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Naruto sighed again for what felt like the tenth time in one day as he sat in his room with his sword in his lap. It had been a day since the preliminary rounds finished and he had visited Lee and some of his other friends. Lee was in bad shape after opening five of the gates but, to Naruto's amazement, Lee was still able to attend the finals. Though the doctor had said that he would be unable to use the gates, Naruto had a feeling that Lee would try and use them again if he had to. He also saw Tenten while he was there and was happy to note that she would be able to leave in two more days.

But for Naruto, he had a few problems he had to deal with. Yes, he had the curse seal taken care of by Kakashi, but the seal on his stomach had yet to be touched and he was anxious to get it off. The only problem was that, from what Kakashi had told him, only the Hokage could take it off and he had been too busy in preparation for the finals that he couldn't afford to be interrupted. Not only that, but he still had to train for the finals and while Sasuke was training with Kakashi, he had been left without a sensei.

But, he wasn't discouraged at all by it, since he still had much more to learn from Kyuubi and Taishou. That was if he was able to see them and he could somehow talk to the Hokage to get the seal off him. With a sigh he looked back down at his sword before deciding to make an attempt on visiting Taishou.

With that in mind, he sat his sword beside him before sitting crossed-legged on his bed and closed his eyes in concentration. He felt his grip on the waking world slowly fade as he entering his mind.

"Hey brat!" until the shout from Zabuza interrupted his meditation.

Growling in annoyance, Naruto got off his bed and went to his door to hear hard banging. With a flicker of his wrist, he extended his youki whip to turn to turn the knob and open the door to see the former missing-nin standing in his doorway looking rather peeved.

"What?" Growled out Naruto

"The hot water heater is busted again."

Yes, Uzumaki Naruto knew the basics to repairing and installing new mechanics since the age of ten. It was one of the things he learned from Yuma while he had been around and thanks to his old owner; he was forced to learn how to fix most of the problems that accrued in his home. Ever since then he has always thankful for the old man's teachings since it saved him lots of money during those times when money was scarce.

Throwing the man a half heated glare, Naruto walked passed the man and down the stares leading to Zabuza's apartment to survey the problem before he brought his tools out. Opening the door, he noticed that the man's place looked relatively clean with a few shirts, pants, and a copy of Icha Icha Paradise lying around. Walking over to one of the closets, he opened the door find that the water heater looked fine.

"Are you trying to piss me off Zabuza? You're water heaters fine!" Hollered Naruto as his eyebrow began to twitch.

The said man was quiet for a few moments before sticking his head through the doorway. "Who said mywater heater was busted?"

Unnoticed by him, the twitch in Naruto's eyebrow picked up in pace as he looked back at the man with pissed off look on his face. He only shook his head to try and calm down as he walked out of Zabuza's home and towards Haku's front door.

"Is she home?"

"Yeah she should be."

He nodded before knocking on her door. After waiting a few seconds and hearing no reply, he turned the knob to find that her door was unlocked.

"Will she mind if I go in?"

"Naw, she's not the type to care if you walk in unless it's on a mission."

Walking inside, he found, as expected, that her home was cleaner than Zabuza's was. But, it wasn't his job to survey her home, he was here to repair something. So he walked over towards the closet door where the hot water heater was located only find that it was located directly in Haku's room.

At that point, warning bells began to go off in his head and he started to suspect that something bad was going to happen soon. Hesitantly, he opened the closet door too see the hot water heater looking brand new and clinched his fist so hard that his knuckles were now white.

"That bastard Zabuza." Mumbled Naruto darkly before sensing a presence behind him.

He slowly turned his head to see a scarlet faced Haku, who was clad in only a pair of white panties with a blue towel wrapped around her neck which hid her other assets, standing stiff as a board in the doorway to the room. How he hadn't noticed that she was in the shower, would be the question on his mind for the next few hours…if he lived that long that is.

The only thing he could do was blush as scarlet as she was before doing the only thing he could think of. He made a mad dash towards the only conveniently opened window in the room before leaping out it and all the while screaming one thing.


Even as he collided with the ground he managed to land on all fours before racing off in a blur of red and yellow down the road towards the only place he could really get his mind off this…incident, Ichiraku Ramen.

Fifteen Bowls of Ramen Later

The boy let out a sigh after completing his last bowl. It was one of the few things that really took his mind off things, that and Ayame was always someone he could talk to without worrying about what she would say.

It had always been like that for as long as he could remember. Hence why he called her nee-chan sometimes, she was always there, and would always listen to him when he had a problem about something. It was also the fact that she was one of his few female friends that didn't hit him for everything stupid he said.

