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Trying to Forget Everything that isn't You

A Prologue

It is quite remarkable, indeed, how much the heart can influence one's actions. This is one of the many facts that prove just how frail the human soul can be. But don't you think it's also quite cruel that humans are so gullible to think that once they follow their hearts, everything else will fall into place?

She wasn't the standard type of beauty: fair skin that borderlines pale, big cerulean eyes that have that sort of wide-eyed stare that only innocent babes can seem to emulate, a thin nose, and a plump well-formed mouth. Although a number of men were attracted to her, she didn't take pride on her appearance. In fact, she wished she were more-oh, you know- not like her self; not like Fuuko Kirisawa.

Large, puppy-like blue eyes stole a glance at the girl beside her. How she wished that she were blessed with Yanagi's dainty, feminine features instead of what she had now. Maybe then… he'd look at me.

She loved him so much, her heart ached.

Why won't you just stop it?! She wanted to cry out loud. As if berating herself could make her feelings shut off automatically. She knew that that would be next to impossible. Her sub-consciousness, the voice screaming at the back of her head, couldn't stop it. She just hoped it didn't reflect on her actions. Because if it did, he might never even talk to her again out of disgust. And she wouldn't be able to take that. Even if he only hurled insults towards her whenever he opened his mouth.

She despised how she let her heart rule over her mind. It made her seem so weak. And she was FAR from weak. At least, her actions were far from it.

"Hey monkey."

How she yearned for the day that he would address her like that out of endearment, not out of utter contempt towards her.

"Shut up, fridge boy!"

Please don't look at me that way. She saw him glare at her, visibly showing dislike at the mere sound of her voice. He walked away. Her chest seemed so heavy all of a sudden.

"Come on, Fuuko. Let's go." Yanagi Sakoshita's voice drooled of saccharine charm.

She loathed herself for even having the IDEA of hating Yanagi. Beautiful, sweet, caring Yanagi. Why can't I be more like her? She felt like a boy whenever she compared herself to Tokiya's object of affection. She followed close behind her friends as they led the way out of the high school cafeteria.

"Hurry up, monkey. You're slowing us down."

Then wait for me, even just this once, wait for me. I can't keep up with Yanagi, you know that. I swear I'm going to change myself as fast as I can.Fuuko looked at Tokiya Mikagami's retreating profile and for a single moment, let her actions betray what she believed to be her common sense. She showed a flash of longing on her face. Just for you, I'll change.


That was four years ago. Fuuko Kirisawa frowned at the memory. She hadn't seen him for a year now, since he was in college already. It pained her so much when her Mi-chan left, not even visiting once ever since his departure. She might not have realized it, but that shook her up so much that all of the feelings she once had for him, she brushed off as mere infatuation.IN-FA-TU-A-TION.

…She wanted to believe that. She really did. But the human heart can only take so much of denial. She understood this fast enough as she stood in front of the gates of Tokyo University. His university. She sighed.

Wake up, Fuuko. It's time for reality to sink in and kick you hard on the butt.