The flashing lights were almost un-noticeable in the blinding sun of summer. The only thing that brought the crime scene to life was the deafening sound of sirens. Olivia Benson gracefully ducked under the police tape, walking down the slightly damp hill to the edge of the Hudson.

"Female, 17-18 years, found two hours ago." A 'uni' told the tired detective. Though she was listening, he gave was fixed across the river, on the hazy Jersey ports. "Raped then drowned, DOA." Olivia nodded and grabbed the gloves out of her pocket. She walked over to the head of the victim, lifting the tarp carefully. It took everything she had not to wince at the sight of the broken body.

"You know what the worst is." A familiar voice belonging to Melinda Warner called out. "She was alive, when all of that happened." Olivia cringed as Melinda pulled the tarp back over.

"The last thing she knew in this world was pain." Olivia responded. Warner nodded as she lightly squeezed the detectives shoulder.

"Hey El," The medical examiner said solemnly as the husky detective approached. She walked away as one of her colleges pointed out something to her.

"What do we have-" Suddenly something caught the watchful detective's eye. "Liv…what happened to your chin." Olivia's hand traced the bruise on her chin and her split lip. She had been able to hide it, but her best friend was watchful.

"Don't worry about it." She said shrugging Elliot off. "17 to 18 year old, bruised, raped and drowned, Jane Doe for now…" Olivia said answering the first question. "There is our first witness." Olivia said, not meeting Elliot's gaze. She quickly made her way to the annoyed woman. Elliot stood behind for a second, contemplating what just happened. He worried about her, but didn't voice his concerns, not now.


"Excuse me, I have been as helpful as I can," said an exasperated witness. "I do not appreciate the NYPD holding me here against my will." Olivia resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"Ma'am if you would just calm down, we are almost finished here." Olivia explained.

"Calm down? You have been abusing you power against me all day. I have a life to get to." Olivia Broke.

"Look over there honey, she doesn't have a life to get to anymore. All I want to do is help her family know what happen, do you really want to be the reason that her family doesn't find closure? Do You?" Elliot walked over, almost dragging his partner away.

"Well I'll be-" Stated the woman with disgust written all over her face.

"I'm sorry ma'am…" Elliot began as his voice trailed away with every step the steamed detective took. Olivia walked back to the river edge. 'I'm an Idiot…' Olivia scolded. 'Harassing witnesses…that's a new one.'

"Nice display over there." A mysterious stranger confronted Olivia. Olivia turned with flames in her eyes.

"Excuse me..?"

"Yea, you want me to strap her down, maybe shock the answers out of her?" The 'men in black' look alike retorted.

'FBI' Olivia told herself. What the hell was he doing…insulting her? Friendly banter? What ever it was, Olivia disliked it. She wasn't in the mood, no matter how tall, dark and handsome he was.

'Tall dark in handsome' Ok fine, the fact that he was extremely handsome did take the edge off of her anger, but not by much. He stood tall at 6'4", Hispanic…and he was ripped (so much that you could tell through his 3 piece suit.)

"So, FBI, right?" Olivia asked, ignoring his last comment.

"Yea, the names David Ramirez…pro wrestler right?" He smiled referring to the bruise on her face. Wow, what a nice smile.

"Yea, SVU pays low." Olivia replied straight faced. He laughed, she didn't. "What does FBI want with my case?" Olivia asked crossing her arms. Suddenly his face grew solemn.

"The Jane Doe you have," He said. "She was one of ours." Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Marcia Walthens, 25." Olivia was shocked; the girl didn't look older then 18. "She was part of our Counterterrorism unit." Olivia wanted to scream. Every time she wanted to get away from her undercover time in Counterterrorism, it always came back to bite her in the ass. "It's an Anti-terrorist Unit that deals-"

"I'm familiar with it. " Olivia cut him off. He smiled again, she sure was feisty.

"Anyway, I didn't know her well, she went undercover just as I joined, but from what I hear…she was making progress." Olivia nodded to assure that she was paying the minimal amount of attention necessary. "We were following a 'Vigilante' group who believed that they were doing gods work in terrifying and killing off any diversity groups." Olivia saw his passion, and admired it. It was hard to find anyone who had pride in what they do. Hell, she was loosing her own pride.

"So you're here to steal my case?" Olivia asked, casting a skeptical eye.

"Never, detective," Replied the suave agent. "It hits close to home…and frankly…we don't want you interfering with our work." Olivia felt the need to retort, to say something witty and smooth.

"I'll do what ever it takes to convict this bastard." Olivia said, low toned and dangerous.

"As will I,"

"Everything okay here?" A weary Elliot asked. The blue eyed detective felt as if he was walking in on something he would later regret.

"Actually we were just finished." Olivia replied. "Let's go to the house…we have everything we need here." Elliot nodded.

"What a coincidence," Ramirez chimed in. "I need a ride back to you casa…" He patted. Elliot on the back and followed a scoffing Olivia on the way back to her car.

"Who the hell is he?" Elliot asked his pissed partner.

"Satan reincarnated." Olivia retorted as she climbed into the driver's side of the maroon Crown Vic.