"So you just bolted when you saw her?" asked the waitress with a small frown on her face.

"Yeah," answered the blond sheepishly "I did that because I know what was going to happen if I stayed their so that's why I came here."

"But you know she's still going to kill you for invading her privacy, she might even think you're a pervert now that you saw her like that."

"Hey, I was tricked so I shouldn't be the one to blame!"

"But you saw her!"

"Yeah, but it wasn't intentional!"

"But you still liked what you saw didn't you?"

At this Naruto only blushed a bit before huffing since her words, in all honesty, were true. This action made Ayame giggle a bit before walking over and began to ruffle his hair.

"You look so adorable when you're upset." Cooed Ayame as she started to then stroke his hair. "I wish my hair was this smooth."

The boy blush soon darkened at the first comment as he ideally wondered if all females were strange. Though, some part of him took the time to notice that Teuchi was sharpening his knife a little too harshly for his liking.

"W-well I gotta run Ayame-chan but I'll see you'll around. Later!" Yelled the blond as he swiftly got out of the waitress's grasp, placed his money on the table, and dashed out the stall with the intension of having some training done far away from the female population today.

And poor Ayame was now staring at the spot Naruto once stood with a curious look in her eyes before stomping her foot on the ground in a childish manner.

"Damn, I didn't even get to ask what he used to get his hair that smooth." Muttered the waitress angrily before huffing and going into the back while carrying half of the fifteen empty bowls of ramen that Naruto had devoured. Teuchi on the other hand was looking at the spot Naruto was just standing at with an amused smile on his face. Yes, things where getting interesting and he knew that whatever was going on, was funny as hell in his eyes.

Back with Naruto

It had been tricky on his part, but he did it. He had snuck into his home without being detected and retrieved his sword and was now sitting under the bridge that went over one of the hot springs. While he wasn't sure this would work, it would at least keep him away from females at the moment as, at the moment, things where getting weird with him and the girls around him.

'It's like some sort of weird story where the writer starts messing with the main character's luck,' thought Naruto while glancing down at the hot waters that the springs provided, 'Of course, if it was, then I'd be breaking the fourth wall now! Heh, like that's ever happen.'

The boy only shrugged before relaxing himself again to where he could enter his mind. He was close to succeeding when he heard the sound of faint giggling coming from not too far away. Glancing in that direction, he found a white haired man dressed in full Kabuki get-up with a scroll strapped onto his lower back hiding in a small bush while scribbling something into his notebook.

Now normally, Naruto really wouldn't care all too much since he had seen all sorts of perverts hanging around the village. But this one was not only open about it, he was also disturbing him and Naruto was now too annoyed at not getting any focus on his meditation.

So with a twitch of his wrist and youki flowing through his fingertips, his youki whip came forth and lashed across the man's back which earned him a loud yelp of sudden pain. The old man in question turned to glare at the source of the attack to see a blonde boy in a red cloak glare back at him with a small smirk on his face.

"What're you smiling at you little brat." Snarled the man

"You're rotten luck, that's what." Replied Naruto in a sarcastic tone

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I don't think the girls on the other side will be happy when I holler out pervert."

The man's face went from anger to horror in the faction of a second. Naruto only grinned as he prepared to yell when the man appeared in front of him with his hand covering Naruto's mouth.

'Holy crap!' thought Naruto with widened eyes as the man calmly moved his hand away from the boy's mouth.

"If you yell you'll be the only one to be stuck in here to take the blame."

"How do you figure that one chief?"

"Simple." Said the man before pointing behind Naruto. "He'll keep you here and leave when the girls come to kick your ass."

Naruto turned to follow the man's finger only to have his eyes widen further as a giant toad stood behind him with its eyes set only on him. Looking back at the man and then the toad he was able to come to one conclusion.

"Y-your Jiraiya; the Toad Sannin!"

The man only grinned happily as he performed a strange stance before shouting out. "That's right, I'm M.T Myobokugama's Holy Master and don't you forget it brat!"

Naruto sweatdropped at this act of pure foolishness and ideally wondered if he acted that way before he met Tenten. Once the man's little act was over, he looked over at him with a raised eyebrow.

"But, how do you know me? You don't look like the type of kid who knows about famous people like myself."

"I'll ignore the crack on my intelligence and explain. My friend is a big fan of one of you Sennin and wants to become as great as she is one day. She read up on all of them and told me bits and pieces of each of you. I wasn't all that interested but all I got from it was that each one had a contract, you had toads, one had slugs, and one had snakes. Personally, I didn't think I would meet any of you."

