he still read the instructions before proceeding to learn the jutsu in the scroll. After about half an hour he had finally managed to master the jutsu effectively for his liking. So after that he made a decision that would change the course of his life forever and would be with this very action that would begin his legacy.

"Alright now let's see what else is in this scroll." After tugging on the paper he unraveled the scroll further so he could see the next jutsu. After the text was readable he read "Fūin Jutsu: Kai no Tessaiga. Sweet I wonder what this tessaiga thing is." Said the excited boy.

"Ok, to release this seal you must simply place a small bit of blood in the center of the ring of kanji then focus your chakra into the seal. However, if user does not have enough chakra or the user is trying to use this for ill intentions the seal immediately burn out all of your chakra coils and will burn off your arm in the process. Wow whatever this thing is it must be important for someone to go this far to protect it. Oh well." And with those words the boy bit his finger drawing a small amount of blood from the wound and placed his hand on the seal.

The results were immediate as a bright light shined through the forest illuminating everything in the clearing and even scaring away a few of the late night animals in the surrounding area. This had forced Naruto to shield his eyes so as not to be blinded by the sudden light coming from the scroll. As the light steadily began to die down the form of something rising out of the seal as though it was floating before stopping about six centimeters off the ground shining in a yellow light.

Naruto, who was finally able to see again, looked at the object in awe as he reached out to touch it. The moment his hand made contact with the object the yellow light faded to reveal an old looking katana. The cloth on the hilt was torn and faded brown along with the bronze colored guard which also seemed to have a few dents in it. The sheath was all black with the exception of a small red cloth about a few meters away from the guard.

Curiously Naruto unsheathed the katana only to feel mildly disappointed at the sight of the blade. It was not shiny silver like some of the swords he had seen Anbu carry around; this one was a dark gray with multiple dents and scratches all along the blade. Even the edge looked to be in need of sharpening as most of the blade had huge chips missing off it.

So, it was no surprise when Naruto's eyebrow began to twitch in annoyance as he held tried to fight off the erg to blow a gasket over this event. Sadly Naruto wasn't the type of person to keep his anger from showing for very long and thus, result in him shouting as he glared down at the sword.

"Damn it why couldn't it be something at least a little bit cooler than this piece of shit! God damn scroll I got ripped off!"

Frustrated and clearly annoyed, the boy tossed the old sword away he made his way back towards the scroll in hopes of finding a cooler jutsu to learn from its contents. Yet before he could unravel it any further he heard something approaching from the bushes and turned to see his other sensei Iruka. The expression on his face made it clear that he was very angry at the blond.

"Found you Naruto! What are you doing stealing the scroll like that!" Yelled the man as a small vein could now be visible on his forehead.

"Looks like you found me sooner than I though. I only learned one jutsu." Mumbled Naruto while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

'He does look like he has been training a long time.' Thought Iruka. Just then he took notice to the rather old looking katana lying on the ground out of the corner of his eye.

"Naruto where did you get that from?"

Naruto looked back at the sword before scuffing and crossing his arms, "Stupid thing ripped me off. I unsealed it from the scroll hoping it was some jutsu or something cooler than that piece of shit."

"About that, why did you steal it in the first place?"

"Oh yeah!" shouted Naruto before grinning. "Iruka if I show you the jutsu I learned then you will let me pass right?"

"Where did you come up with that idea?"

"Mizuki-sensei told me. He said that if I got the scroll and learned one jutsu then I could pass."

'Why would Mizuki say-'

Just then Iruka heard the sound of kunai whizzing through the air and heading in their direction. Thinking quickly Iruka pushed Naruto to the side as a multiple of kunai embedded themselves into his flesh. He looked up in the tree to see Mizuki crouched down on the branch carrying two Fuuma Shrunkens on his back.

"Naruto give me the scroll!" shouted Mizuki to the confused blond

"No don't give it to him Naruto! He's just using you to get the scroll for himself and to betray the village!" shouted Iruka as he pulled out the kunai in his shoulder.

"Don't even bother Iruka. After all why would he even trust you since this village has been keeping secrets from him all his life."

"What secrets?" asked a still confused Naruto.

"No Mizuki! It's forbidden for you to speak of that!" Iruka shouted only to be ignored by the traitor.

"A secret so classified that anyone who uttered even a word of it was punished by death. The secret that was meant to be kept secret from everyone, especially you." Said Mizuki with an evil grin on his face.

"What was this secret?" asked the curious and confused blond. " Why was it kept from me?"


"The secret that you are the Kyuubi no Kitsune!"