"Well then, you must be proud to meet one of us in this lifetime. Though, one of them isn't among us anymore, but still you should take it as a privilege to even see one of us at all."

"I've met one of you before."

This made Jiraiya slump a bit before grumbling out. "Who was the first one you met?"


With that one name, Jiraiya's interest peaked to the point that his expression was unreadable. He had heard that the snake Sennin had been spotted inside the village but he had no idea why he was here. He had a feeling it was something to do with the Uchiha or quite possibly a plan to kill Sarutobi.

His thoughts where interrupted when he heard the blonde mumble out. "Still got to get that seal off my gut too, damn Hebi-teme."

In an instant, Naruto felt Jiraiya's gaze upon him and looked to see that the man was giving him a dead serious look.

"What kind of seal are we talking about?"

Naruto could feel the coldness of his words and felt a small shiver travel up his spine. He knew that there was no point in denying it since the man clearly heard him. Not only that, but he could tell, after witnessing how fast he was, that even if he transformed into his Yokai form that this man could rip him to shreds and not even break a sweat.

He slowly lifted his shirt to as he channeled chakra throughout his body before revealing the seal for the entire world to see. The man kneeled down as he examined the seal placed onto him with a skeptical look before sighing.

'Definably Orochimaru's work...' "Alright brat, this is going to hurt but I can remove the seal for you."

Naruto could only grin happily at finally getting the stupid seal off him. Though Taishou was his friend, he missed hearing Kyuubi a lot since he wasn't sure if she was alright…and the fact that he loved her hugs whenever he showed up in his mindscape.

Jiraiya slowly flowed chakra into his fingertips as light blue flames began to appear around them before giving Naruto a nod, who nodded back as he braced himself. With out any hesitation, the man slammed his fingers into the boy's stomach as Naruto bit his lip to hold back his scream as he felt the burning pain crash into the seal.

"Gogyou Kaiin." Muttered the man as he moved his hand away from the seal as the extra markings left by Orochimaru faded away. He watched as Naruto fell to one knee gasping as the burning pain started to die down to a small stinging sensation. Naruto continued to wheeze on the ground before glancing up at Jiraiya.

"I'm going to see her, if I don't wake up in the next thirty minutes, wake me up alright."

He watched as Jiraiya's confused expression changed to one of slight understanding and returned to his meditative seating poster before closing his eyes and concentrating.


Naruto's eyes snapped open to see the sight of a lush green clearing of grass. He sighed happily at finally being able to return to his own mind before getting to his feet. He walked towards the small path between the trees and walking towards the two huts. After a while, the huts came into view and he was able to witness one of the most humorous sights he would ever see in his lifetime.

There, standing in-between the two huts was Kyuubi and Taishou, with the latter caught in a vice grip embracement. What was made the boy laugh was the fact that Taishou, the mighty dog leader, was turning purple under Kyuubi's powerful hug.

"I missed you Mikiba-chan!" squealed out Kyuubi

"I-it is w-wonderful to see you as well K-Kyuubi-dono. However, I-I cannot breath properly." Gasped out the fellow demon while trying to pry the vixen off him.

Oh it was a priceless sight to see; in fact Naruto doubted he would ever forget this moment even if he went brain-dead. That was why he crashed to the ground, laughing hysterically the whole time. That is, until the sun's rays were blocked by a tall shadow looming over him. He looked up in horror to see a gleeful looking Kyuubi standing above him with all nine of her tails swaying happily behind her.

"U-um, yo Kyuubi-chan." Said the boy nervously

In a flash of a second, Kyuubi had Naruto in her tight embrace while nuzzling his cheek with a big smile on her face. Had he not been focused on his breathing he would have noticed the amused look Taishou was giving the two from his spot by the huts.

"Naruto-kun, I missed you too!" Squealed Kyuubi as she tightened her grip on him. "I'm happy to see that you stayed safe while I was sealed away. Are you ok? Did anything bad happen to you while I was gone? Are you still a virgin?"

"What does that have anything to do with any of this?" asked a now violet faced Naruto while finally becoming successful in prying the vixen off him.

Said woman only shrugged before replying. "It was just a joke, besides I don't want to see some slut to take away something as precious as that."

'Suuurrreee.' Thought Naruto dryly 'and I'm a six foot tall bunny.'

"I heard that and I'm being honest."

"Hey; you promised no mind reading!"

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, both turned to see Taishou standing above them with the same smile he had before. Naruto grinned up at him while Kyuubi continued to nuzzle his cheek.

"I am glad for your return Naruto-san. I assume that the seal that Scarecrow placed on you has been successful?"

"You mean Kakashi? Oh well yeah, it worked since I don't hear whispering in my head anymore." Said the blond Hanyou before looking back at Kyuubi. "You can stop that now."

"Doesn't mean I want to though." Mumbled the vixen to herself before getting off the blonde boy. "So, what are we going to be doing now?"

"Well…I don't know, I have one month to train for the finals. My sensei can't do it since he is training with Sasuke and I've still haven't mastered the youki whip. I was thinking you could give me something else to work on or something."

Taishou nodded his head a few times before striking a thinking pose. He knew Naruto's youki training had been doing very well since he last checked but, a part of him wasn't sure if he was ready for what he had in store for him next. Glancing back at Naruto, he pondered the pros and cons of what he was about to do and decided to test and see if Naruto was indeed ready or not.

"Naruto-san I must ask you something." Stated the dog commander with a serious stare. "If you answer this incorrectly, I will halt all my teachings and force you to learn all Tessaiga's secrets without my assistance. Am I understood?" He watched as Naruto slowly nod with staring at him with a raised eyebrow.

"What is it you plan to do with what I am teaching you?"

Naruto only continued to stare at Taishou as though he grew a second head before answering. "I plan to become Hokage and protect my loved ones."

"What if I told you it could turn you into a full blooded demon?"

"I wouldn't care so long as my loved ones stay safe."

"Would you succumb to that dark side of yourself to obtain the full extent of my teachings?"

Now, Naruto's expression changed from confusion to dead serious. "No."



"No matter what you can teach me or how strong you are, I refuse to turn into that monster. I'll bleed to learn what you teach me but if I must be that way to turn into that thing for such teachings, then I don't want them cause they aint worth having."

Taishou and Kyuubi both spared a glance at each other before going back to looking back at Naruto with a whole new perspective. It was even apparent in this voice that he indeed hated that darkness inside him with an undying passion.

"I will ask you one last time; are you positive about that choice? Mind you, if you get this wrong, then I will not longer be teaching you anymore or less."

"Look Taishou-san, if you want me to give into that thing then you can keep them cause I don't want them. I vowed that I would never become that thing ever again I even carved this kanji into my hand to prove it." Stated the blond with a strait face while raising his palm to show the kanji he had written on palm during the forest of death.

Taishou, didn't even try to suppress his smirk at the blond who was till sitting on the ground in front of him. It was with that the Tessaiga began to glow bright yellow before disappearing from Naruto's side.

The said boy glance left and right until he spotted his sword floating mid-air about seven feet away from him with yellow light still surrounding it in what looked like a cocoon of energy. Soon, the cocoon began to morph into a human like outline before fading to reveal the same man he had seen in the forest.

"Naruto-san this is my son, Inuyasha. Inuyasha, this is Naruto-san, the new wielder of Tessaiga." Said Taishou politely while Inuyasha stared at the blonde who was gaping at him.

"What're you staring at kid? You never seen a Hanyou before or somethin'?" asked Inuyasha with a raised eyebrow.

"W-w-what happened to my sword!" Yelled the blond which caused everyone to wince at the volume of his voice.

"Calm down, its still with you in the real world I'm just the part that's woke up. What it means is that more techniques with the sword are now able for you to start learnin'. It will take time and with me here you can learn the full extent of what Tessaiga can do."

"But then how did you come out during the forest of death?"

"Well when I met you then I was only able to help you since it was a life and death situation. Overall, it was pre-mature awakening and it wasn't intentional so in the end it caused a little delay in the unlocking process. Still, I didn't expect for you ta start training him on how ta use that this early pops."

The demon sighed heavily before replying. "I fear that dark times will soon be upon us and I wanted Naruto-san to be as prepared as possible for when that darkness comes, he will be able to confront it."

"Yeah, yeah I get it. But, still I didn't learn this for the longest time and even then I had ta learn it the hard way and almost died in the process."

"I can understand why, since you did not have any assistance on learning how to use it correctly."

"Hold it, what are you two talking about?" Asked Naruto

"It's the next thing you'll be learnin' kid so get used ta me being here 'cause I'm goin' ta be yer new teacher. Now get back to the real world and find someone with demonic energies around them so we can get started on you learnin' this thing."