That was when everything stopped in the eyes of Uzumaki Naruto. He saw visions of his past come into his mind. He saw parents tell their children not to play with him. He saw the academy children laugh at him when he failed to do something He saw the drunks beat him into unconsciousness. Then finally he saw himself crying on a swing alone while the parents and children all glared at him. As the pictures came through his mind he could hear the academy children laugh at him and the adults yell hatful things to him.

"That is why you will never be accepted by this village you filthy demon and that is why you will die here and now!" Yelled Mizuki as he began to spin the giant shrunken in his hand before throwing it at the still dazed blond.

"Naruto get down!"

The sound of metal hitting flesh filled the air as the giant shrunken pierced itself into his back. He glanced at his pupil and began to cry at the dazed look in his eyes. Naruto, who had just gotten out of his daze, stared back up at his sensei who was crying for reasons he didn't know.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I know I should have helped you more since I knew what kind of pain you were feeling. I just sorry I didn't help you more than I could have." Sobbed Iruka as more tears began to fall.

Naruto continued to stare at his sensei for a moment before grabbing the katana and dashed off into the dense forest. He didn't look back even when he heard Iruka call for him he didn't look back. He kept running jumping from branch to branch until he couldn't keep going. He plopped himself down on the ground and rested his head on the tree trunk behind him. Naruto sat there a few moments catching his breath while wiping away the sweat on his brow.

Just as he was about to get up he heard two voices coming from behind him and saw that it was Mizuki talking to Iruka who was leaned up against a tree while panting heavily.

"How can you help that demon; after everything that it had taken from you?" asked Mizuki

When Iruka didn't answer he sneered at his ex-comrade before saying "You know me and Naruto are alike. Both of us are demons who want power and we will do anything to get it."

"You're right" answered with a sigh Iruka

Naruto gripped the sheath of the katana tighter and was trying his very best not to burst into tears. 'I knew it! I knew he hated me just like everyone else."

Those thoughts however were soon crushed when he heard Iruka's next words.

"A demon would be like that but that is not Naruto. Naruto is a great child who only wishes for people to accept him for him and not what he contains. Sure he makes mistakes at times but he still has the strength to get back up and try again. That is the Naruto I know and I acknowledge him and his dream."

Mizuki faces showed viable anger at the man in front of him before sighing and unbuckling the last shuriken off his back. "I was planning to kill you last but now you leave me no choice."

That being said, he twirled the shuriken in his hand before rushing towards the now defenseless form of Iruka. Yet the man held no fear in his eyes as the traitor advanced upon him. The only thing that showed any signs of life still remaining on the young man's face was the small smile on his lips and along with one simple thought.

'I guess this is it then.'

Just as Mizuki was about to strike an orange blur shot out from the tree line and landed a knee to the traitor's chin causing the Chuunin to go flying backwards and skidding across the clearing. His shrunken, due to the sudden impact, went flying out of the man's hand and into the trees cutting a few branches off in the process as it flew off into the air.

'Naruto!' thought the surprised Chuunin as Naruto skidded to a to glare at the corrupt Chuunin who had just recovered from his attack.

"You little brat!"

"Lay one finger on my sensei again and I'll kill you!" Growled out Naruto while gripping onto the sword in his hands tightly.

"Yeah right! I can take you down in a single move!"

Naruto gave him no reply instead he put the sword on his waist band and put his hands into a cross shaped seal before shouting out, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu".

In a giant puff of smoke the whole clearing they were standing in was covered in orange wearing children all glaring at the Chuunin.

The said Chuunin was now scared out of his mind. Everywhere he looked he saw the same boy glaring at him with katanas in their hands. All of them made their advancement on the traitor and not long after an eco of a traitor's screams could be heard all the way back to the village.

When the clones dispersed the sight of a bloody and bruised Mizuki was lying unconscious on the ground. Satisfied with his actions the blonde boy turned his attention back towards his sensei and grinned at him.

"Do you I think I over did it?"

This earned him a chuckle from the scared Chuunin who was currently smiling at him from his position by the tree.

"Naruto come over here and close your eyes for a moment." Naruto nodded and walked over towards his sensei before closing his eyes. He felt his goggles being taken off followed by the feeling of something else being placed on his forehead.

"Ok you can open your eyes now."

When he did he saw that Iruka was smiling proudly at him while holding his goggles in his hands and yet seemed to be missing his hitai-ate. Then it came to him as he reached up to feel his hand brush against metal and the symbol of the leaf engraved into it.

"Congratulations Naruto; you graduate." Said Iruka proudly

Naruto's shocked expression then changed to an expression of great happiness before lunging at his sensei screaming "I did it!" over and over again. Had Naruto been paying attention he would have felt the sword pulse and glow greenish-yellow for a moment before fading back to normal.

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