"How do I find people like that? If you didn't already know, Yokai don't exist in this time and the only thing that counts as demons are the Biju and I highly doubt that a giant Raccoon is sitting ideally in the park."

"Don't be a smart ass or I'll crack yer skull in half!" Shouted Inuyasha while shaking his fist in anger.

"Go ahead and try it you dog eared bastard!" Resorted Naruto while shaking his fist as well.

"Excuse me Naruto-san; might I suggest Miss Nii Yugito?"


"During her battle, even as I reside here, I was able to feel the presence of demonic energies similar to Kyuubi-dono lingering around her. It may only be a small possibility but it might be the only grasp at what we require for us to continue onwards."

Nodding his head, he looked over towards where Kyuubi and Taishou's huts where before imagining a third one stationed beside Taishou's. Naruto glanced over towards Inuyasha before grinning. "Welcome to my mind. Fix it up as you like and don't screw up my mind too much."

Before Inuyasha could reply he saw that Naruto was already gone, leaving a confused, and thankful half demon standing next to his father and Kyuubi who were both smirking at Naruto's actions.

Outside World

Naruto's slitted blue orbs snapped open only to immediately shut them do to the blinding sun's rays. After blinking a few times, his eyes re-adjusted before he re-evaluated where he was. Currently, he was sitting next to the hot spring just as before, the only difference was that Jiraiya wasn't around.

"Old bastard, I told him to wake me in thirty minutes, is that to much to ask for?" grumbled out Naruto before standing and jumping off to find Yugito.

Though he could just run aimlessly around the village, he knew of a more effective way to get information on where certain people were. In fact, the place wasn't too far away from where he was now. After running down a few blocks he stopped in front of a narrow alleyway between two condemned buildings.

Checking to make sure no one was watching him, he slipped in-between the two buildings before coming into a wider alleyway which was almost packed with people ranging from mere children to senior citizens. Naruto let out a small sigh as he prepared to start to ask around when all of a sudden he was tackled to the ground.

"Naruto-nii-san!" yelled a young female voice

"Hello Hitomi-chan." Replied the now smiling blond before turning around to face the child.

Now standing in front of him, was a small girl who looked around seven years old. She had dirty brown hair that stopped just above her shoulders and had violet colored eyes. She was currently wearing a dirty blue long sleeve shirt and equally dirty white shorts along with worn out pair of black sandals. She was currently was grinning happily at him while hopping up and down like a kid that had too much caffeine.

"Yuma-ji-san! Naruto-nii-san is here!" Shouted Hitomi which earned her and Naruto quite a few shocked looks before almost cheering loudly at his return.

"Good to see you boy!"

"Welcome back Naruto-kun!"

"Nii-san's back! Nii-san's back!"

"I thought you'd never get your sorry ass back here. Glad you found the time to do so brat."

Naruto could only laugh sheepishly at the peoples comments. Yes, these people were the reason he never truly hated the village. These people treated him as an equal, not as a demon reborn back when he was younger. To them, he was just another orphaned child living off the trash like the rest of them and was welcomed with opened arms when nobody else wanted him.

And after he had been given a home to live in by the Sandaime, he still found himself here, in the place he truly felt at home with until the day he graduated and had spent less and less time with them. These were the brothers, sisters, Aunts, and Uncles he never had the privilege to have growing up and now that he was back, he found that he had rather missed this place.

Soon, the chatter died down until only the children were the ones pestering the blond and even then he didn't mind. In fact, if he didn't have to search for Yugito, he most likely would have entertained them like he usually did. Sadly he had to tell them that he was busy and that he would have to play another time.

Naruto sighed before creating a Kage Bunshin and giving it the order to Henge into Yugito before asking around to see if anyone has seen where she is staying.

This, was how Naruto had found specific targets with his pranks back in the old days. Most times, at least one of the homeless people in this alleyway had seen his target and since this is where mostly all of the homeless hung out. He could almost always find at least somebody had come across the person he was looking for. All in all, it was a great plan when wanting to find someone in the village since Konoha had plenty of homeless and orphaned running around.

In the Hospital

"131, 132, 133, 134, 135." Gasped out Lee as he continued performing his pushups while still in the hospital. He had been told that he would be able to leave the facility in three possibly four days, but Lee couldn't wait that long. He needed to train, he needed to get stronger for the next exam and he was determined to not let his injuries halt his training.

Lee was on his 149th pushup when he heard the sound of the door opening. When he glanced over he practically froze in place at the sight of Kagari in his doorway with raised eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" asked the girl before closing the door to the room. She herself didn't look to good since her right arm was in a cast along with her left leg. Currently she was using a crutch and was sporting some bandages on her forehead along with a swollen upper lip and a black eye.

"I must train for the finals and I cannot let myself just sit still while everyone else is training hard for the finals."

"What about your injuries?"

"My injuries will not damper my flames of youth! I will continue my training regardless of how painful it is."

Kagari just stared at him as he continued his pushups without pause. She would hear the occasional grunt of pain coming from him and was a rather impressed of how far the guy was willing to go despite how injured he was.

"Hey bowl-cut." Said the girl causing Lee to stop and look at her once more. "Why do you do all this? What do you wish to accomplish by doing all this training?"

Lee, was silent for a moment before standing up with a slight hiss of pain. "My dream is to prove to the world that I can be a great ninja without the ability to use Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. That is what drives me to go passed my limitations and drives me to grow stronger. Does that answer your question Kagari-san?"

Kagari only stared at him before sighing and shaking her head while heading towards the door. "Whatever, Lee Just don't kill yourself in the process. Cause one day I want to have a rematch and next time, I will win."

Lee watched as she left his room and was about to begin his exercises once more when he realized something.

"Did she stop calling me bowl-cut?"

Across the Village

Naruto looked stared at the room door that supposedly Yugito was staying in. He checked his senses and found that indeed, this is where she was staying since he recognized her sent around this area. Sighing softly, he took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

After waiting a few moments, he knocked again and noted the muffled voice coming from behind the door. A few seconds later, the door slowly cracked opened to show Yugito standing behind the door while rubbing her eyes.

After rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she glanced at the one who disturbed her from her nap to find a familiar cloaked blond standing in front of her. She blinked a few times to make sure her mind wasn't playing tricks on her again.

"You ok Yugito-san?" asked Naruto while tilting his head to the left like a confused puppy.

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" asked Yugito while suppressing a yawn.

"Well, I need your help with something."

"Why can't you ask your girlfriend to help you with your training?"

"Because she can't use demonic energies like you can."

In that moment, Yugito was dead silent and was now wide away while glaring holes into Naruto's skull. Soon, he could feel killing intent beginning to leek out of her in large portions.

"How did you come to know that?" she asked with a tone that could freeze hell over.

"I wasn't sure, I just came here to see if you could help me wit-"


Naruto blinked once, then twice before asking. "Why not?"

"Because anything that leads towards me using Nibi's chakra ends in disaster. I won't be responsible for it and I don't wish to aimlessly use it for your own gain. Hell, I don't even know you and yet you just come up to my door, reveal that I'm a Jinchuuriki and expect me to help you? Well I want to make something very clear to you, I want nothing to do with you and I don't want to see your face around here anymore. Now scram!"

With that said she quickly slammed the door in his face causing him to flinch slightly. Staring back at the door, he could only sigh before pounding his head on the door frame.

"Your not alone you know." Stated the blond swordsman. "In fact, you and I are one in the same."

"I told you to scram! So get going before I fry your ass!" Yelled Yugito from behind the door.

"You were probably alone too when you were growing up. While I had a lot who cared for me you most likely had nobody."

"This is your last chance to leave before I kill you!"

"In fact, we all must be the same, us Jinchuuriki who are stuck to live with a burden from which we didn't ask for. Yes, we must all be the same, alone in a world that fears and hates what it doesn't understand. Yugito-san if you think I'm lying then just say so and I'll leave you in peace."

Now it was completely silent from both parties. Yugito didn't dare speak and Naruto was awaiting her reply which he was sure would come. After waiting for a few moments, Naruto sighed before making his way towards the staircase.

"Guess its time to come up with a plan B." muttered Naruto as he walked.

However, just as he was about to descend the stares, the sound of a door opening made him stop and turn around to see Yugito, staring at him with a sad look in her eyes. The moment the two made eye contact, she turned her head the other way to avoid his gaze.

"Yugito-san, if you don't wish to help me then I won't force you to. The choice is up to you and you alone so are you comfortable with using that power or would you rather not."

Yugito stayed silent for a moment before turning to face him with a soft smile. All he could do was grin in return before making his way towards the stare case while Taishou was giving him instructions for what to do next.

Hokage's Office

"So, what do you think of the situation Jiraiya?" asked Sarutobi while exhaling a plum of smoke from his mouth.

"Honestly, Orochimaru is being a little too forward than he usually is. He's either very confident that he will succeed in whatever he's planning or he's just being foolish. Though, I've never known him to act foolish in the past, things change and so do people."

"Agreed, he wouldn't have made a big ruckus during the second exam unless he was up to something. If anything, he would have been as secretive as possible if he was planning an attack against us. As you said, he's either very confident or he's being foolish."

Jiraiya nodded his head before looking over at the pictures of the previous Hokages. His eyes went slightly glazed when he landed on Minato's picture before shaking it off.

"Reminiscing Jiraiya?" asked the elder Hokage sadly.

"…yeah, just miss the brat is all. Hell I met his son just this afternoon while I was doing my research at the hot springs."

"Naruto; what was he doing there?"

The toad sage could only shrug before replying. "Beats me, but he said something about seeing her when I released a seal Orochimaru put on him. Though, I don't know why he said, her but I really didn't think much of it."

This caused Sarutobi to raise an eyebrow at his student's explanation about his encounter with Naruto. What further confused him was that Naruto had another seal on him that he wasn't informed about. Still, whatever it was, Jiraiya had handled it so there wasn't much left to worry about.

"So, have you told him about his old man yet?" asked Jiraiya curiously while glancing back at the picture of his deceased student.

"No." sighed out Sarutobi while bracing himself for what was to come.


"Jiraiya, Minato had a lot of enemies back when he was alive. If I had told Naruto of his heritage the information would eventually leak out and those enemies of Minato would have been after his life. I couldn't risk that, not under any circumstances."

"You forget Jiji, you had people like Kakashi that could have kept a close eye on him and if it would have been a problem, I could have taken him with me if you had sent out a message." Snarled out Jiraiya while clinching his fist in anger

"Both reasons were not an option at the time. Kakashi had multiple missions that needed to be done after Kyuubi's attack along with most of the other Anbu and Jounin at the time. You were out of the question too since I needed you to get your own missions done and your spy network needed to be set up at the time. I didn't want to leave you distracted by taking care of Naruto. All I could do was leave him as he was and help him the best I could and keep the council at bay with all their demands for his head."

Jiraiya let his shoulders sag a bit as he sighed. His sensei had a point, after the attack Konoha had been left in a bad situation and his spy network was still in its beginning stages at that point in time. Still, it irked him that Sarutobi was holding information like that from the boy.

"When do you plan to tell him." Asked Jiraiya soberly.

"When he is old enough to take on the burden of what his father left behind."

"He's old enough right now sensei! At least let him know who his father is!"


"No, I won't listen to that anymore jiji! I've been to every country you can think of and I've seen how bad Jinchuuriki's lives are! Hell most of them aren't even considered human anymore sensei! If the kid can take being a Jinchuuriki and turn out the way he is now then I think he can handle knowing who his parents are."

"And what if he can't handle it Jiraiya? What he can't take what's to come in the future and is unwilling to take it on?" asked Sarutobi while raising his voice at his former student.

"Then I guess he'll have to do what we all did back when we had our own burdens. Take it and move on with life. We all had to, even you did and you still take on the burden of being this village's Hokage even after your resignation. If that boy wants to move forward in life he must be willing to take on multiple burdens just like the rest of us."

Sarutobi sat in his seat speechless at this, and was forced to admit that it was Jiraiya's turn to have a valid point. Everyone had a burden to bare at least once in their lives. From him being Hokage at his age to Hiashi who had to sit by as his twin brother was killed by Kumo. In the end, the aging Hokage took another long drag from his pipe before sighing.

"Jiraiya, just promise me you won't say anything about it for now."

His student only snorted before hopping up onto the window ledge. "I'll keep my mouth shut but if something happens, I won't be tight lipped about it anymore."

Sarutobi only nodded before watching his student dash off the ledge and out of sight before looking over at the Yondaime's picture on the wall with a look of sadness in his eyes.

"Minato-kun, what would you think of me now if you saw what had happened to your son through my actions?" Asked the Hokage aloud knowing that he wouldn't receive an answer.

Training Ground 72

Naruto whistled as he looked around the training area. The clearing in which he and Yugito were standing in the middle of was the farthest from the village and was almost completely isolated from the preying eyes of civilians and some ninja alike.

He quickly asked Taishou if the clearing was good enough for what they were about to do and was told that it was good enough.

'So what am I going to learn?'

'A destructive force so powerful it has the ability to slay one hundred Yokai in one sweep. The very thing that made me feared among the demons of my time, Kaze no Kizu.'

"Whoa." Gasped out Naruto glancing down at his sword which was still sheathed.

'Indeed, my son will now be the one who will be surveying the remainder of your training.'

'That's fine.'

'Oi brat, ya hear me?'

'Yeah loud and clear.'

'Alright now listen up, 'cause I don't want ta repeat myself again. Ta perform the Kaze no Kizu you need ta find the fissure between the collidin' demonic winds of you and yer opposing demon. Once the fissure is found, you swing the sword inta it, which releases the powerful energy wave that will end 100 lives in one strike and thus, the Kaze no Kizu.'

'Sounds easy enough.' Thought Naruto grimly

'It does, but in the middle of a battle it might be a different story. Just be grateful you don't have ta learn this while fighting an opponent, otherwise you'd be screwed.'

'Thanks a lot Inuyasha-sensei.' Said Naruto sarcastically.

'No problem brat.' Replied Inuyasha with just as much sarcasm.

With that last comment, Naruto came back to earth to see that Yugito was now sitting on the ground with her back on one of the trees while fiddling with a stray leaf from the said tree.

"Ready to get started Yugito-san?" asked Naruto with a big grin on his face.

The fellow blond abruptly snapped her head in his direction before nodding her head and getting back to her feet. Both blondes got a few feet away from each other before Naruto gave her the sign to start using her Biju's chakra.

Nodding, Yugito closed her eyes for a moment before violet chakra began to pour off the Kumo nin in small doses while her features began to rapidly change. Her teeth now resembled fangs and her nails extended into claws while her Teal colored eyes changed to light purple ones with slits for pupils. Overall, Naruto was surprised how similar it was compared to his Hanyou form.

After witnessing the transformation, Naruto swiftly unsheathed his sword before transforming it into its true state while spreading his youki to match with Yugito's demonic chakra.

'Ok, look for the fissure in-between the two clashing demonic winds, easier said than done since you can't really see wind.' Thought Naruto dryly as he focused on locating the fissure.

"Hey Naruto, how long do we have to do this for? I can't do this for very long without having do draw out more of Nibi's chakra." stated Yugito while she continued to pour out more and more of her tenant's chakra.

"Just long enough for me to find the fissure where the demonic winds that collide." Replied Naruto while he continued to look for this so called fissure.

"Do what now? You're not making any since right now Naruto."

Naruto didn't bother to answer; he was too busy searching to pay her any attention. After about fifteen minutes, he was starting to see that Nibi's demonic chakra beginning to diminish and was about to stop only to notice a small yellow light in the center of the two energies.

"I see it!" Yelled out Naruto excitedly. "Pour more of Nibi's chakra out!"

"I can't! If I do then I might loose control over myself!" replied the girl as she cut off the demonic chakra before collapsing to her knees while panting.

Naruto too stopped flaring his youki while panting a bit himself before sheathing his sword and walking over towards his fellow Jinchuuriki.

"I guess we can take a break for now. In the mean time, I think we should start training ourselves while we're out here."

Yugito glanced up at him before giving him a feral smirk. "Mind teaching me how to use that whip of yours?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this before shaking his head. "I would, but its apart of my bloodline so even if I told you how to do it, you wouldn't get anything out of it."

All that did was make her pout, rather cutely, before huffing like a child who was denied a piece of candy while muttering things about unfairness and other things.

For the rest of the day, the two blondes split up to began their own training for the final exams in private. By the time both were done, it was dawn and it was time for the two to leave. Before they separated Naruto asked she could help him with his newest attack tomorrow and she agreed but only if they tried it only once a day until the exams.

Now Naruto was heading back to his home, while dreading what would happen upon his return. A part of him was hoping that Haku had forgotten about the events that took place earlier that day, but the rational part of him doubted that she would.

Once he reached his apartment complex he gulped before heading up the steps. Earlier, he was able to sneak in only because he had watched Haku leave before heading up to his room and getting his sword. Now she was home and he couldn't walk up the wall to get to his porch since the moment he focused chakra into his feet, Haku would sense his chakra and he would be caught.

Slowly, he crept up the stares and through the hallways until he was finally on the fourth floor. He let out a sigh of relief before entering his home not noticing that his door, which he had always kept locked, wasn't locked anymore.

Naruto quickly disposed of his cloak and his sandals before heading towards his room to get some extra clothes so that he could take a nice hot shower. When he walked into his room he proceeded to take off his shirt before he heard the door close. He looked over his shoulder and found someone that made his blood turn cold.

There, standing in front of the doorway, was Haku armed with three senbon in each hand with an eerie gleam in her eyes. And all around Konoha, a loud scream could be heard which caused some of the late night wanderers to look around in confusion before continuing on.

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